Oh My Venus

Oh My Venus Ep 9 Recap (and camping with the boys)

We start off a couple hours prior to Youngho’s collapse. He sits in his father’s office as the paperwork for the transferal of the company to Youngho’s name is drawn up. His father comments on Youngho’s full recovery and by comments I mean that he simply brings it up and says “Good work”. [High praise coming from him I suppose. Would it kill him to be happier about it?] His father then warns Youngho of all the eyes that are on him now and to watch his every action as he takes the position that his mother also held before him. Youngho agrees to everything and the papers are signed. A bit of emotion peeks through his father’s stone visage as he says that he can finally face his wife in heaven .Youngho doesn’t say anything but looks stricken.

He looks worn out at the end of the drive home and Chief Min immediately picks up that something’s wrong but Youngho dismisses him with the lamest excuse ever, proving that he was telling the truth about him not being able to lie.

He doesn’t get ten steps inside before trauma kicks in and he collapses on the floor, sweating and gasping profusely. He drags himself to his room taking off his clothes along the way, which is where Jooeun finds him. The scissor at his side was used to slash his pants leg open. We don’t see him yell at her this time [did they cut it out because it doesn’t fit with the tone of the whole scene?] and Jooeun rushes over to him asking what’s wrong and how she can help. Seeing him like this frightens her and she starts to cry, grasping his shoulders and trying to drag him to the hospital. He weakly taps her twice, which she remembers is code for letting go. She lets his sleeve go but he keeps sobbing in pain [SO JI SUB, Stop hurting my soul!] and she can’t help but cry at seeing him in such pain.

She leaves the room and waits on the other side of the painting, thinking back to everything he said about his youth. With trembling hands, Youngho grasps a syringe and prepares to self-medicate [NOT A GOOD IDEA in general, more so when your hands are shaking like crazy!] His cries of pain make Jooeun sob harder. 

Meanwhile, Joonsung’s gone off to visit his mother again. He notices her struggling with a box and swoops in to pick it up. She turns around and thanks him from being such a wonderful young man, which is when he sees the bruises covering her face. He’s frozen for a bit but slowly accompanies her to the house. Youngho comes out the room, looking weary but pain-free. He finds Jooeun waiting for him. She’s still in tears.

[Okay? He looks dead]

Aww! Meanwhile Great-grandma tells Choi Haera that she has something to say and drops this bombshell: she wants her and her husband (Youngho’s father) out of the house. She says that Haera will be compensated for everything she’s had to suffer so far due to an old lady’s selfishness. Haera tries to interject that she doesn’t want anything but Grandma interjects. She tells Haera not to be too disappointed but now that Youngho is director she doesn’t want her heir to be an outsider in the family anymore. Haera is dismissed and left in tears.

Meanwhile Youngho and Jooeun are (sitting) in bed. She stares pensively at his knee until he self-consciously covers it. Jooeun asks how badly it hurt to which he slowly responds that he doesn’t remember. She fishes out the results of his physical exam (and Youngho’s delightful wince upon realizing that he’s been caught is delightful) and waves it in his face. She knows that his supposed trip to the US was really a stay in a Daegu hospital. She bets that a “comfortable and erotic night” as he’d merrily said but a lonely and painful one. Youngho tries to lighten the topic saying that she’s dug through his room, to which Jooeun hilariously says that he’s not the only one who can do a seize and search (in a callback to when he dragged her to an clinic to get herself examined). She asks him how it happened and he pauses. She’s having none of that though.

He ruefully smiles and says that he had cancer as a child. She asks why he has so many scars then. There’s weariness and faint bitterness in his answer: one procedure wasn’t enough. He says that this report pronounces him cancer-free. Jooeun asks why he’s still in pain then.

[The way he says it simultaneously sends chills down my spine, and makes me want to hug the life out of him]
Jooeun wonders how often he was in pain without her even knowing. Youngho tries to cheer her up saying that the episodes were often not as severe as this one.

He jokes that this is why one shouldn’t judge people based on appearance and which sets her off in tears again.

[Rawr] He pulls her onto the bed so they’re sitting side by side. She wonders if medication will work and notes that her hypothyroidism is nothing compared to this. Youngho notes that he spent years in hospitals and realized that there were so many people in pain in this world. As he says this, we see Soojin kneeling in front of the girl abused by the chaebol daughter, and her mother. Youngho notes that everyone’s in pain in their own way. We see Joonsung pummel a punching bag over and over before sinking to the ground, clutching her shoulder in pain [oh dear], Hyunwoo’s housekeeper watches over Minjoon with a smile despite her face being bruised. And how did I not make this connection sooner! Hyunwoo’s housekeeper (who I kept mistaking as her mother-in-law) is Joonsung’s mother! [I am so slow] Youngho tells her not to cry as we all live, shouldering our own burdens. We see Choi Haera crying in her room,Youngho’s father in the hospital with some sort of patch being attached to him, and Jooeun’s mother who tearily looks at her father’s portrait. Jooeun and Youngho gaze at each other (in bed, no really).

She asks how she could possibly be prettier. Youngho tells her to get healthier, because healthy is sexy.

He burrows in close in a manner that reminds me of Junghoo in episode 15 of Healer [ya know, that scene *.*]

[Just where is his face though] The next morning dawns bright and it’s hula-hooping day with the boys. Jooeun’s really good at this and Joonsung looks extremely strange. Youngho comes up behind them, wishing his Jooeun a good morning.

She mouths an “are you okay”. He responds like this.

And motions to her to not make the others aware of his presence.

Jooeun gives him an okay which Jiwoong unfortunately notices and results in So Jisub Youngho being forced to hula hoop. Jiwoong hilariously tells him to stop acting “too cool” for this. HAHA.

They sit down for breakfast with Jiwoong and Joonsung having eaten earlier and left for the gym. Jooeun is still jumpy though, especially when Youngho asks when she left his bed this morning. She mutters that it was at about four in the morning. He grumpily wonders whether leaving at four negates the fact that they slept together.

HAHA. He peels the lid off his yogurt, and she promptly swaps hers for his. He’s befuddles by the fact that it’s the same yogurt, while she’s all “this is what dating’s about.”

She shakes her head at the fact that “this oppa” is clueless when it comes to dating, and the word “oppa” instantly had Youngho on alert.

HAHA. says that all he knows are “comfortable and erotic nights” he doesn’t know anything of dating. She says that he should call her ‘Dating Coach’ and proceeds to get all up in his personal space, imitates what he told her early on in their acquaintance. He gets all happy and offers her his cheek.

[Why are they so cute together] Jooeun brings up the fact that she’s leaving in six days. Youngho’s worried about how safe it is…and how close it is to his place. She assures him of both and muses that he’ll have many eyes on him while he’s at Gahong so it’s best if she doesn’t stay in his house. He broaches the topic of her being on his legal team and whether she’s uncomfortable about it but Jooeun’s fine with it, seeing at isn’t his money she’s accepting. She notes that they’re only a precaution anyway, as there seem to be a few people opposed to Youngho becoming Director.

She thinks that they should tell Jiwoong and Joonsung about it officially, and a hilariously obtuse Youngho wonders what the hell ‘it’ is until she has to spell out that it’s their relationship. Youngho muses that business and personal life can be messy and decides to straighten out their official relationship, which exasperates Jooeun.

Except, Youngho’s made of marshmallow. He knocks on her door the next morning….they throw kisses and hearts at each other. [WHAT IS LIFE, I NEED SO JI SUB THROWING KISSES AT ME] Jooeun’s on cloud nine but assumes an angry glare at Youngho when Jiwoong and Joonsung pop up. Youngho’s busy dancing about behind them though, shooting more kisses. [SO JI SUB, STAHHPP, You’re killing me!]

I forgive myself for seeing sexual connotations to all their exercises because they’re going full out with it now.

Jooeun collapses after a moment, and Youngho uses her weariness to plant not one but three kisses on her.

And they start to chase each other around.

[What..is..life..even] She’s all “what happened to mixing business with pleasure” and he’s all like “but this is a couple exercise! Good for your body and..” whoa, he pulls her over him.

[TAKE ME TO CHURCH PLEASE AND LET’S GET MARRIED! Who the hell would need Christian Grey when you have this guy?] Naturally Jiwoong interrupts and our lovebirds are forced to improvise.

Youngho tries to sneak in another kiss during dinner a la Lady and the Tramp. Doesn’t work.

The doorbell rings and while Jiwoong scampers off to check who it is, he fakes something in his eye and gets Jooeun to blow on it and make it all better. They seem to have forgotten about Joonsung who…his face says it all really.

[Harder? Youngho’s killing me here] Joonsung’s even more horrified to hear that it’s Jang Yijin at the door. He’s forced to go inot her van and talk with her and she’s still trying to recite So Jisub’s famous lines from I’m Sorry I Love You but he’s like ‘I heard it already’. She rattles off his personal history and everything down to his blood type and tell shim to Google her and learn to same. He tells her that he has matches to focus on, but she pleads and manages to wrangle a meal out of him.
In the meantime, a forlorn Soojin takes a walk, watching other couples pass by. She flashes back to a conversation with her doctor who asked if there was something going on her personal life and advised her to get some air and some new hobbies. She gets a text from Wooshik as she reaches home and ignores, only to see him waiting outside the building. He hands her another box of handmade chocolates he gave her all those years ago and apologizes for what he did, and for ignoring her calls and texts. Soojin says that she liked that about him, that he and Jooeun didn’t automatically turn to strangers after fifteen years together. She brings up the fact that Jooeun has moved on and Wooshik quietly says that he knows. She gathers that he also knows who the man is, which Wooshik confirms. Soojin quietly says that she’ll be leaving. Wooshik says it’s been a while since they’ve seen each other and tries to get her out on a date. She says that she’s walked around a bit and is tired. Wooshik apolozies once more as she leaves and Soojin softly says that those are the words a woman hates to hear the most. Wooshik watches her leave before opening his glove compartment where Jooeun’s present (which she tossed at him the day they broke up) sits. It’s a tie. He flashes back to his first day at work where Daegu Venus Jooeun rushes towards him chastising his terrible tie and presenting him with a new one. When she proposes to him, she says, it’ll be with a tie. Wooshik asks her why she’d to the proposing to which Jooeun responds with the familiar “I can do anything as long as I set my mind to it.” In the present, Wooshik stares at the tie, a mixture of emotions crossing his face.

Jooeun order the boys to keep their schedules free the next day which has Youngho wondering what on earth she’s up to now. She brings up their goal to go camping if she lost 5kg. Youngho wonders if she actually lost that much. Jooeun stammers and talks about how muscle is more important than weight while Jiwoong and Joonsung back her up on every front.

She finally pouts saying that she’s moving out the next day. Youngho fakes disinterest and annoyance, winking at her discreetly before saying that they’ll go. The boys are super surprised but Jooeun definitely isn’t. She and Youngho make cute at a coffeeshop. He tells her not to pout cutely or…

[I love how smitten he is] He continues to ask her about her new place while they wait for cofee and she assures him that it’s safe. He wonders if she should just stay with him and pay rent but Jooeun nows that his secret identity could cause problems and doesn’t want to get tangled up in gossip as she had a lot of that as a child. She pulls open her jacket and he leans in looking really interested only for her to shoot him another kiss. Youngho clutches his heart and pretends to look injured she gleefully proclaims that she’s the Daegu Venus.

Youngho goes off to pick up the cofee when Jooeun gets a phone call. She stares at the number looking pensive just as Youngho returns and Wooshik walks in on the other phone. Awkward.

She asks him to excuse her and Youngho leaves with a quick smiles

while Wooshik and Jooeun prepare for a really awkward conversation. He brings up how good she looks again and she says that she’s been working out. He hopes that she wasn’t doing it because of Soojin and him to which she says that she was but also for herself and that she enjoyed how the world fell away when she did it. [That is so true though! The therapeutric effects of exercise, people]. He smiles faintly before handing over her gift. Jooeun asks if he doesn’t have a trashcan but he thought she could be the one to throw it away seeing as it was a meaningful gift. Jooeun doesn’t look hurt but says she’ll get rid of it. Youngho, who’s been watching up until this point, leaves, while Soojin enters the cage. Uh oh. Wooshik talks about how her mom still texts him, which vexes Jooeun, and says he realized that their relationship didn’t just involve them but her family and others. He said that he didn’t know there was a process to follow in breaking. She asks him what he’s up to. He answers that he doesn’t regret their breakup but feels strange when he sees her having fun with some other guy. He’s aware of how selfish it sounds.

He can’t exactly explain them and they certainly aren’t rational. Jooeun understands where he’s coming from, having known him for so long. The tension between the two relaxes.

She notes that since they were each other’s first loves, this was the first breakup either of them ever went through.

They smile faintly at each other, having moved on. Soojin comes on the scene and doesn’t get this context and only sees their smiles and the gift box in front of Jooeun. She assumes the worst. Hours later, Jooeun’s shoulders ache after a day at the office which means it’s time for hallucination-Dr. Youngho to pop up! Sitting on her lap no less.‘Course it has to be Soojin who comes in. She notes that something good must have happened for Jooeun to be so happy and Jooeun comments that she’s tasting the sweeter side of life. [Ugh, Soojin’s just going to misconstrue everything, isn’t she?] Soojin pulls her usual I’m-going-tomake-life-harder-for-you routine, but there’s more anger and venom in it this time and less self-satisfied smarminess. She leaves, and ignores Wooshi when he calls during her drive home. Meanwhile Go PD’s confirmed that John Kim’s house is under Great-Grandma’s name and hands the scoop over to Wooshik. Choi Haera’s brother chastises her for being too nice, saying that she needs to stick to that house for as long as she can, period. He warns that Great-Grandma won’t hold sway over the company for long. As if to warn of the coming storm, Youngho receives a call from Chief Min who says taht his inauguration day isn’t too far and to be careful. Jooeun makes Hyunwoo come with her at the end of the day to set up the tent for their camping adventure. It doesn’t take Hyunwoo much convincing, especially when she learns who’s coming.

And it’s easy to see why she’s Jooeun’s BFF.

Youngho pulls Jooeun over for a chat. He’s miffed that this isn’t going to be a sexy night. Jooeun’s planned it out like an MT though and order him to participate. She winks, telling him to make their relationship obvious and he’s like…

Youngho’s still put out and he wonders why Jooeun’s been so kind when she covers him with a blanket. She retorts that he’ll start to whine if he gets cold and Youngho gets even more put out by the use of his name and the word ‘whine’ in the same sentence. Hyunwoo hands out song lyrics and they start off a familiar song in highschool MTs, only the boys have no idea what they’re going on about. It takes some prodding but HAHA Henry Jiwoong soon has his violin out and they really get into singing and dancing about the fire.

They shift to a new activity and Hyunwoo and Jooeun assume somber moods and light candles. Youngho is not impressed.

It’s confession time! Hyunwoo starts off by confessing that she asked her husband for child support twice in one month. Youngho’s next and fumbles for something to say while Jooeun whispers that he needs to participate. He finds something to say alright.

[I love how Jooeun turns straight to (a very shocked) Hyunwoo first]
HAHA. Jooeun smiles throughout the drive home, saying that Hyunwoo’s a lot like her. Youngho notes that she’s was yellow before but green now, and that she’ll probably soon be red (it’s the same traffic light analogy she used in ep 6, but he’s using it to mean that she’s much more confident now than she was before. Red, to him, though means erotic stuff, haha).

They arrive home to Chief Min and his squad of personnel. Youngho knows that something’s up and gently tells Jooeun to stay in the car before leaving. Chief Min tells him that Director Choi (Haera’s brother) apparently has something crucial on him and that he doesn’t have time to focus on his private life. Jooeun gets the gist of what’s happening outside and makes to leave but is dragged back by Youngho who ruefully notes that confession time isn’t over yet. He does the introductions.

Now there’s an ending!

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