Remember: Son’s War Ep 14 Recap (and a question of loyalty)

In Ah hugs Jinwoo and weeps while he just stands there looking confused, unsure of whether to hug her back. (What I thought was awareness of the situation returning, yesterday, was just his awkwardness). He stays at his former house, still wondering what’s going on, while In Ah returns to the office and asks Lawyer Yeon for the truth.
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Remember : Son’s War Ep 13 Recap (and nothing more to hide)

In Ah stares wordlessly as Nam Gyuman enters. He notes the detailed web on the wall and compliments her on the fine ‘decorations’

He muses that he was put off by the fact that he could see Jinwoo’s practice from his company, and had finally realized the reason for that. In Ah confirms that he is Jinwoo’s only goal. Gyuman wonders if they really think that a video like that (where he was beating up ex-detective Kwak) can hurt him. In Ah scornfully says that it’s indeed nothing compared to his video confession of Oh Jungah’s murder. Gyuman raises a hand to strike her. Continue reading


Cheese in the Trap Ep 8 Review (and obstacles galore)

What I love most about Cheese in the Trap has to be how much happens despite the main couple spending so much time apart. Other shows normally require both people in the same scene, or working towards a common goal to have forward movement in terms of plot but Seol, Yoo Jung, and Inho are off doing different things, and yet a fascinating new set of struggles opens up.

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Cheese in the Trap Ep 7 Review (and is the romance starting to fray?)

Somehow this episode felt like a great deal of set-up, with threads of conflict slowly being introduced to the overall plot. We’ve (very refreshingly) seen Seol and Yoo Jung talk things out several times now, that most dramas take ages to resolve, but there’s a growing note of discomfort that’s arisen in their relationship and it’s not Young Gon or Minsoo or the looming future, or even the obnoxious Inha (who by the looks of it will meet Seol tomorrow), it’s Yoo Jung himself.
(Yoo Jung’s parade sure was rained on)
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One More Happy Ending Ep 2 Recap (and Mimo’s marriage)

In a fantasy sequence, Mimo struts about the streets of Seoul, dressed like Audrey Hepburn. She stops at a store called Happy Tiffany’s and peers through the glass while munching a croissant. In voice over she narrates.
Mimo: 10 years ago, I only liked big things. I thought the biggest diamonds were the best. However, I now know very well that the size of the ring does not define a happy marriage.Therefore, a ring for remarriage should be different. Something that doesn’t get old no matter how many times you look at it. No matter how long you have it, it doesn’t seem like a burden. That kind of ring.
She walks away from the store just as a Southeast Asian man (It’s so great to see people of other ethnicity in Kdramas!) comes up to her showing off the Rolexes and diamonds he’s selling in flawless Korean. Mimo scoffs that they’re fakes which irritates the lad. Calling her ahjummoni (which shocks her as usual) he tells her that she’s the fake here, dressed as Audrey Hephburn and all. Continue reading


One More Happy Ending Ep 1 Recap (and this is so much fun!)

We start off with an animated sequence that depicts the tale of Cinderella. The prince proposes (in English) in the middle of their first dance upon finding each other again, and she hilariously answers “Abso-f***ing-lutely”  The lights suddenly flicker out in the midst of their kiss.
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Remember : Son’s War Ep 11 Recap (and like father like son)

(I know I said I didn’t have time, and frankly I’m not sure I do, but I couldn’t resist checking out the episode and the first few minutes convinced me to recap.  The wonderful hard-working subbers at Viki are still subbing One More Happy Ending and I’ll be getting out a recap as soon as they’re done! Because my Korean gets my through variety shows and ~40% of drama dialogue but I usually need help with first episodes :P]

Jinwoo stands in front of the urn containing his father’s ashes and vows that he will prove Jaehyuk’s innocence, asking him to watch over him.
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