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Oh My Venus Ep 15 Recap (and meeting the mother!)

The episode starts with an extended flashback of how Jooeun and Youngho meet and how far they’ve gone. All that’s left is the next step!

Youngho mutters that she’s waay too close for his definition of a warm night and she says that she always holds her bear ‘You Bastard’ this close when she sleeps. He fights for composure,mumbling that she’s quite wicked. Youngho does his best impression of a rock until she starts toying with his collar and finally gives in.

She breaks the kiss and asks if they didn’t seduce each other at the same time with a grin before getting back to smooching. He draws the blanket up (boo) and she pulls it off saying that she wants to see (his abs? so do the rest of us!) but he shyly draws it back up saying that he can’t focus if it’s too  bright. (I’m so dead). Up goes the blanket again, and articles of clothing are tossed out from underneath it, like a shirt…and dress. The next morning…

Jooeun sighs that she should get up. Jiwoong and Joonsung should be here soon. Youngho sleepily mutters that they’re having breakfast at Joonsung’s mother’s place before coming. Jooeun pokes his face. He wonders what that was for.

Haha. She tells him to remain where she can see him, save for wok or business matters. He docilely agrees and they go back to sleep again. This time when Jooeun awakens, she’s on the edge of the bed. She whirls around looking worried (presumably that it could have all been a dream) only to see Youngho propped on his elbow staring at her. He grumbles that he’s staying her sight as commanded but that she turned away from him first. Jooeun aegyos that she’s hungry and Youngho says that food will be rightup as soon as she gets something on. Or it’ll be a comfortable and erotic day, this time. They sit down for breakfast, and Jooeun brings a pot of seaweed soup she’d prepared the evening before for Youngho’s birthday. She knew he wouldn’t want to eat oily good at night though so she left it until breakfast. Youngho wonders about her thyroid but she happily tells him that she’s off medication; her cholesterol and thyroid are perfectly normal now. She uses Youngho’s hand as a mike and begins her speech: They say missing someone is also considered to be stressful.In that extremely stressful environment, I overcame my hypothyroidism.I, Daegu’s Venus. Currently, Kim Young Ho’s Daegu Venus.
Youngho agrees that she deserves the honour and drinks some of the soup at her urging. Seeing as Jooeun has a meeting this afternoon they decided to stick firmly together until then. They watch TV together.

Jooeun spills yogurt in his face and licks it off.

And Youngho suddenly gets up and advances towards her saying that there’s something he needs to check. Jooeun giggles thinking it’s time for mid-day shenanigans only for him to start timing her doing a plank. She can barely make it to a minute on her fifth set and is beyond peeved that this is what he wanted to check on. Youngho’s just pleased at her progress and orders a 30-minute run to finish it off. Jooeun gets even grumpier while Youngho’s all ‘You wanted us to stick together though”. He prepares to exercise his legs while she’s on the treadmill. Jooeun’s wonders if he’s healthy enough for that yet. He assures her that if a bone is stabilized properly as it sets to heal, it’ll become even stronger. She asks if it was stabilized properly.

He grins watching her run. After exercise, Jooeun is transfixed by his adam’s apple as he replenishes his electrolytes and pokes him in the side with a come-hither stare.

Youngho is only too happy to oblige

But her phone rings. It’s her mother and she’s in Seoul and in Jooeun’s apartment. Whoopsies. Jooeun hurries to change while Youngho mutters that he needs to meet her mother and make a good impression. He’s also a tiny bit put out that Jooeun’s going to be sleeping with her mother today. Jooeun hurries to change and Youngho drives her back. They decide to make up for a year’s worth of dating and to wait before telling her mother. Jooeun fires her dimples once more and Youngho plays dead at the sight. She cutely tells him to drive safely and runs off. Her mother sees Jooeun’s pretty outfit and asks if she just went to a wedding. Seeing as telling her mother that it was a party last night would beg the question of why she just returned now and where she slept, so Jooeun says that it was in fact, a friend’s wedding. Her mother tsks, asking her when she’s doing to get married and when she’s going to introduce her to the man she’s dating. She asks if he’s a player and Jooeun smiles at her mother’s imagination, saying that she should get married instead. She change and runs off to work with a smile. Jooeun’s working with Soojin on a sexual assault case involving a sleazy government official while Grandma’s informed of Youngjoon and Hyeran’s whereabouts. Youngjoon’s quite school and preparing to enter the army while Hyeran’s doing volunteer work. The man doing the briefing gives Grandma, Jooeun’s card and informs her of Jooeun’s faily history (her father passing away and Jooeun supporting the family). Grandma cuts off before he gets to the financial situation part, telling the man he’s done well. Uh oh. Meanwhile Jooeun has evidence of the official’s assault and presents a video of the incident. The official’s lawyer tries to worm his way out of it but Jooeun’s already procured evidence from the official’s ex-girlfriend who’s gone through the same thing and plans to have maximum punishment dealt out. Afterwards, Jooeun notices Soojin looking dazed and asks if she’s okay. Soojin says it’s just a headache and sincerely congratulates her on Youngho’s return.

Jooeun congratules her on her engagement and makes to leave before pausing and gently telling Soojin that she’s beautiful enough as she is but she looks really tired, like she’s wasting away lately. She tells her to go to the hospital and get checked out before she drags her there herself. Soojin cheerily agrees, but Jooeun still looks worried.

Soojin clutches her stomach as she leaves the building, missing a call from Wooshik who texts her asking what they should eat. She calls the hospital asking to change her appointment to today. Jooeun gets a flirty call from Youngho who asks when he should pick her up. She says she’s on her way home and wonders if he isn’t too jet-lagged.

Hee. Jooeun gets mortified though.

Youngho grins that the boys are over at her place. He sent them over with a fruit basket and Jooeun beams that her mother loves the boys so they should be having a good time. They agree to talk again before bed, Youngho blows kisses in the phone, and Jooeun heads home. She finds her mother and the boys in the middle of an intense game of Go-Stop and smiles. Wooshik calls Soojin asking where she is and if she’s eaten. Soojin lies to both saying that she’s at the office and had lunch. In the hospital parking lot, Wooshik grumbles that she always eats like a bird and tells her to look forward to dinner. He pauses, seeing her get out of her car and asks her where she is once more

She leaves. Wooshik follows and freezes as Soojin ends the obstetrics and gynecology department and asks for the results of her test. (No way!) He looks elated.

Jooeun, her mother and the boys are in a vigorous game of Go-Stop when the doorbell rings. Her mother thinks it’s the delivery man and Jooeun complains of her mother’s penchant for eating greasy food at night. She runs to the door only to find Younho there, laden with greasy food and an air of great anxiety.

Her mother calls and Jooeun hurriedly tells Youngho that her mother’s wearing the clothes he left behind and asks him not to laugh. He places her hand on his chest and she gasps at how fast his pulse is.

She grins at his anxiety saying that it’s just her mom, but that’s precisely why he’s nervous.

The boys, especially Joonsung, freeze at seeing him. He drags a clueless Jiwoong (who still wants to finish the game) away and they botch vouch for how awesome Youngho is (Jiwoong: he’s my hero! Joonsung: please go easy on him.) and scamper off. Left alone, Youngoh awkwardly presents the flower to Jooeun’s mother. She just asks one question though: Are you going to continue seeing my daughter? That’s an instant yes from Youngho and seals the deal for her. Youngho’s all smiles at how not-stressful it was and proudly confesses that he’s good at Go-Stop and Jooeun’s mother instantly invites him for a round.

He leaves later, giving Jooeun a quick kiss on the forehead. Meanwhile, Soojin curls up forlornly in her bedroom, unwilling to eat when Wooshik prompts her to. He admits to having seen her at the gynecologist and she yells that she isn’t pregnant and glad that she isn’t because having kids would just interfere with her work. Wooshik wonders how she can say that and she asks if there’s something wrong if she isn’t pregnant. She tells him to leave.

He asks her what’s wrong and she yells at him to get out. He leaves, asking her to get some rest. Soojin breaks down once he leaves. flashes back to her exam results. The doctor informed that she has polycystic ovary syndrome meaning that her uterus is too thin to conceive normally. Her severe weight-loss program has resulted in mineral and nutrient deficiency. That and her anti-depressants would make it very hard to get pregnant. The doctor tells her that with treatment it might be possible though. Soojin cries, looking at the tiny shoes and baby clothes she’d bought, saying that it’s natural for other but once again, she needs to hope for a miracle.

Jooeun and her Coach text her other, over the moon at being accepted by one set of parents. Youngho sighs that his family won’t be that simple. Jooeun says that she isn’t that easy to get rid of though, making him smile. Youngho suggests having a date outside Seoul.  Jooeun happily agrres. They wish each other goodnight.

Jooeun giggles and her mother sighs that it’s good to be young. The next day, Jooeun races over to Youngho’s car, suitcase in hand. He wonders if they’re travelling abroad today and unzips in it broad daylight, much to her horror and wows at the collection of lingerie inside.

Jooeun defensively mumbles that she thought they were going to spend the night.

HAHA. He takes her to a temple, and Jooeun wonders if this is where his mother is buried. Youngho nods and Jooeun wonders if her scarf (the one he knitted) is too pink for the occasion. Youngho assures that she looks just fine. They enter the temple and Jooeun sees a similar scarf by his mother’s name tablet and asks if Youngho knitted this himself. Jooeun thanks Youngho’s mother for giving birth to to someone as sexy as Youngho and says that she’ll be by his side from now on and to guide her well. Sometime later, Jooeun builds a stone tower while Youngho has his alone time with his mother. She gets a text from Grandma who asks to meet with her (uh oh). Jooeun puts her phone away as Youngho appears and they argue over whose stone is bigger in their stone tower. They go about on their date, eating ice-cream and and taking selcas…

and getting weird stares from people because of how they’ve knotted the scarf about both their necks. |

Jooeun remarks that people on dates always seem loopy because theat’s how crazy they are for each other. Youngho jumps on her indirectly admitting that she’s crazy for him.

Jooeun drags him off to a Namsam Tower-like place where people write down wishes instead of leaving locks. Youngho’s quite against it but dragged off due to the scarf essentially knotting them together. He gets into it through, writing out one looong wish while Jooeun quickly writes hers. She recalls seeing Youngho’s Grandma during the failed Board of Directors meeting and frets over their upcoming meeting. She walks with Youngho muttering on how cold her fingers are and that he could at least grace them with a bottelcap now that they’re official and all and that she’s even gone to meet his mother. Youngho says that the demands sure are pouring out now that she’s gotten him and undoes that huge round tassel on her scarf. Remember this one?

(I knew it was going to be significant! The camera lingered on it a second too long during their reunion!) 

Hello proposal!
He asks her to come over and she runs straight into his arms. He says that he might make her sad at times, and that things might be hard at times but
The answer was never going to be anything but a yes! We see the wishes each wrote. His was to be with his ‘Oh My Venus’ and hers was to be with Youngho. The newly engaged cuties hug it out.

All we have left to deal with is Grandma’s opposition! See you all at the finale recap tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “Oh My Venus Ep 15 Recap (and meeting the mother!)

  1. You’re early… and I LOVE you for that. Hehehe.
    I love the proposal scene ❤ At least I haven't seen anything like that. So sweet ^____^ I was wondering why the camera focused on that thing on the pink scarf last time. When YH hold it, I just knew it! And the video don't even have Eng subs. I was caught in between I-can't-sleep and I-am-going-to-smile-in-my-sleep after watching that proposal scene.
    Whomever come out with the idea is so romantic and creative. Thumbs up. Not just this proposal, there's plenty of JE & YH's scene which I find unique and suit both SMA & SJS.
    Giddy for episode 16. Dear grandma, please please please be nice. Can we please have a wedding and kids with SJS's eyes and SMA's dimples? Pretty please~!

    1. Thank you! 😀 I’m working on a Cheese in the Trap Recap right now and the subs came out early so I was able to finish this faster than usual! (And I love the proposal scene too!)

  2. Thank you 4 the recap.. now can return to work n pray that last ep will be a sweet ending! Really enjoying seeing sjs doing funny scene.

  3. I’ve always looked forward to your recaps n enjoyed them tremendously 🙂 Thank you for doing this ep so soon. lessen my anxiety. Now I look forward to the final ep.

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