Oh My Venus Ep 14 Recap (and Chief Min’s inner diva)

February 2015. Youngho reminisces in bed, having lost count of how many times he’s woken from a dream of Jooeun to a hospital ceiling. Days pass as he knits (!! how hot is that?) a pink scarf, and thinks back to doing the same time as a child to pass time in the hospital. Chief Min stops by and little Youngho says that the scarf is for his mother, who Min informs him, in on her way to see him. Unfortunately, that very night she dies in a car accident and Youngho hears Chief Min informing his father of it (a scene we saw in an earlier episode). His younger and older self knit side by side, lost in grief.

Hyeran and Youngjoon pop by to see how Youngho’s doing but Chief Min says that they’re trying to maintain a stable condition and denies the visit. Hyeran apologizes to Youngho even though she doesn’t have to, and asks Chief Min to relay her farewell to Grandma. She also apologizes to her husband for not being able to care for Youngho and Grandma in the end even though he’d entrusted them to her. Chief Min promises to relay her messages. With that, she gracefully bows and takes her leave. Youngho quite knitting and flips through the book Jooeun bought him. While doing so he hallucinates her sitting across him.

He self-consciously covers his knee but she smiles and hugs him saying that everything’s going to be alright. He looks shattered as she disappears and starts to cry.

May 2015. He’s discharged from the hospital and takes one last look at the room before an attendant shuts the door. It’s then that he notices the band-aid stuck to it, which Jooeun left the night she said she’d wait for him. He slowly takes it off and puts it on his hand.

Aww! Chief Min you sweetie. The doctors report to Youngho’s father that while his recovery in six months is fantastic, they have yet to determine whether he can walk like he used to. Especially since his muscles have atrophied during his six-month stay. Best they can do is hope for another miracle like with Youngho’s cancer disappearing. Youngho goes to America for treatment and works hard day after day

until he finally has the leg strength to hop into bed. He can’t bring himself to read the 90 unread messages Jooeun’s sent him and goes through the book she gave him once more, having stuck the bandaid on its cover.

(Nice bedroom) Jiwoong and and a slightly battered Joonsung play a visit. Youngho is alarmed at Joonsung’s condition until Jiwoong pulls out Joonsung’s medal thingy from having placed first in the boxing championships. Jiwoong instantly cuddles Youngho while a bashful Joonsung wait until his proud father (which Youngho seriously feels like) tells him to come over. Ah, blissful bromance.

Younho gets better and better until he can stand and walk on his own. Decembder 24th 2015. A hale and hearty Youngho meets an adorably happy Chief Min at the airport.

He drives him to Seoul and they have the cutest conversation ever along the way.

(I will go down with this ship. The stoic secretary and the chaebol heir who secretly loves to knit) Youngho finally checks the (now) 192 m essages from Jooeun which range from cute ‘fighting!’s to ‘i’ll hunt you down’. She’s sent over sixty videos showing her still exercising and cheering him on. Youngho smiles adorably. The next you know, he’s waiting for her in front of her office and the scene plays out as it did yesterday.

Aww! Youngho looks at her like he can’t believe she’s real and Jooeun suddenly muses that she should have saved up more money.

However, Jooeun has to rush in and take care of some paperwork seeing as tomorrow’s Christmas. Youngho gently says that he’ll be waiting right here for her. Jooeun clutches his shoulders and rushes off. Youngho smiles, only for Jooeun to reappear and grab his hand.

She leads a grinning Youngho off, unwilling to let go of his hand for even a second and staring at him until he has to remind her to get off the elevator. Soojin sees them together and smiles. Hyun Jung, who wasn’t in the loop, wonders if Youngho left somewhere. He says it was something like that.

Haha. She brings Youngho into her office and sorts through paperwork in a flurry, dropping this and that. She bends down to retrieve them and smiles in relief at his healthy knee. Youngho, in that brief moment, strokes touches her nameplate showing all that pent-up yearning and relief that he’s here with her. She takes him home, unable to stop staring at him, while she types away the final bit of work she needs to send it. Sexy beast Youngho reclaims his favourite spot next to ‘You Bastard’.

She keeps staring so he jokes that he’ll wear out from all her glances.

(brb nosebleed) She smiles and continues to type away while he silently wonders if she knows that others call his complete recovery a miracle, but what he considers a miracle is that she still looks at him the same way she used to. Jooeun’s fingers pause on the keyboard as she finds herself crying. Youngho walks over and holds her as she cries thinking: Words can’t describe how sorry I am. I feel guilty that I kept you waiting for so long. The thought of you crying for me every day gave me the will to get better. It was the best remedy and miracle in my life. I wonder if you know.
The doorbell rings at that point and Jooeun ruefully muses that it’s probably Chief Min.

She tells him that it’s probably best for him to visit his family now and asks him to come back safely.

(A play on the words ‘tomorrow’ and ‘everyday’ naeil and maeil)
He leaves and tears up at how much she went through during his period of absence and no-contact. Jooeun watches him leave and calls Hyunwoo in tears, which appears to be a common occurrence because Hyunwoo suggests that they visit the doctor tomorrow or Jooeun’s going to get ill because of Youngho. Jooeun tells her of Youngho’s return and they both breathe a sigh of relief. Minjoon arrives with Go PD at that point, both having had a great time at the amusement park. Hyunwoo tries to refuse the month’s alimony saying that he’s beyond being a good husband so he should just be a good father to Minjoon and take him out more. Her ex says that he doesn’t lie the way he makes his living either but it’s how he gets paid and can save for Minjoon’s school fees, college fees and wedding. He wishes her a Merry Christmas and offers her the money, which she decides to take. Meanwhile, Wooshik sets the table for Soojin, and smiles upon hearing her arrive home from work. Soojin sways upon entering her apartment before regaining her balance. She smiles at the candlelight dinner Wooshik’s laid out but excuses herself to change, and takes some medicine. Wooshik surprisingly proposes to her over dinner, which elates Soojin. He says that it’s taken a while for them to get to this point but he’s always going to remain on track. They both toast to the future. Meanwhile Youngho walks in to greet his family.

Grandma’s in tears and his father even cracks a smile. They have dinner during which Grandma tries to stuff him with everything imaginable. Hyeran’s presence is missed in the household as Grandma complains over the taste of a dish only to be told by the maids that they can’t make it as well as she could. Youngho’s father talks to him in private asking after his neurosis. Youngho wonders how he knew, to which is father asks how he could not know, being his father. Youngho says that he hasn’t felt those psychological pains since the accident, which relieves his father, who asks him to come back on the board as soon as possible. Youngho agrees and tucks a blanket around a fast-asleep Grandma before sleeping over at the family house. The next day, Jooeun’s up and dressed to kill when her phone pings over and over.

Youngho decides to repay her for the 192 messages and keeps texting her syllable by syllable like she did. ‘Kang’ ‘Joo’ ‘Eun’ ‘whom’ ‘he’s’ ‘dating’ and so forth. Jooeun gets moved and has to order herself not to cry and ruin her makeup. She texts back telling him not to be late tonight. She rushes over to Jiwoong and Joonsung’s place. She’s been messaging both but they haven’t seen each other face-to-face in a while. The two banter on Jiwoong’s improved Korean and sixth rejection from the Marines before heading off to prepare for Youngho’s birthday. Joonsung’s with his mother, giving her another coat as a present, noting that she’s worn the first one all the time. His mother says it’s a given seeing as he gave it to her. Joonsung says he’ll be busy tonight, but they could perhaps watch a movie later? His mother agrees. She hears that Youngho’s okay and tells that him heaven rewards good people and it’s such a relief. Joonsung pauses at a familiar voice.

Yijin rushes over and Joonsung’s mother seems well familiar with her. (WHAT? How are they a thing? I need buildup!) She says that Joonsung likes to help the less fortunate, to she joined in with delivering briquettes today and mimics Joonsung’s voice with a scowl at his lack of appreciation for her kindness. She drags his mother out for food and Joonsung puts up a feeble protest before smiling. Youngho enters the house, lost in thought, and pauses to find it empty. Just then something goes off with a pop.

(I can’t with Chief Min stoically setting off sparklers in whatever that suit jacket is. I just can’t) No one side-eyes like Chief Min

A beaming Youngho is dragged downstairs for a series of performances. Minjoon does the 3 little bears songs. Chief Min glamorously walks down the staircase singing Frank Sinatra’s My Way while Joonsung freezes in shock and Youngho nearly dies of laughter at the emergence of Chief Min’s hidden diva.

It’s his turn to freeze and Hyunwoo and the boys perform.

Jooeun reminisces that all the boys in school wanted this song played when she was on the bus. They laugh and have a blast.

After everyone’s calmed down a bit, Chief Min tries to make a call while Henry plays The First Noel on his violin, Joonsung’s lost in smiles and Minjoon’s asleep on Youngho’s knee just like during his birthday last year (a whole two episodes ago haha). Jooeun looks down on them all and calls her mother to apologize for not coming this year as well but her mother’s busy with her son’s new family and having a blast with her new grandson. They warmly wish each other a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year before hanging up.

Jooeun thinks back to the previous year and how different this year is. Her mother, all alone last Christmas and pretending to be okay, is having a wonderful time with someone new to fuss over.  Joonsung who missed her mother so much is now part of a new family of his own with her and Yijin.

Soojin and Wooshik sit in the world’s snazziest cinema and hold hands. Jooeun thinks of her meeting with Youngho the previous day and thinks that perhaps the miracle of Christmas lies in its very ordinariness, in the person by your side. Youngho sneaks up behind her.


He tells her that he was able to get through everything thanks to it. He silently apologizes for having made her wait so long and she silently thanks him for coming back sooner than expected. She asks him whether his birthday wish was to stay healthy, and he shakes his head, confessing that it was for her to remain healthy.

But once he kisses her forehead, she goes in for more kisses. He feebly protests saying that he meant a relaxed night, but she swoops in for a big one and…the episode ends (insert scowl at the lack of a comfortable and erotic night in this episode)

6 thoughts on “Oh My Venus Ep 14 Recap (and Chief Min’s inner diva)

  1. while the kisses at the end of the episode cleeeeearly made me squeal with happiness (omg rawr!)… was it just me or these last 2 episodes dragged? lots of crying, long scenes with lots of flashbacks, unhappy people, moving plot, yes, but moving at a snail’s pace, in spite of the time leap.
    Basically, this absolutely awesome show could have very satisfactorily ended in 14 episodes, rather than 16. I guess the writers were a liiiiiiittle too good at story-telling the 1st 12 episodes, ’cause now, they’re just trying to find “entertaining” ways to drag it out to 16 episodes.

    sorry for the rant…
    I loooooooove your recaps, by the way!!! I discovered you 2 – 3 weeks back, when I was dying to share my thoughts with a fellow KDrama fan and… yay ! thanks for being sooooo fast !!

    1. I agree with you. For the record, I don’t mind to watch JE, YH & the boys more. But, being practical, this drama could simply ended sweetly at 14 with that kiss scene. My kdrama instinct can’t think of any plot that is not going to feel like fill-in-the-blank for last two episodes. What do you have up your sleeve writer-nim? Please, no last minute evil plan or bad things. This show is doing great for 14 eps. I have expectations!

  2. What a healing episode! To be honest, when YH just appear in front of JE with that too-pink *self-knitted* scarf, I feel the need to hit him a bit, then go for a good long hug. Gosh. One year of waiting and worrying. Talk about miracle, it’s a miracle JE is still in one piece. Anyway. JE insistence to not let YH out of her sight is understandable. I would do exactly the same. It’s cute and heartbreaking in the same time. Give it to Shin Min Ah to cry beautifully and make you cry too. Huhuhu. Some say it would be a better plot if YH let JE stay by his side and help him recover. Maybe. But I guess, for a guy like YH, it would hurt him more to have JE by her side.
    I need background story of uri Joon Sung and Jang Yi Jin! Hahaha. Yi Jin is loud and totally the opposite of Joon Sung. But, maybe that’s all JS need to spice up his life *wink*
    The party scene make me laugh so hard and grin until my face hurt. Hehehe. JE look so beautiful walking down the stairs.
    The last scene. Just lovely. I would be happy enough to have OMV ended there.
    Anticipating a good wrap up with two more episodes.

  3. I would like to see there be more resolution/relationship between YH and his father and more reconciliation between his new mother/grandma/father/younger half-brother. Not an unnatural happy ending with all of them being good with each other all of a sudden, but at least a hint or start of new beginnings and better relationships with each other in the future. After all, as jacked up as they may be, they are family. Am hoping YH and JE could be the catalysts for that. Hoping that’s where the story will go.

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