Oh My Venus

Oh My Venus Ep 13 Recap (and fountains of tears and awkward reconciliations)

We start out in the hospital where Chief Min calls Youngho, and we hear what he says this time. His sigh of relief upon hearing that Youngho is home is adorable, and Min Byungwook proceeds to explicitly warn Youngho not to leave the house as Namchul’s about to go on a rampage. Youngho however, is more concerned about Joonsung’s welfare and heads out. Interestingly, Hyeran also follows her brother in her car as though aware of what he’s about to do. The rest of the scene proceeds as it did last week except just as Youngho drives in his between Namchul’s and Joonsung’s, Hyeran sidewipes her brother’s car. Joonsung howls in grief to discover a severely wounded Youngho while Namchul does the same at discovering a severely wounded Hyeran. Chief Min rushes on the scene and tries to calmly remove Youngho from the car and bandange his wounds but loses his composure as Youngho remains unresponsive.

He’s rushed to the hospital where Chief Min, a sobbing Joonsung, and his father watch him enter surgery. Watching him go, his father recalls little Youngho pleading to have knee surgery later and tells Chief Min to ensure that Grandma only hears about it once Youngho’s out of surgery, and that the media doesn’t get its hands on this. Chief Min places all blame on himself, while Youngho’s father quietly says that they have to fight through this, words that appear to be meant for a comatose Youngho. Jiwoong rushes on the scene and collapses in tears at their general helplessness.

Joonsung’s mother, dressed in the coat he bought her, calls him to no response. A worried Jooeun calls Youngho as well, his phone (which isn’t smashed, can we make cars out of this material?) rings in his wrecked car showing that she’s saved as…

Jooeun’s out of the next day at work and keeps calling Youngho to no answer. She finally tries Joonsung. Speak of the fellow, Joonsung’s mother opens the door to find him standing their looking like he’s  been through the wringer. He apologizes for being late. She worriedly tells him that she thought something happened. That maes him tear up and he hugs her, calling her ‘mom’ for the first time. She cries saying that she doesn’t know if she has the right, but like Jooeun said, will hug him often now. Aww.

Meanwhile Hyeran’s injuries weren’t nearly as bad as they seemed (a broken rib, a broken ankle) and she should be fine with a little bed rest. Namchul thanks the doctor and glumly sits by Youngjoon’s bedside. The boy awakens and asks for his mother. Namchul lies that she’ll be there soon and asks him why on earth he overdosed on drugs. Youngjoon confesses to having overheard his conversation at the 61st anniversary celebration and said that he thought that if he weren’t here then there whole family politics bit wouldn’t exist and no one would be as greedy. (Umm..sweet thought there, kid? But you’re wrong, you’re uncle’s a nasty piece of work). He apologizes for having done something so stupid, but Namchul surprisingly tears up and tells him not to apologize, saying that he was the only who did something stupid. Wooshik rushes in at this point. Namchul asks him for a personal favour. (Uh oh?) Meanwhile, Jooeun’s surprised to hear that Soojin isn’t in for the second day in a row, and hasn’t even gotten permission for another day off. Hyun Jung sighs that there’s loads of paperwork she needs signed and Jooeun decides to pay her a visit.

She keeps calling Youngho throughout the drive to no avail, and pulls into the apartment building’s parking lot like a boss.

The object of her concern is current in a hospital beg with his leg braced above him, an arm in a sling, a neck brace, a surgical bandage over his head, and several facial contusions. The doctor reports that he has thankfully gained consciousness and his injuries, while numerous aren’t life-threatening. However…

(DAMMIT SHOW. This was precisely where you weren’t supposed to go.) His fahter’s hands ball into fists and he entrusts Youngho to the doctors. The chairwoman is to be informed once Youngho wakes up. Chief Min informs Youngho’s father, who appears to have been unaware as to the particulars of how Youngho and his wife ended up in a collision, of what happened. Chief Min notes that all the perpretrators became victims (but I see Namchul running about just fine, thank you) Incidentally they’ll need Namchul’s cooperation to ensure that Youngho doesn’t face charges. (WHAT? Why is the legal system so messed up?) Meanwhile, Jooeun unsuccessfully bangs on Soojin’s door before guessing her password (her birthday) and entering. She finds Soojin fast asleep, assumes the worst, and starts shaking her like crazy until she wakes up.

Jooeun, however, returns with cereal, saying that she’d have made porridge if it weren’t for the lack of rice in Soojin’s place. She sighs upon noticing the glass of wine by Soojin’s medication and tells her to stop taking medicine with alcohol. She echoes Youngho, saying that her body isn’t something she can use and throw away. Soojing surprisingly doesn’t argue, even when Jooeun reverts to banmal and tells her to change her passcode as it’s too easy for anyone who knows her to get in. But Jooeun suddenly asks her to apologize.

But that’s not what Jooeun’s pissed about. She asks Soojin why she ignored all her mail and messages once she moved to the US. She gets more and more tearful asking Soojin why on earth she said they were classmates when they were friends.

She reminds Jooeun of the guy she was crushing on, and watching him give Jooeun his number. She yells that Jooeun had the world in the palm of her hand because she was pretty. Jooeun asks whether all their arguments and her animosity this time was due to trivial matters like this. Soojin says that as trivial as it may seen, being lonely and miserable can kill a person.
Jooeun sighs that his timing just really sucked.

She cries into Soojin’s bedspread. Soojin makes to touch her hair, before moving her hand away and quietly saying that it was a good thing she didn’t change her passcode. (I’m not sure how to take how this cheating thing’s being glossed over. She still did go after Wooshik, knowing that he was dating Jooeun. Doesn’t make her or Wooshik angels) Joonsung and Jiwoong make their first visit to Youngho’s room. Joonsung tells Jiwoong not to cry as Youngho would hate to see them in pain. Jiwoong promises to do so in English and Korean but a tear leaks out anyway.

Once inside, and seeing Youngho all bundled up all the boys get teary. Youngho inquires about Joosung’s mom and he says that he met her and knows that Youngho’s accident was his fault, as he was trying to protect him. Youngho gruffly tells him to shut it before turning to Jiwoong who’s already fighting tears. He presents Youngho with a plant, fighting tears all the way and showing a fortitude to him that we haven’t seen before, in a really moving scene. (Henry was damn awesome here)

Jooeun (who Joonsung’s saved as ‘Sister-in-law’) chooses to call then and Joonsung asks what he’s supposed to tell her. Youngho doesn’t want her to seem him like this, or see her crying.

The boys leave in tears, and return home only to find Jooeun waiting at the front gate. She doesn’t hesitate, asking them how much pain he’s in, thinking his knee’s acting up again. The boys hesitate to respond until she tells them she’ll search every hospital on earth until she finds him. The next you know she’s rushing with them into the hospital Youngho’s at. Chief MIn blocks her way saying that Youngho has refused to see her. She pleads to just see his face once and her voice reaches Youngho a few metres away in the hospital room. He weakly reaches for his phone and notices her numerous calls and messages he’s missed and starts to cry.

He manages to send a text ‘Tap tap’. She stops pleading and stares at it remembering that he said it meant to let go then sinks to the floor in tears (alarming Chief Min). He texts her the same thing again and she gets to her feet once. Chief MIn orders the  men to step back and she pauses outside Youngho’s door without going in. She sobs that it’s her and that she gets why he’s doing this but that she’s also a pretty stubborn woman, so she’ll be waiting. She reminds him that if he’s still hanging on, then he hasn’t reached his limit yet. He has to come back as handsome and sexy as he used to be. Scratch that, he doesn’t have to be handsome or sexy he just has to come back.

That really gets to him and he tries to stand up but fails. Jooeun entrusts his health and safety to Chief Min, who vows to take care of him, and leaves with the boys. Grandma pays a visit to Hyeran and informs her that she’s going after Namchul with a vengeance. She acknowledges that Youngho wouldn’t have survive the impact had Hyeran not deflected part of it when she sideswiped Namchul’s car, but still says that it’s time to fully sever their ties. She somewhat kindly tells Hyeran to live well and leaves (ugh, I hate this lady). Youngho’s father assists her outside but she throws off his hand. Jooeun sees the bandaids on her wall and reminisces of the times Youngho put them on her and cries. Namchul meets with Hyeran and says that Youngjoon’s been moved to a place in Woosan where she’ll be taken upon recovery. Hyeran asks him how he could do something so horrible. Namchul tries to defend it as him looking out for her but she says that she was happy, with Youngjoon and her not-musy-but-upright husband. Namchul sighs and has the balls to call her an idiot (I hate this guy).

He is presented with an accident settlement in his office the next day by Soojin with Wooshik also present. He surprisingly signs (nothing more up your sleeve? we do have 3 episodes left) He thanks Wooshik and Soojin, and the two head off too speak on their own. Soojin asks Wooshik if he’s upset that she was working against his boss, but he says that they’re just doing their jobs. The atmosphere’s lighter between the two and Soojin says that the Wooshik she knew would always work within the rules. Wooshik says that he was so singlemindedly focused on proving that Youngho was a rich spoiled brat that he didn’t thin of other things, and essentially excuses his unscrupulous behaviour through that (there was way more to it than that though. Including a serious case of ego). Soojin seems all good with this and smiles, agreeing to his offer of dinner. She brings up that she’d a huge fight with Jooeun which resulted in them sorting things out.  She smiles saying that it’s easier to talk about Jooeun now, and cutesy music plays while the two stroll out arm in arm. I’m not sure how repulsed to be. Meanwhile Namchul places his resignation upon his desk and leaves.
Say hello to 2015!!

Jooeun’s having dinner at her family’s and irritated over everything: her brother and his wife being lovely-dovey, eating greasy food this late at night and her mother asking what’s wrong.

Her mom ass her when she’s going to introduce her to the new fellow in her life. Jooeun asks her to wait, he’ll appear at some point. She digs into her food morosely. We go through her daily life now. She remembers Youngho at unexpected time: when she forgets to take her medicine, when she’s in the middle of a consultation. And sometimes bursts into tears as a result. The sweet ahjumma whose divorce she’s finalizing runs over behind the desk and gives her a hug, saying that it’ll be alright, while Jooeun thinks of Youngho and repeats that he should be alright (‘the word for ‘are you alright’ and ‘is he/she alright’ is the same).

She narrates bits and piece of news (the law against adultery was abolish in May 2015 in Korea) as she goes through the months.

In August 2015, Joonsung became UFC Champion.

She hears Youngho’s voice telling her not to cry because they’re all doing well. Like that, she says, 2015 passed as well. It’s December 24th, 2015, and she still sees him everywhere. She smiles at a purple-suited Youngho in front of her and walks through him.

She sees another Youngho in a god-awful coat

and walks through him thinking he’s an illusion. Only…

He gently puts a scarf around her.

she looks at his feet and he adorable stamps his feet to show that he’s okay. Her eyes well up with tears and they rush in for a hug at the same time.

6 thoughts on “Oh My Venus Ep 13 Recap (and fountains of tears and awkward reconciliations)

  1. I guess this episode cleared a few things for me from episode 12.

    Now that we have 3 more episodes to go and office politics seemed to be over (maybe not), I wonder what we are left with? Probably baddie Grandma’s disapproval of JE?

    Hospital scene really brought tears to my eyes. JE’s despair and reluctance to leave and her speech to YH to come back looking more beautiful and sexy (aka in better health) is really heart wrenching. She would definitely want to stay by his side rather than go through 365 days not knowing how much better he is recovering.

    But seeing him in pain pains YH more and she fully understands because this shows she means so much more to him that the 2 boys.

  2. seeing the last scene of this ep.12 and the preview of ep.13 makes me wonder what would happen next….something odd there…YH seems bitter and not happy being well n sexy again..*sigh

  3. I feel terrible for the Step-Mum…. she just never seems to catch a break and the show has been glossing over her misery for some time now. Greedy turned Almost-Murderous brother. Ungrateful Mother-in-Law. Stoic Husband. depressed Son. I’m not really sure how she’s been enduring and the show has yet to make an effort at making things right for the poor woman… 😦

    oh and looooots of tears here. I LOVE this show: I’ve never looked forward to Mondays-Tuesdays so much in my life before. but wow, this was a never ending water fountain today ! 😦 Like a filler episode in anime…

    of course, beautiful acting on the part of our fav Lawyer, Coach-nim and our cutey pie Henry ! but still… “take us to the good stuff, writers!!”

    1. Awful, Ya. But somebody points out that that coat is similar to the one JE wore the first morning YH woke up at JE’s home. The breakfast scene…

  4. Gah. I skipped most of the first half, watched the last 15-20 minutes to make sure I still have tears to cry in the future, only then I watched ep 13 in full. So moving, this episode. I love JE’s speech in front of YH’s hospital room. That’s something JE would say and YH need to listen. Oh. The day “tap tap” break hearts. Simple, but bitter. The waiting and the passing of time, JE remembering & seeing YH anytime, everywhere.. remind me to New Moon. Painful. When JE walk through the first YH, my heart sink. I was bracing myself when JE saw the second YH.

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