Oh My Venus

Oh My Venus Ep 10 Recap (and what goes around comes around)

We rewind to Youngho confessing that he’s dating Jooeun. Everyone’s reactions follow as they did last episode, and Hyunwoo drags both lovebirds with her for a more thorough interrogation.She hilariously starts off with his name. Jooeun tries to interrupt but Hyunwoo’s having none of it. She asks whether his house is under his name.
Youngho: Pretty much
Hyunwoo inquires about his job and Youngho gets elbowed by Jooeun and says that he doesn’t have a definite one as of yet. Hyunwoo sighs that he’s unemployed.

Hyunwoo sighs that all he has going for him is his sexy sexiness. Youngho likes hearing that and mutters ‘sexy sexiness’ under his breath while Hyunwoo giggles with Jooeun that he’s still not completely terrible. Her ex-husband comes in at that point to drop off child support and Jooeun hilarioualy makes Youngho avert his face. Jiwoong and Joonsung drive home in a state of shock.

Jiwoong mimicks Youngho’s confession and notes that this feels different and that Jooeun doesn’t seem to be just a girlfriend to him. Joonsung’s a sweetheart and says it’s because of how awesome Jooeun is and bets that Youngho will be smiling a lot more often.

[The hilarious part here is that I don’t know who he’s referring to as the ‘mom] Joonsung just advises him to call his actual mom more often. Youngho and Jooeun pull up outside his home and the scene proceeds as it did yesterday. Hilariously, the first thing Chief Min does upon hearing Youngho confirm that he’s dating Jooeun [because I’m certain the man guessed this waaay before then] is to turn around in case anyone’s spying on them. Youngho tells her to go inside.

Jooeun says that she’ll leave for her place now, pretending that she’s never stayed in Youngho’s house and that she’s going home. Youngho tells her that Chief Min’s aware that she’s been staying with him. He ruefully notes that playing dumb is a trait both Jooeun and Chief Min share. She goes inside and Chief Min tells Youngho that this could become an issue if Great-grandma finds out. He knows that Youngho’s aware of the consequences and doesn’t understand why he’s still dating Jooeun.

Chief Min warns him that if this gets out, Jooeun will receive more backlash than he would. Youngho tells him that he’s counting on him to prevent that from happening.

He comes in and sees Jooeun all packed. She wonders if they’re in trouble now and what they should do. Youngho’s amused by how worried she is, noting that it wasn’t long ago when she asked him to hold hands and sleep with her. Jooeun says that she’ll stay with Hyunwoo but Youngho tells her not to wake up innocent people and that she’s moving out tomorrow anyway. The boys are out exercising and they’ll be home alone. And Youngho’s thoughts naturally veer in only one direction.

It earns him a punch to the gut as a flustered Jooeun leaves in search of the huge bear she’s christened ‘You Bastard’. In the meantime, a very frosty Soojin meets up with Wooshik at a bar. He’s trying to reconcile their relationship, having let go of Jooeun but she takes it the wrong way, thinking that he sees her as easy. He apologizes for his behaviour before once again, not knowing that she saw him at the cafe with Jooeun and is really misconstruing everything. She tells him to text her stuff like this without calling her outside and leaves. She looks like she’s about to cry though. Jooeun and Youngho both have each other on the mind as the boys come home. He thinks back to Chief Min saying that the backlash would be worse for Jooeun, and she thinks of Youngho saying that she was the center of private life. The boys interrupt their thoughts.

[SO. ADORABLE] Youngho continues to brood for a bit more and is brought out of it by Jooeun pointedly clearing her throat.


Jooeun mimics him saying that her body is his and that she can’t say no, saying that she’s nearly lost all her weight now so she certainly can. Youngho decides that he’ll call her on the only hands and feet touching business.

Only it doesn’t really work in his favour.

HAHAHA. She is cuddling his feet like one would a teddy bear though. [I’m…not…sure..how I feel about that. Then again, So Jisub’s feet probably smell like roses] He wiggles her foot to ask a question: why did she become a lawyer? He wryly adds that she doesn’t seem like the type who likes to use her brain a lot. Jooeun says that unfair things often happen when one grows up in a normal, not-rich, family. This was why mothers often wanted someone with a good career in their households. She wanted to be that person. [Jooeun’s surprisingly reticent here. I’d have thought she’d mention that her father’s death was the catalyst but she didn’t. Hmmm…]. Youngho tweaks her toes again wanting to know what the song in her ringtone is. She says it’s from The Rose of Versailles because she admired the main character who had “more self-esteem than Candy and [was] more sure of herself than Cinderella]. Youngho notes that she’s been this headstrong since she’s young then. His face takes on a brooding cast as he tells her that he’ll be super busy after tomorrow and that he can’t help her move. She sleepily mutters that she’s leaving that to the professionals anyway and falls asleep soon after.

Youngho thinks back to every moment they’ve spent together in this house, from the first night she stayed over to the first time he saw her dimples, and looks sad. Jooeun snores. Youngho tilts her head to the side and the snoring stops. He notes that her insomnia’s cured and watches her fondly.

He presumable returns to bed and falls asleep at some point, because he wakes up to find that she’s already gone.

She’s left a present for each of the three men. Joonsung gets a cute Superwoman figurine, and Jiwoong gets one of Wonderwoman. She hopes that they’ll both find such women in real life. Youngho’s already met the Daegu Venus so he gets a dating manual.

We see Jooeun prepping everything and looking fondly at Youngho before leaving. She’s also made a delicious non-organic breakfast and tells them to eat it all up. Youngho looks at the food forlornly. The boys think it’s because of the carbs before realizing that Youngho’s just missing her. The doorbell rings and Jiwoong races off to answer it thinking that it’s Jooeun, but is greeted with Chief Min’s stoic face, and hurriedly yells for Youngho.

Jooeun prepares to leave for work and notes the band-aid she’s been keeping on her phone, the same one Youngho put on her earlier. She sticks it and another band-aid he put on her (after her collapse on-air) on the wall just as she’d done in her old place [Does she collect used band-aids or what?]

She’s already tired this morning from having moved early and Soojin’s customary visit doesn’t make things better. She’s as snarky as ever, saying that they’ve a meeting with Gahong tomorrow and wonders if she’s uncomfortable because of her relationship with Youngho. Soojin wearily retorts that she’s bloody uncomfortable right now and it’s because of Soojin’s relationship with her. Soojin asks if she’s hoping for a Cinderella story. Jooeun says that she’s just doing what work has to be done, because nothing would change if she backed up. No one’s going to do her work for her. Soojin drips venom saying that her answer is typical of her, and leaves. Jooeun mutters that Cinderella wasn’t the image she was going for. Hyun Jung enters a few moments later and hands Jooeun the materials pertaining to Joonsung’s case. She smiles at the pictures of little Joonsung.

She sees Joonsung’s mothers name on the adoption certificate and muses that it sounds familiar. Meanwhile, Choi Haera walks about an art gallery while some old rich mothers gossip about how she has some nerve to show up there seeing as she get kicked out of Gahong. They talk about the rumoured grandson and pause when Grandma herself, makes an appearance. They rush and fawn over her. Haera approaches hesitantly and says hello but Grandma gives her the direct cut. [What’s up with her? I frankly don’t get why Youngho’s such a sweetheart to such a bitter old lady.] The other ladies snicker and Haera’s close to tears. Looks like high school all over again.

She gets a call from her son and tearily tells him that she’s at art gallery with Grandma and assures him that everything’s alright. She continues to make food for Grandma despite the staff at home telling her that Grandma told them to take care it it from now on. Youngho reviews the Gahong group’s quarterly report.

[Funny, I usually say that before exams too] Chief Min reminds him of the bajillion things he has to do over the next few days, which annoys Youngho who insults Chief Min’s tie in retaliation. [These two are so cute].

He texts Jooeun over the drive home, asking if the move’s going well. She asks if he’s eaten and he says they should video-call if she’s done eating. He wonders when they can meet next. Jooeun says that they’ve seen each other every day so far so one day won’t hurt. They both seem disappointed though.

He texts Jooeun saying that he’s at the office. She texts a cute “Let’s go, fight, win!” and an emoji but sighs as the messages go unread. Meanwhile Executive Choi tells his posse that they’ll let Youngho have the Director’s seat so long as he doesn’t try to interfere in company affairs. The other executives look uncomfortable but agree. Wooshik warns him that retreating and planning out a strategy would be best, but Haera’s brother argues that it’s best to make things difficult for Youngho, even if they can’t stop him. They all go visit Youngho at his office, and are as startled as I am to see that he’s with Soojin (though he’s ignoring her quite well). Youngho raises an eyebrow at seeing the surprise on Wooshik’s face as he and Soojin sit opposite each other. Naturally Haera’s brother puts forth a project proposal and expects Youngho to sign it. Youngho says that he’ll go through it first, which turns the mood instantly awkward. Wooshik explains that his father had already approved the plan but Youngho’s feigns ignorance of the reaction he’s having and says that delaying the construction of some VVIP lounge isn’t going to be a big deal. Once all the executives and a fuming Executive Choi have left, Soojin presents Youngho with organic tea. Using that polite, sweet, mask she wears in public, she says that she hopes there won’t be a misunderstanding about her relationship with Jooeun and Wooshik. Youngho doesn’t hesitate to stick up for his girl and says that

He says that he gets what she’s trying to say here.

[I love seeing her get put in her place. I do feel sorry for her but she brings so much of her trouble on herself] Wooshik grabs her on her way out and asks her why she didn’t mention anything about being on Youngho’s legal team, knowing how he feels about Youngho. Soojin retorts that they’ve only kissed and hugged a couple times and that she doesn’t have to report every aspect of her life to him. [Seriously? Only kissed and hugged? Feels like they did waaay more than that. Come on show, these are adults]. Wooshik asks if this makes sense to which she says that breaking up with someone after fifteen years for someone else makes no sense but here they are. She asks if he really thought they’d live happily ever after. [I love seeing Wooshik get put in his place too.] Meanwhile Youngho goes off for a meeting with Grandma and Chief Min adorably hands him a bouquet of flowers to give her.

However, he finds her with the woman he’d had blind dates with.

HAHA. Youngho has no choice but to join Grandma, who says that it’s fate if people meet thrice, and fakes a dislike of Italian food to leave the restaurant. Youngho and the girl are left alone. He doesn’t waste any time getting to business and suggests they have tea instead of dinner. Over tea, she tells him that she won’t expect him to care for her. He, however, says that he begun to expect stuff like that. She asks if there’s someone else he’s planning to marry. Youngho doesn’t give Jooeun away and says that he’s just not thinking of marriage at the moment. He apologizes and leaves. Haera sits with Youngho’s father and asks how his business trip went. He says it was fine [Like father, like son. He appears to be passing off the time he spent in the hospital as a business trip]. She hesitantly brings up that Youngjoon asked her to ask him what he should major in. Youngho’s father doesn’t seem entirely unfeeling as he quietly telsl her that Youngjoon can major in whatever he likes. She takes it as a sign of disinterest and looks sad. She mentions Youngho (for what appears to be the first time in a while, because Youngho’s father looks startled) saying that he wasn’t like that with Youngho and always made him take a certain path. She asks what kind of son Youngjoon is to him. Youngho’s father says that she’s never said anything like that before. On the topic of things she’s never said, Haera says she’ll say one more thing: he’s been receiving chemotherapy for a year. [Wait, Dad has Youngho’s illness?] He asks her how long she’s known and she cries that she’s fine with not knowing about his work but she should at least know about his illness. She is his wife after all. She quiets down immediately, apologizes for complaining but says that she wanted to try that at least once. She leaves while Youngho’s father looks stricken. [I really like Haera’s character. She reminds me of a grown-up Candy and has been trodden on for way too long. I hope she’s able to have her own happy ending.]
Meanwhile, Jooeun gets a visit from the boys.

They apologize for not helping her move but brought food and her bear instead.

Jiwoong happily eats jajangmyun, which he says is customary to eat on moving days, while the other two eat greenery and eye his food with envy. Jooeun’s especially irritated.

They thank her for their gifts. Jiwoong keeps calling her sister-in-law, which makes Jooeun feel old so she tells him to keep calling her ma’am. She keeps looking at her phone and the boys tell her that Youngho probably won’t be able to make it today. She shrugs it off, but looks disappointed. Later, Joonsung does laps in a pool while Jiwoong floats on a tire and cheers him on. Joonsung wonders how Jiwoong’s going to enlist in the marines if he’s afraid of water and tries to tip him in. They flirt fool around

they hear a scream from the opposite end of the pool. Dramatic music plays as Joonsung dives in to save the mystery girl. Guess who? [Since WHEN did Henry get this ripped?]

Jiwoong runs over and tells Joonsung that she might die and that he has to perform mouth-to-mouth. Uh oh. Joonsung falls for it and does so only for…

HAHAHA. Joonsung prepares to kill Jiwoong while Jang Yijin’s manager runs over, apologizes to Joonsung and wonders why the hell Yijin can’t act this well on TV. Haha. Go PD and Wooshik drink in a pub and do their usual rigmarole of ‘I have info that John Kim = Youngho’. Go PD says that those who were circulating those rumours got paid off so they’re onto something. Wooshik says that they need proof before striking and Go asks how much Wooshik would be willing to do for this scoop. Jooeun’s all tired out after a long day but gets excited once the doorbell rings. It’s just a delivery service handing out flyers though, and she makes to leave when it rings again. It’s Youngho! He returns the poinsettia she left behind. She invites him in but he backhugs her once she turns for the door.

She guesses that he has to leave right away, which he confirms. Chief Min’s waiting downstairs. She forlornly notes that today isn’t the only day they can meet. They talk about the meeting with the board tomorrow and how it could get uncomfortable but Jooeun says that there’s no one else who’s going to do their jobs for them. She’s going to grit her teeth and do this until his inauguration day, which is when her services as lawyer will no longer be needed. He hopes it won’t be difficult.

He reminds her to do a plank for three minutes and leaves. They exercise, thinking of the other. Wooshik drives, thinking back to Soojin introducing herself as a member of Youngho’s legal team. He gets a call from Go PD who has gotten his hands on a scandalous picture of John Kim and Anna Sue. The photo quality needs to be improved. Wooshik asks how long it’ll take. [Uh oh] The next day, Grandma, Youngho’s father, Executive Choi, Wooshik and Youngho show up, dressed to the nines. [Let the games begin!] Soojin snarks that Jooeun must be feeling nervous. She’s too busy thinking of Youngho and retorts that she isn’t the director, so there’s no reason for her to be nervous. Everyone stands on either side and bows as Youngho and the others walk in. He passes Jooeun without a glance and she watches him go, struck by the sudden difference between them.

The atmosphere is tense and awkward, more so when half the directors don’t show. Executive Choi feigns ignorance and Youngho’s father says they should just reschedule. Grandma grudgingly agrees. Chief Min apologizes during the drive home saying that he should have expected this. Soojin ask the balls to ask Jooeun whether she was barking up the wrong guy (chasing the wrong guy) and Jooeun says that she’ll chase her around if she doesn’t shut up. [You go girl] Youngho notes that Executive Choi’s greedier than he expected. He thinks back to seeing Jooeun that morning. Turns out he did look at her as she bowed and was also struck by the sudden difference in their stations. He makes to call her but hesitates. Jooeun’s put out that he hasn’t even called her once.

She’s in the midst of sorting out laundry when she sees a black dress, the same one she imagined fitting into once losing weight and going on the Stella Show, to make Wooshik and Soojin pay. She tries it on and it fits!

She puts make-up and shoes on and dances about the room, blowing kisses and looking fantastic.

She finally slumps on her bed and calls her mother to inform her of the weight loss. She thanks her mother for all she’s done for her and how well she raised her. They’ve a heartwarming conversation which ends with Jooeun telling her mother to get her wrist checked instead of spraying on medicine. Her mother, who’s been doing just that, assures the daughter that she will and the calls ends. Hyunwoo calls Jooeun right afterwards.

Well crap. [The background music here sounds eerily like a track off the Kill Me Heal Me OST] She calls Youngho immediately but…

She tries Joonsung and Jiwoong only to get the same results. She rushes out to go to Youngho’s place only to come face to face with a very worn out Youngho.

Trust Youngho to make a joke at a time like this. She asks where Chief Min is and whether he should take him to a hotel. He says there were too many reporters milling around his house and would likely be scouring through all the hotels for him. Youngho’s answer echoes Jooeun’s own words after her stalker’s attack.

And this time, Jooeun steps up to provide him shelter.

Whoa, that’s a seriously great moment. He looks so relieved to lean on her.

I’m so sold on this couple!

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