Oh My Venus

Oh My Venus Ep 12 Recap (and a sudden dramatic turn)

Youngho strides confidently into the hall as Jooeun and the boys watch him from behind. He walks up the steps to the podium with quick sure steps, looking into Jooeun’s eyes from across the hall and announces that he’s the new president of Gahong. Jooeun, the boys, grandma and his father are quick to clap while Namchul makes a production out of it and Wooshik and Soojin look dour. Jang Yijin seats herself next to the boys much to Joonsung’s displeasure.

She isn’t fazed by him ignoring her.

Oh, Yijin. Meanwhil Namchul yells at Haera for not showing up to Youngho’d inauguration. We see her taking off her jewelry at the family villa meaning that she meant to come but was either afraid of being humiliated by Grandma like at the art gallery, or felt like a stranger in their midst. Namchul yells that it’s not like America’s that far away, and that Youngho became Director today, meaning that Haera lied about where she was. He ends the call in a huff, and leaves. Behind him stands Youngjoon clutching a bouquet, who heard every word and now knows that his mother has been lying to him and all is not well with her.

Alone in her room, Haera practises telling her son that she’s fine, that everything’s fine.

Youngho gets mobbed by reporters on his way out, with Jooeun and Soojin following. The reporters don’t care about them though and they get shoved aside. A worried Youngho mouths an ‘are you okay’ to Jooeun who responds with a heart. These two are the cutest.

Soojin and the other lawyer bid adieu, and it turns out all is not well as Jooeun grimaces, clutching her ankle the moment they leave. She goes inside and sits on the steps with a resigned grimace. A pair of sexy legs walk towards her, guess who?

They play with Cinderella puns, her not being Cinderella due to having sprained her ankle instead of losing her shoe, and him not being the Prince because he isn’t putting her shoe on. She asks if he’s okay and he asks who’s being worried about who here.

[The word for ‘big’ here is synonymous for ‘great’]

She tells him to hurry and rest.

Aww. Meanwhile a weak Soojin stumbles her way through the parking lot and is caught by Wooshik right when she collapses.

He takes her home and ignores her request to leave. He says that he noticed she didn’t have a drop of water the past few hours, hence why she’s like this. And Go PD informed him that she had done her best to ensure that his part in Youngho’s double identity being revealed, would not result in serious legal repercussions. He thanks her but she’s tired of hearing him apologize to her and thank her. She says she’s not a nice person.

He asks if she remembers that disastrous blind date she had and says that she was more concerned about his hands and her shattered feelings. Regardless of how pissed she was over him rushing to Jooeun’s defense over the stalker incident she was the first to arrive at the station, and continues to defend him. He caresses her cheek and tells her that she hasn’t changed a bit. Soojin breaks down in tears and finally hugs him back. Joonsung and Jiwoong carry Jooeun home  with their hands under her arms. It results in her grousing that her arms hurt more than her ankle. However, her mom’s home and surprised to the two young men, whom Jooeun introduces as her exercising buddies. Jiwoong is delighted to meet ‘Ma’am’s Mum’ and goes in for his signature hug which wins mom over instantly and results in her welcoming him with as much English as she can msuter. She’s hilariously wearing Youngho’s clothing, which both the boys and Jooeun notice, thinking it belonged to Jooeun before she lost weight. She does her best to stuff the boys full of food and Joonsung is adorable flustered and happy at the mothering. He and Jooeun eat the non-fatty stuff while Henry noms on everything. Jooeun sighs that it’s amazing that she wasn’t fatter given the amount of food her mother makes.

Youngho and Jooeun have a cute texting session, inquiring about each other’s legs. Youngho growls that he heard something about fatty chicken legs, and Jooeun says that her mom will nag her forever if she doesn’t eat. Youngho says that he starts work tomorrow and to tell “the mother of that ‘growing sprout’ ” aka Hyunwoo that he’s no longer unemployed. Jooeun jokes that he’s worth his keep now. She worries over his leg.

Youngho texts back that it isn’t something anyone can fix… (Jooeun scowls, only to smile at his follow up message) which was what the doctors said but he guesses they were wrong. She giggles thinking back to how he called her pretty and Youngho proceeds to be seriously cheesy, and swoony.

They wish each other goodnight, but her mother interrupts Jooeun’s afterglow by telling her to stop texting Wooshik. Uh oh, mom doesn’t know. Jooeun looks pensive and changes the subjec, advising her mom to check her shoulder out instead. She tells her to come to her office and they can go together if necessary but Mom says that there are doctors a plenty in Daegu. A new day dawns for the boys in Youngho’s household. They sit for breakfast, and Youngho notes Jiwoong eating porridge. Jiwoong happily explains that Jooeun’s mom gave it to him and it tastes amazing. Youngho immediately switches plates.

The boys settle back in with a smile and Youngho advises Joonsung to take it easy before his first fight. Jiwoong cutely says that they aren’t babies anymore and not to worry. Youngho grins that they’re all grown-up then. Aww it’s such a ‘dad with his two sons’ vibe. Jiwoong waxes eloquent over how much he misses Jooeun.

Jooeun’s informed that her morning meeting is cancelled due to Soojin not having arrived. She wonders what’s up but shakes herself out of feeling worried. Youngho and Chief Min flirt

before getting down to business. He tells Youngho that Grandma knows about Jooeun (which Youngho looks resigned at) and that he has a meeting with the directors. The meeting goes smoothly, even with Namchul there, and the directors unanimously ignore him on the their way out when he feebly protests about ‘that thing they were supposed to do’. He does a snarky back and forth with Youngho on how much he must love to exercise but Youngho cuts him off soon and leaves. Jooeun gets a message from him during lunch and feigns that she’s done and that her foot’s doing well and that she’s resting it carefully. A knock sounds on her door.


He teases that he thought she was done lunch, and asks her to come out with him.

They meet Hyun Jung on the way out and Youngho asks her to take care of Jooeun which is perhaps the best way in Korean culture for a man and woman to establish that you’ve something going on. Jooeun asks where they’re going.

Only he’s not taking her where she thinks.

Haha. It’s the place they went to for a body exam again. Jooeun shoots daggers out of her eyes, having expected sexy times. She waits outside while Youngho collects the results, looking down the hallway. She remembers being dragged there by Youngho the first time and smiles.

She tries to fake her way out using the “many” consultations she has left only for Youngho to reveal that he checked her schedule with Hyun Jung and she doesn’t have anything.

I love how he pretends to have been struck in the heartstrings.

So. CUTE! They hilariously enact pregnancy breathing exercises as Jooeun is prepped to get her blood taken. The nurse shoots them ‘these people are insane’ looks, and which further intensifies when Jooeun screams though she hasn’t even put the needle in yet.

Younho rewards her with cake or whatever that delicious confection is once they’re done.

He compares it to giving a kid candy after a visit to the dental chair. He smiles at her evident enjoyment and goes through her old report, comparing it to her new one. Jooeun’s surprised that he hasn’t thrown the old one away.

He comments on her “enviable body” and cracks jokes on how she should have become an athlete instead of studying, when she isn’t even good at it. It earns him a death glare from Jooeun, but he smiles like a kid, just happy to be around her.

Her stomach fat has drastically reduced which elates Jooeun. She asks to make a little speech. Youngho takes her through the thyroid and cholesterol level results first. With a little more work she may not have to take medicine anymore. 
[I have hearts shooting out of my eyes at this point.] Haera serves tea to Grandma and gently says that she’ll move out once she finds a place to stay. She doesn’t want Granda to lose Youngho because of her. Grandma has the balls to say that her and Haera are tangled up in an unfortunate destiny [Then make better choices, woman]. Haera thanks her for everything, while Grandma sighs that she’d have liked Namchul to be less greedy. Grandma acknowledges that she’s been tough on her and offers her compensation. Haera refuses to accept it but Grandma says that she isn’t a person if she doesn’t offer at least this much in return for being taken care of the past twenty years. Meanwhile, Jooeun and Hyunwoo prepare to break the truth to Joonsung’s mother. Hyunwoo waits outside while Jooeun gifts the same red scarf that Joonsung brought, back to Joonsung’s mom. She only needs to take one look at it to recognize it. Hyunwoo turns out to bang on the money, as his mom tearfully confesses to wanting to see Joonsung but being ashamed. She tells Jooeun that a handsome man visited her a few years back and said that he was watching over Joonsung, which made her relieved. [Oh Youngho!]. She tells Joonsung’s mom to go for it when she’s ready. Going back home, she texts Youngho with a smile saying that she knows of his involvement in this.

That makes Youngho’s evening and he calls her back instantly.

These two, honestly. Youngho waits for his father, and tell shim that he can’t approve the deal for construction of the VVIP medical center. There’s a problem with the location and contractors and way too much money is involved. His father smiles, and gruffly tells Youngho that it’s his call. As Youngho turns to leave, he asks him to come by the family villa as Grandma wants to have a chat. Youngho agrees.

Jiwoong and Joonsung prepare to celebrathe both Christmas and Youngho’s birthday. Jiwoong gets about texting everyone, inviting them for dinner. Jooeun and Hyunwoo get super excited. Thankfully for Joonsung’s sake, Yijin has a schedule that night. Chief Min stoically answers that he’ll show up if he doesn’t have work. Hyunwoo buys a cake and the team shows up. Jooeun looks for Youngho for all of two seconds before her springs up before her.

He shoots a wink at Minjoon who responds in kind. Jooeun asks where Chief Min is.

The doorbell rings just then. Chief Min can’t stay but came to say hello. Jooeun rushes to bring the crew together and…

[I LOVE IT when actors break the fourth wall! Reminds me of the Oh family in KMHM] They toast and start chowing down. Hyunwoo asks who prepared everything and Jiwoong points to Joonsung.

They take selfies…

and sing the same song they learn during camping day and have fun.

Jooeun calls her mother who’s alone this Christmas and sadly promises to definitely visit in the new year. Her mom’s the same as ever saying that Jooeun should just continue having fun without worrying about her, but sighs sadly once the call ends, looking at Jooeun’s father’s pic. Jooeun notes that there are equally as many people who are lonely this season as there are those who are happy. She looks down at Youngho who smile and indicates a sleeping Minjoon on his lap.

Joonsung’s mother gets a text from Jooeun who has sent her his number just in case. Youngjoon is suddenly rushed to the hospital, while Haera calls over and over to no answer. Youngho and Jooeun snuggle on a sofa.

A wild-eyed Joonsung races in.

Youngho hands him his wallet as well. [<3]

Meanwhile, Haera gets a call from the ER staff and rushes over with Youngho’s father and Namchul. The doctor explains that this was a drug overdose. Youngjoon’s stomach’s been pumped so they’ll see what happens once he awakens. Haera sobs, unable to understand why this happened, while Namchul gets furious. He roars that Youngho’s father that his sister worked like a maid all these years only for this. He tells his sister that her husband only remarried so he could continue to keep half of Gahong, to preserve it for Youngho’s sake. Unless something happens to Youngho, Yoonjoon’s life will always be like this. Uh oh. Only Chief Min snuck in ninja style and overheard the entire thing. He calls Youngho immediately and asks him where he is. Youngho answers that he’s getting ready to visit Grandma’s. He pauses upon hearing something…

and dashes off. He remembers Joonsung looking super excited at meeting his mother formally and drives faster, trying to catch up to his car. This is not good. Jooeun preps for her sexy times…

while Namchul’s driving like a maniac, trying to find Youngho’s car, unaware that Joonsung’s in it. Heaven knows how but he sees it but he finds it and steps on the accelerator. Youngho sees it two and cuts in between both cars.

His car gets rammed, the bumper tearing off, flips over and barely lands on its wheels. A mirror on Jooeun’s vanity shatters into pieces. She looks frightened. Joonsung gets out of the car wondering what happened and freezes in shock upon seeing Youngho in the car. He screams in terror, especially when he sees how bloodied up Youngho is with the steering wheel having cut into his legs, and tries to extricate Youngho from the wreckage.

End of episode.

A few thoughts:

Well that was a very sudden and very unwanted bit of action to throw in there. Not only is it illogical (and this show has been doing such a good job with logic so far) but it’s also unnecessary. I can understand murderous intentions, but finding one car among the millions in Seoul is equivalent to me marrying So Jisub tomorrow. Not that I would complain, but it’s unfortunately never going to happen. Plus I can’t even think of how this is supposed to help the plot in anyway. The plot can go one of X directions at this point:
1) Youngho loses his memory and gets engaged to the chaebol girl, and we have a long and angsty four episodes until he gets his memory and Jooeun back.
I’ve already seen this in The Master’s Sun, thank you very much and having So Jisub in another car crash with another bout of memory loss seriously feels like overkill. The man’s gorgeous and talented to boot! Why shove him and the rest of the cast into reenacting a well worn cliche?
2) Youngho’s knee gets injured again and his cancer returns. Cue, terminal illness arc at the end of which he either gets better or dies. What the hell sort of drama is that?
3) Youngho’s knee gets injured but it isn’t cancer. He’s just in need of rehabilitation and has to take a break from the Director’s seat. Namchul steps up and proceeds to wreak havoc. It’s up to Youngho to get better and reclaim his throne before Namchul destroys Gahong. I don’t even want to watch this plot-line. What about Anna Sue? What about Jooeun? How does she feature into this?
4) Youngho’s injured and needs Jooeun to take care of him. Grandma disapproves but Youngho tells her to put her opinion where the sun doesn’t shine aka. her heart. He can’t make it to the office but does his best at home while Jooeun, Joonsung and the boys lend their support. He slowly gets better, but Namchul digs up more dirt on Jooeun being on Youngho’s legal team and dating him at the same time. John Kim mixing business with pleasure makes a great scandal and he capitalizes on it which results in Jooeun getting involved and there being a media circus and a court case. Youngho hobbles to court in front of the media and releases the truth about the whole Anna Sue this (ie: did he or did he not date her?) and professes his love for Jooeun. Grandma is moved to tears and gives her approval. Youngho becomes a media darling and gets married to Jooeun. Chief Min is best-man. Joonsung and Jiwoong are the ring-bearers. Hyunwoo’s the maid of honour and Jooeun graciously invites Wooshik and Soojin as well. Oh, and Minjoon’s the flower girl. They live happily ever after. I’d watch the hell out of this show. Maybe because I wrote it.
Scriptwriter, it’s me.

I was wondering if before the next ep, we could actually meet
To go over, everything. 
‘Cause I’ve got some ideas that might make your show a win.
See the difference,
between our writing styles,
might make the ratings rise.
Hello from the other side (of the world)
I wish we weren’t separated by a thousand miles
so I could tell you:
I’m sorry,
but this plot’s started to suck,
so let’s save it before,
the audience doesn’t give a f-

12 thoughts on “Oh My Venus Ep 12 Recap (and a sudden dramatic turn)

  1. I am all set for your script, darling! Here, have a *heart* and let’s pretend that it multiply 1000 times. I have the same hysterical moment like Joon Sung had seeing Young Ho in that car. Do we really need to walk this plot? And ya, how on earth that any of them found Joon Sung. It’s night and then the traffic. And why, just why and how Young Ho is hold accountable for what happened to Young Joon? The guy has been avoiding his family for some time. Evil Namchul, meet Ice Cold Grandma. Pretty please, no amnesia plot. Come on! I thought KDrama has move very far from that one plot this year. Ugh.
    I pray OMV will keep it good pace. Find, the accident already happened. I hope it doesn’t unfold more problem. I hope the accident will be handled properly, very less drama, *no amnesia* you hear me show, and may it brings more good stuff.
    We should watch the next episode together. Hold hands.

  2. Nice work on “Hello” lyrics.

    Sigh. The ending have no rationale at all. Like how could YH be able to know where JS is heading. Maybe YH suspects JS’s mom will ask him to meet near her place, which doesn’t make sense considering she has (yet another) abusive husband.

    Also, I don’t understand Director Choi’s actions. No matter how much injustice he felt for his sister and nephew, is he going to kamikaze? Unlikely right? So why is YH/Secretary Min so worried? Why he need to rush out as if someone planted a bomb in his car or has messed with the brakes or something. At most Director Choi may be chasing down YH just to bash him up right? But will he bash up JS just because he was driving YH’s car? Even if Director Choi gets so blind-sighted, JS is a UFC Fighter Champion! Nothing to worry about right?

    Woo Shik. He doesn’t look like a bad guy. He seemed to genuinely care for Soo Jin and looks like a person who understands his flaws and apologise to Joo Eun and Soo Jin. So why is he in cahoots with Director Choi in the construction of the VVIP centre? And Director Choi also doesn’t look like a corrupt Director. Just one that feels that his sister should get some recognition for her sacrifices.

    Director Kim (aka YH’s dad). He is not even the son of Chairman Lee, how would marrying Choi Haera help him protect his dead wife’s seat until YH is ready to take over? And why is he so cold towards his younger son? He does looks worried but yet choose to walk away???

    All these doesn’t make any sense!!!

    Up till episode 3/4 of episode 12 was great. But the last 10 mins? Incomprehensible. It’s like another story all together.


  3. Oh yes.. YJ.. just because your mom is not living as well as she told you, you OD yourself???? Is he trying to add more sorrow to her misery? Or he OD because he thought he will be Gahong’s next heir when he knows 10001% that he has an elder half brother who’s mother is the daughter of Chairman Lee.

    The last 10 minutes = I dunno this drama anymore…

    1. I hear you! OMV is doing so well. But the Gahong dirty laundry is just too weird too digest. Because I watched ep 12 without eng subs, I am puzzled to the reason YJ chose to overdose himself. I thought YJ already know what happen in the fmly…

  4. Hear! Hear! Agree with all that you wrote.
    Sigh. If you ever get to meet the writers of this show… Pls give them my note too:

    Dear writers,
    Right. Great. We get it. Something drastic HAS to happen or else it wouldn’t be called a drama. But seriously? I mean c’mon. Accident? Really?
    Sigh. If you go down that bloody amnesia or death or crippled or losing a leg road, I WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU! And don’t even think of pulling that “we-need-to-break-up-because-things-are-dangerous-and-you-will-not-be-safe-with-me but-I-love-you-and-I’m-protecting-you” shit.
    You’ve been doing great so far for not being cliche with this show… So pls don’t break the pattern now and send this drama for a toss. Do continue to surprise me. Please. But pleasantly. 4 more episodes to go. I’ll be watching. *unamused death stare* (and my death stare is deadly btw. It can reach Seoul faster than your end-credit can roll.)

  5. reading ur thoughts about equivalent marrying So Jisub tomorrow make me laugh so hard..i hope this drama will keep being logical & reasonable..i juz keep in my mind that mr sexy So Ji Sub won’t choose a so so drama..

  6. Oh wait. I just remembered something. All that we saw from ep 1-12 were events that happened in 2014. If you go back to ep 1…it started with “1999, Daegu” then It went to “2014, Seoul”. Hmmmm I’m thinking could all of these be flashbacks? But whose? And would ep 13-16 now take us to “one year later” scenes ? If this is the case then….. the plot can go at any directions now, no?
    I hate to say this but Ruling out the amnesia / temporary memory loss card would not be wise at this point. Could it be that it was young ho’s flashbacks and that he now remembered everything and fell in love with her all over again and now getting all ‘rocky’ about it to straight things out like a boss?
    Sigh… I am going bonkers speculating things here….
    Oh my head hurts just thinking about it!

  7. OMG, this episode had me on a roller coaster. Poor Young Ho. Poor Joo Eun. But If this accident would eventually oust that greedy bro-in-law of YH dad, then perhaps YH can breathe easy…and maybe focus more on the love line of the two. Im pretty sure there’s a lot more obstacles for our Romeo and Juliet and I think we’re up to only 4 episodes more (read it sumwhere). I am so looking forward to their happily ever after.

  8. Regardless how much I agree with most of the comments here, I should remind you all THIS IS a dramaland, nothing can be said or done in a complete rational way. Why? Idk, cause reality sucks and boring? ;p
    Anyway, back to the story. I am watching the show because of the OTP (damn those two, cant stop squealing in delight whenever they’re around). As for the plot…hmmmm… well all I can say, I do welcome the sudden ‘turn over’. We, no, I need to see a real conflict here. The unwelcomed aghast is the universal formula in making a drama, or is it not?
    Thanks for the recap btw, always love how you highlights the scenes in the show ♡♡

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