Oh My Venus

Oh My Venus Ep 7 Recap (and here comes the angst)

So the kiiiisss happens and Youngho draws away. He swoonworthily puts her glasses back on, and looks at her fondly.

Jooeun’s first words?HAHAHA. [THIS IS THE FACE HE MAKES WHEN TAKING OFF HIS JACKET. People, I can’t even with this man. So Jisub, you cannot kill me less than two minutes into the episode, that isn’t fair]
Only she’s not try to strip him [rawr] she’s trying to hide under his jacket.

He tries to pull it off her only for her to hide under it once more. They have an awesome little tussle with her finally winning and keeping the jacket over her face. She scurries into with a quick goodnight. He just watches her go with a smile. She opens her door a crack and pushes out his jacket, all nicely folded. Grinning, he puts his ear to her door as he bends to retrieve it and wishes her a good night.

Jooeun lies on her bed, reliving the kiss, and her heart [very understandably] starts beating real fast.

[Funny, I say the same thing whenever So Jisub’s on screen] She searches up symptoms of hypothyroidism [please don’t tell me she think her increased heart rate is a result of hypothyroidism] and is surprised to find that decreased heart rate is in fact a symptom.

But none of that matters because she’s just started hallucinated Youngho on her bed and it is wonderful. She actually licks her lips as he leans close and makes smoochy lips to prepare for a kiss.

Only her stomach growls and the illusion breaks. She turns wondering where he’s gone, only for him to reappear on the other side of her bed and HAHA he’s making kissy lips too, and ever caresses her neck [swoon]. Only that changes pretty quickly.

HAHA. Jiwoong yells a cheery wake-up outside her door, while Youngho tells him that “his ma’am” isn’t up yet. Jooeun reluctantly gets up, uses a wet-wipe to clean her face, and starts putting on make up and perfume [of course we get some product placement] for breakfast with Youngho. Oh, he is so going to notice this.

She leaves her room. Only he’s waiting right outside and startles her with a “good morning. She’s all formal and polite with him.

HAHA. It’s a weighing scale. And he definitely does notice the perfume.

She tries to run off to take her medication first but he insists on a weigh-in. What he finds must be shocking because the next thing we know. Jooeun’s running her ass off on a treadmill complaining of Youngho’s lack of mercy. Turns out she’s gained 1.8kg in a day and he’s making her run it off. She complains that she’ll die if she loses any more weight, to which he says that he won’t.

[Ouch, this must hit pretty close to home for him]

[Whoa, okay there, Youngho.] 
She mutters that she knows he has a soft spot for weak people, and asks if she still looks sick He simply asks if she looks that weak so as to let anyone into his life. She gives him a dirty look and gets back off on the treadmill and…slips.

[I want one too!] A noticeably slimmer Jooeun reports for work only to be warned by Hyun Jung that Soojin’s in trouble. Jooeun gets through the crowd surrounding Soojin’s office to watch her getting a tongue-lashing by the irate mother of the victim abused by the chaebol daughter who’s just tossed money at them and refuses to apologize. The mother is understandably furious, saying that they want an apology not money. Soojin just sits there, stone-faced. Jooeun comes in and gently leads the mother away for a cup of coffee. The mother tells her about how badly her daughter was beaten up and Jooeun gets more and more angry and upset though she doesn’t show it to the mother. She tells her to drag out the legal process for as long as possible, and to demand a higher amount of money. This way, they’ll end up having to apologize. Jooeun apologizes for the failures of the legal system, saying that these people won’t change but to get as much money from them as possible.

The mother tearfully, thanks her for apologzing. Jooeun leaves the cafe, flashing back to the death of her father [which was, as we’ve heard, the start of her family’s troubles, and about the time she started to gain weight]. Holding her younger brother, she watched as some hotshot company lawyer tossed money at her grieving mother, saying that Jooeun’s father was nothing more than a part-time worker and took unnecessary risks. His death was his fault, not the company’s in any way. He has the nerve to say that the company’s actually being really generous with their compensation. Jooeun’s mother is furious but there’s nothing they can do but watch.

She calls her mother who’s setting up her brother’s new store, asking when the store’s set to open. Her mother furtively replies that the opening takes place this weekend, and Jooeun promises to be there. Jooeun chats a bit with her mother before hanging up with a smile.

Her mother immediately tells her brother to move the store opening to this weekend because that’s the only time Jooeun’s free. Aw. To his credit, her brother doesn’t complain. Jooeun returns to the office, staring at the building before entering it.

She goes to Soojin’s office and confronts her about how they promised to be good lawyers when they were young. Soojin’s as irritating as ever.

Soojin argues that nothing will change regardless of who argues the case, but puts Jooeun on it anyway because she’s spiteful like that. Jooeun’s disgusted that she isn’t going to apologize. She says that it’s fine that Soojin took Wooshik away from her but this isn’t acceptable, even for her. Soojin cuts in at this point.
[Girl, you have so many issues]

BURN! Great-Grandma’s back at the temple praying for her deceased daughter (Youngho’s mom in case anyone needs a refresher). Only she’s not alone this time. Youngho kneels beside her. He cutely helps her down and hugs her, asking if she’s still mad.

She hits his shoulder asking him if she knows what he puts her through. Chief Min watches and gets emotional in his own way, because this is Chief Min, we’re talking about and he’s a sweetie. Youngho tells her that he really does hate hospitals. Great-Grandma understands, what with the death of his mother and his intense series of surgeries, but she’s not long for this world and this is her final wish.

He’s essentially agreeing to her wish then. He playfully tells her not to come to the temple so often and that all the bowing is bad for her joints. Great-Grandma tearfully hugs him, saying that sh’es sorry and thankful.

Youngho walks alone, with Chief Min following discreetly in his car because that’s what Chief Min does.
Youngho recalls his younger self limping along the same path, and quietly walks on. [Seriously though, I just can’t with that whole fleet of cars trying to quietly follow him. It’s weirdly…cute?]

Joonsung’s busy fighting his guts out with Jiwoong warning him not to take it too hard or Youngho will kill both him and Joonsung. His practice is interrupted by a female yell. Yep, Jang Yijin’s here again and she’s super pissed off that Joonsung’s not doing the commerical after all. She boasts of her popularity and can’t fathom why he’s doing this. Joonsung explains that he doesn’t have the time and shouldn’t have to explain his reasons to her. He is horrified when Yijin starts to get teary-eyed. Turns out…

Joonsung retreats to the locker room and we have wondrous shot after shot of his pecs. He ‘s irritated to find her posters plastered in the room and makes sure to change away from them, as if her eyes in the poster are watching his every move.

Jiwoong merrily saunters and asks him if something happened, which Joonsung denies. Jiwoong’s not one to take that though…

HAHA [Joonsung is so done with life at this point.]

He mocks Joonsung all the way home to Youngho’s bemusement.

However, they’re greeted with a horrific stench as Jooeunruns from her room with a bag. She washes it and holds it for their inspection only to for the boys and Youngho to nearly faint.

Jiwoong feelingly adds that it’s what hell must smell like.

Youngho asks her why on earth she’d wash a leather bag with water. Was a brand-name bag? She says it was the bag she took to court when she won for the first time. Her good-luck talisman of sorts. She mutters that the smell wasn’t this bad before and glances to the right, only to see the massage chair she was on the previous night. She flashes back to Youngho leaning over her. Youngho looks at what she’s staring it and suddenly looks awkward. He hurriedly stands up.

Oh you two. Jooeun stews in her room over the kiss and, in particular, his lack of follow-up. Jiwoong calls her out for a bit of dancing. He’s watching an aerobics or zumba video and thinks they can both follow allow. Jooeun likens the dance to the Macarena, which Youngho promptly says that only old people know. He leaves, saying he needs to get away from the strench. And Jooeun dances her butt off.

Youngho drives off into the night. The coffee cup from the previous night is still in his car, reminding him of what Jooeun said about him not having tasted the sweeter side of life. He smiles sadly but makes his decision. He calls Chief Min and speaks in analogies but the answer is clear.

Jooeun thinks back to a training exercises that morning when Youngho got deliciously up and close but didn’t do anything but tease her. She wonders why on earth he’s acting like nothing’s happened.

Youngho returns with a shopping bag. [You bought her a bag, didn’t you.]

He makes to discreetly hang in on her doorknob. Only for her to open the door at that point, having though him a burglar. He mutters that a burglar wouldn’t be leaving something behind. She’s surprised to hear that he’s bought a bag. His excuse? He can’t stand having a smelly bag in the house. [Riiight, Youngho]. He leans behind he rot close the door (once again, supposedly because of the smell) and nearly gives her a heart attack.

He definitely clocks her reaction and she can only stammer that she wanted to know what it was to which he says…
She brings up Anna Sue, to which he says that they’re just friends. She doesn’t believe it.

He asks her what she came out for and the conversation manages to sneak a few innuendos in.

Jooeun notices that he’s worried about something.

She says that today isn’t the only day for that and that he can tell her tomorrow. [Uh oh, I’ve a bad feeling about this. K-dramas and deadlines.]

He smiles and caresses her face. [Stop, So Jisub. You’re killing me]. She looks at the bag and sees a note from him saying ‘I hate losing’. She calls out a thank-you but he’s already out of earshot. She’s in a cheery mood the next morning, while the boys prepare to flee upon seeing her bag.

She assures them that it’s a different bag, and wonders where Youngho is. Joonsung tells her not to worry, while Jiwoong emphatically assures her that it was because of her bag. She notices that he’s really dropped in weight but he assures her that’s fine because that’s how he makes his living. They share a cute ‘fighting!”

Youngho’s reading in his bedroom with some sort of medical light thingy shining on his leg and reading story titled ‘How my Grandfather Broke Away from Prison’. He hears her cheery farewell and smiles.

Jooeun has an awesome day and wins her case in court, her first morning win in so long she can’t remember when the last one was (no wonder she kept that bag). She gets a call from Hyunwoo saying that her mother-in-law (who was being domestically abused) has been hospitalized and that she needs Jooeun to take care of Minjoon. Her useless ex-husband is nowhere to be found. To compound matters further, it’s Take your Parent to Class day, and both parents need to necessary [please go where I think you’re going, show]. Jooeun hilariously wonders how to explain the profession of a lawyer to kindergartners when she doesn’t understand it herself, but agrees to do it. Hmm…where oh where should she procure a second parent from?

Well that works too.

Only Jooeun would put it like that.

I love how Youngho instantly perks up. Cut to all three of the boys at the kindergarten. The kid sees his ‘parents’ and is not impressed one bit.

He remarks that it makes him miss how she used to loo. Jooeun gives him the stink-eye. They flirt banter a bit more.

Jiwoong and Joonsung are introduced as Minjoon’s ‘uncles’. Youngho mutters that lawyers sure know how to lie.
Jooeun says that any friend of hers is an uncle to Minjoon. Youngho jumps on the word ‘friend’

He licks her hand and she gasps. He shrugs it off saying that she did the same thing last time. She wipes her ahd on his shoulder and Youngho couldn’t look happier about it. A very nervous Joonsung proceeds to talk about the history of marital arts before Jiwoong interrupts and calls for a demonstration as the kids are falling asleep. Joonsung goes into intense mode and Jiwoong actually looks like he’s dying as they grapple on the mat. They realize what they’re doing at some point and freeze but the kids love it and little Minjoon sucessfully impresses the little girl he has a crush on.

Jooeun takes Minjoon to some place he’s always wanted to visit, while Youngho’s relegated to the role of chauffeur. Jooeun drags him along to what turns out to be a huge toy store.

[Cut the might and you have it right] Youngho hilariously wonders where the Disney princesses are.

Youngho drives them back only to realize that Jooeun’s fallen asleep with Minjoon on her lap. He gives her one of those looks again but turns away when her phone rings. Hyunwoo has to take care of her mother-in-law (who is refusing to file charges) so Jooeun has to stay with Minjoon overnight. She gets a cramp from having slept too long and Youngho literally dashes out of the car to massage her leg, looking this worried.

He watches her affectionately as she leaves with Minjoon.

On the drive home, he muses that it’s the first night she’s not going to be home. Meanwhile, Soojin eats a whole slab of chocolate [Hersheys cookies and creme, one of my favourites] thinking back to what Jooeun said. She calls a substitute driver but sees Wooshik waiting for her. The atmosphere between them is strained and he says he just has enough time to drop her home. Youngho changes at home, when Jooeun starts texting him.

[Is it hot in here, or is it just hot in here?]
She wonders why he isn’t replying when she gets one.

She thinks he’s messing with her but freezes when he asks if they should Facetime. They banter and she suggests that they go camping if she loses another five kilos. Youngho responds with an ‘okay, why not’. We get some lovely steamy [pun intended] shots of Youngho as their chat ends.
 Wooshik and Choi Haeran’s brother and the present CEO of the company Youngho’s set to take over meet up for golf and to yap about their scheming and how they essentially still have nothing to report on Youngho. Choi Haeran’s with Youngho’s father and receives a call from Youngjoon. She tells her husband that Youngjoon’s doing well but he couldn’t care less. The rest of the drive is spent in silence. Jooeun’s getting slimmer and slimmer and jumps about her office with a pedometer on. She’s suddenly summoned to the conference room by Soojin on order of the president. [I have a bad feeling about this] She gets a text from Young just as she’s about to walk in, telling her that he’ll be a bit late and reminding her to exercise. She screws up her face at his nagging and cutely replies. She gets another text from him just as Soojin calls for her to come in, and doesn’t get to read it. Soojin tells her that this client is pretty high-profile, so she’s been called in as her loyalty is without question. [It’s a compliment, but she says it so snarkily.] The door opens and who should walk in but Chief Min. [Oh dear] He introduces the new director of Gahong’s (the conglomerate) medical branch, and in walks Youngho.

They gape at the other but Jooeun’s had the bigger shock and asks for a minute. She walks out, to Soojin’s surprise, going all the way to the elevators when an arm stops her. She honestly starts hyperventilating when he talks. He quietly tells her to take a deep breath and tri to calm down.

The wording she uses is the same as that of the second episode, in that she’s saying that he really is from outer space.

Thoughts on the ending: Okay, but from everything we’ve seen. Youngho and Jooeun don’t have the sort of grab-you-in-the-gut-and-don’t-let-go sort of chemistry that Jisung and Hwang Jungeum  Oh Rijin and Shin Segi had. This love story has been sweet, a bit sexy, and based on a growing friendship. So I really don’t get why Jooeun (a highly capable lawyer) has to rush out of the room and hyperventilate like her world’s collapsing around her. She definitely has the right to be shocked, but John Kim is no more unattainable than Gahong’s heir so…I’m just confused by the intensity of her reaction here because we haven’t seen anything leading up to that in this show. Ah, well. We’ve got to have angst some way or another. And I don’t mind so long as broody Youngho decides to pump more iron. Shirtless.

4 thoughts on “Oh My Venus Ep 7 Recap (and here comes the angst)

  1. First of all, I would definitely absolutely without doubt, hide like Joo Eun did after the kiss. “Take off your clothes”. Hahahaha. So cute. So heartwarming. I had a very good laugh. The interactions between Young Ho and Joo Eun sends me hugging my pillow and make my heart skips a beat. I think I am losing my mind!
    I have the same feeling on the ending. I mean, Young Ho has told her that he *is* a chaebol. She should has expected that much already. Maybe she being Gahong’s heir is wayyyyy too much for her? Or maybe she still thinks Young Ho was buffing the last time?

  2. The battered woman is not Hyun Woo’s mother-in-law, she calls her Minjoon’s grandma, but she’s just a housekeeper/babysitter. No matter what kind of ass her ex is, he would never have let his mother be beaten like that and then not even come to the hospital. The woman has no one to look after her, thus Hyun Woo is doing that. The translation is wrong there.

  3. Great recap! It’s always a pleasure reading them. Had a blast watching this episode, even more so reading the recaps. It’s like you read my thoughts the entire time! Awesome sense of humor ! Had me laughing non stop 😃 😂😂😂
    Looking forward to more !

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