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Oh My Venus Ep 6 Recap (and swoony glances galore!)

Jooeun grumbles about the length of Youngho’s absence saying that he should just go and live with Anna Sue. She argues that she has pretty features too. We see some belly fat as she works out, proving she’s only lost face fat and that she’s still going to have some training to do. The rest of the scene plays out as we saw it yesterday. Youngho’s just delighted by her dimples.

Haha. She makes to get up but he swoops her up.

She puts on her glasses and makes a show of how sore she is and how much she worked out. Youngho says that people usually lose weight from the head down.

She notes that his face shrunk too and that he must have had fun on his trip. Youngho pensively replies truthfully, knowing that she’ll misconstrue it seeing as he’s been telling her that he’s with Anna Sue.

Jooeun’s face darkens and she roars.

Youngho starts but she goes behind him and drags out the super heavy teddy bear and proceeds to pummel the life out of it, saying that its name is ‘You Bastard’. Youngho seems to have some inkling that she’s actually referring to him but runs off.

He thinks back to the doctor saying he was 99.9% cured and takes out a book.

[Okay, I’ve lived that book] Meanwhile Jooeun misinterprets his words as planned.

Youngho’s confused at finding a strange umbrella thingy over food.
Jooeun says that she made a home-cooked meal for his first night back, but regrets it now.

But Youngho’s more focused on what the hell the umbrella thing is.

She complains of aching muscles and says she’s going to get a massage. Youngho absently mutters that massages are best when you get them from men. [Okay, WHAT?] He freezes as a sudden image enter his mind of Jooeun making really inappropriate noises on a massage table with some huge mini-Rock kneading her shoulders. He snaps himself out of it and instantly volunteers as her masseuse, which she takes full advantange of.

Only boooo, he’s stuffed in a massage chair with a pillow for good measure because of “how erotic it looks”.

Dammit. She’s done with the chair and asks him to turn it off. He gets nice and close and tells her that she shouldn’t use banmal with her ‘heavenly’ coach. She retorts that there shouldn’t be any power dynamic between them and that they should just be friends. Youngho just slowly slides the chair down, pulling her cloooose to him.

Youngho, you tease.
Choi Haera serves tea to Great-Granda who remarks that she’s well aware that people consider her selfish for caring more about the company than her daughter’s death, and for profiting off her son-in-law and getting Haera (an outsider) involved. She says that Youngjoon’s a good kid and has been raised well and tells Haera not to think of anything else or give him any other ideas. Haera remains silent. Youngho’s reading that book of his in bed, and I must say it seems perfect for him.

Jiwoong bursts in joyfully, having heard that Youngho’s all cured. He kicks off both shoes and dives onto the bed to do to So Jisub what I only fantasize of.

He hilariously looks at Youngho and adds a ‘hyung-nim’ to Youngho’s name in his prayer. Jiwoong’s agog at Jooeun’s looks but Youngho misses her cheeks.

He asks where Joonsung is, to which Jiwoong says he went ahead. Youngho looks worried but Jiwoong thinks he just needs his privacy. We cut to Joonsung in a car watching presumably his birth mother walk home. Voiceover reveals that his family has refused to meet with him. He watches her walk and gets a text from youngho asking where he is. He leaves just as the woman enters the house and a drunken man lurches out, saying that she was late and therefore needs a sound beating. [Ugh, that’s awful] Joonsung enters a sleeping Youngho’s room only to discover that he isn’t. Youngho jokingly warns him against getting sidetracked or he’ll shave his hair off. Joonsung’s grateful he’s okay.

Youngho is rudely awoken the next day by the boys and Jooeun, who eagerly weighs herself and finds that she’s 62.3 kg. [HOW IS THAT EVEN FAT???]. She’s elated, as are the boys, and Youngho just wants them to get the hell away so he can sleep.
That’s when it dawns on Jooeun that the boys haven’t told him.
And her wish is?

Yeah no, Youngho doesn’t want to. Using her blood test results, Jooeun convinces him that a day of indulgence won’t hurt her, or any of them for that matter. She’s only suggesting that they stop caring about their bodies for a day and just live and enjoy life. After much convincing, Youngho acqueisces.

Only not really, because he orders an Americano while everyone else, goes for really sugary coffee. She warns him

But lets him off since he’s already ordered. She saunters off with her whipped cream-topped mint chocolate macchiato and a huge smile on her face. Joonsung and Jiwoong think it’s cute and that she was every right but Youngho’s still irritated, saying that she’s only lost weight in her face. Meanwhile Go PD (Hyunwoo’s useless ex-husband) is still trying to figure out who John Kim is and has apparently found where Youngho’s pad in America used to be. Uncaring of whether he gets sued (John Kim would have to appear in court), he goes ahead with whatever stupidity he’s planned. Jooeun’s day at work starts off poorly from the start.

The president at her law firm is irate at her focusing more on her diet as opposing to getting that chaebol daughter out of trouble. He points at Soojin saying that she’s been working on the case all by herself. [Boo hoo] Soojin cuts in when Jooeun tries to explain herself, saying that she already spoke to Jooeun about it and acting like it’s all water under the bridge. He brushes past Jooeun, who is then ‘invited’ to Soojin’s office. Soojin has the gall to ask if she’s dating someone to which Jooeun retorts that she’s the one doing that.

Soojin dumps a ton of paperwork on a copyright case that both know is going to be long and annoying. Jooeun knows it isn’t pressing and that Soojin’s doing this to spite her, but can’t do a thing about it. Meanwhile, Youngho’s afflicted with Jooeun’s illness in reverse because he’s suddenly seeing her everywhere.

Jiwoong, while practicing the Korean national anthem (because he’s about to enter the army? I’m not too sure) gets a text from Jooeun who says it’s time for their first mission.

[I wholeheartedly approve. If only I didn’t have exams coming up.] Joonsung arrives them with a brand new haircut. Youngho says it makes him look more like an athlete but brb I’m just mourning those beautifully styled locks. The boys and an extermely reluctant Youngho snap pictures as proof. And it is perfection.

Youngho just wants it to be over, but…

Next mission: watch a romantic movie and get emotional.

He hallucinates Jooeun telling him off for exercising.

Mission 3: Take a nice long nap. He hallucinates her whispering in his ear and falls asleep. Jiwoong snaps a picture of his sexy sleeping face.
Wooshik passes over what little information he’s gleaned on Youngho to Choi Haera’s greedy brother who plans a corporate battle with him on the winning side. Soojin visits the bratty chaebol’s daughter and meets her match in snootiness as the woman clearly sees her as nothing more than a tool to get the press and public off her back. She’s already bought her way out of the justice system, and tells Soojin to do her damn job, because that’s what her father’s paid for. Soojin tries to cut her back saying that her father will have to send more money then, but the woman snorts, saying that Soojin may be a bit pretty but she lives off their money. It cuts deep and Soojin leaves with a wobbly jaw. Soojin giggles at how cute the pictures the boys send are.

She goes over to Hyunwoo’s place for her first real dinner in a while, only to discover that their shop’s under constructions. Hyunwoo inquires as to her living situation and she reveals that she’s staying with Youngho.

[I KNOW RIGHT!] Hyunwoo mentions her useless ex-husband having increased alimony. Jooeun’s startled to hear that it’s because he may have found a lead on John Kim. It’s still nothing concrete though. She calls the boys, interrupting their organic meal to tell them that the fourth and final mission is to join her for a restaurant dinner. This is too good not to screencap.

Wooshik receives a call from the police station while talking with Haera’s brother who warns him of causing any trouble before the board meeting. He heads to the station and passes Soojin in the parking lot. She calls him but he pretends to be in his office. At the station is Mr. Poinsettia, who not only recorded being beaten up but Wooshik’s ‘threat’ as well, his lawyer is gleeful at the chance to have such a big case under his belt. The officer asks Wooshik if he knows any lawyers. Soojin walks in then, offering her card to the other lawyer who looks worried upon seeing that she’s vice-president. Jooeun who was happily brushing her teeth, gets a call from Soojin. She ignores it at first but answers the second time. The officers, Creeper, his lawyer, Wooshik and Soojin sit around a table waiting for Jooeun to arrive. What follows is excruciatingly awkward as Soojin sums up Wooshik and Jooeun’s relationship, saying that they were each other’s first loves and spent fifteen years together. Breaking up didn’t make them strangers, and as such, his concern on her behalf is fully warranted. She handles the questioning really well. The officer asks for Jooeun’s ‘guardian’ as a second witness and she’s all “please tell me you didn’t call him” but there he is.

Once the questioning’s all over, everyone save Youngho exits the station. Soojin quietly says that the Wooshik and Jooeun probably have a lot to talk about and leaves with a small sad smile. Wooshik starts off on the wrong foot by complimenting how good Jooeun looks. She asks him why the hell he went overboard to which he says that he thought she didn’t have anyone by her side and that it was out of pity. Jooeun’s response is spot on.

He yaps on an on about how she’s the one overreacting and that he would have done the same for anyone, to which she says:

He asks Jooeun if she even knows who Youngho is, saying that he’s someone much higher up than she thinks. He’s probably playing her while she’s serious about him. Jooeun snorts, asking if he’s jealous because Youngho’s a better person than he is. And then he has the gall to say this.

She points out that they’re fifteen years older now. She’s no longer a law student and he’s no longer a national swimming champion.

[YEEESSS!] She says that Soojin’s a better lawyer than she is, so she won’t worry about him and leaves. Youngho leaves, ruminating over what he heard Soojin say as he entered the station, about Jooeun and Wooshik being first love and how long they’ve spent together. He puts in a call to Chief Min.

[I’m so curious right now] Wooshik calls him over and introduces himself as part of the management team that Youngho would lead should he accept his position. Youngho says he hasn’t decided yet. Wooshik finally admits that he doesn’t really have the right to worry about Jooeun after all.
[Whoa, Youngho’s definitely feeling something]
HAHA. Youngho skips over to Jooeun, saying that he thought she’d have taken a cab seeing how unpredictable she is lately. She shrugs saying that they’re going to the same place and there’s no point in wasting gas. There’s something a little different in Youngho’s demeanor though. Soojin kneels by the mirror once she gets home, flashing back to the same memory we saw last episode, except this time we see how it ends. Wooshik clocks the guy in the face.

She notices that his hand is hurt but he just smiles. [I can really see why Jooeun fell for him]

She thinks back to hearing Creeper’s recording play and how vehement Wooshik and looks in the mirror seeing her former self weeping.

Realizing that there’s still 30 minutes left of her Kang Jooeun Day, she runs off for coffee and Youngho can’t bring himself to stop her.

Turns out Chief Min’s task was to keep Wooshik’s now-resolved lawsuit on the down-low. [Dang it, I wanted something more romantic]. Jooeun orders the two sweetest drinks in the coffeechain and notes Youngho talking to a car maintenance guy. She wonders if there’s something wrong with the car, gets her drinks and runs out as it starts to rain. Youngho pauses as he watches her run towards him, unable to take his eyes off her.

He keeps staring at her as she speaks, his eyes roving over every inch of her. [Damn it, So Jisub! You’re ruining me for all future relationships]

He asks if she’s happy that she got to do what she wanted today, and  break every one of his rules.

Feeling a little awkward, Jooeun says she’ll go get some air seeing as car repair will probably take a while. Youngho watches her go and thinks back to when he told his father that he never got to experience the sweet side of life. He watches her WITH THIS FACE.

He strolls up behind her, complaining of the sweetness and takes a sip from her coffee. I AM NO LONGER SANE

She echoes his words on umbrellas being weapons and he just stares at her.

And boy is he fascinated with her dimples. Jooeun thinks back to Wooshik’s warning that he could be playing with her. She asks how long it’ll take for the car to be fixed only for Youngho tell her that it wasn’t his car that was broken. [The way pronouns work in Korean it was a perfectly reasonable assumption for her to have made though] She’s irritated but he’s dimple-obsessed. Youngho has a dimple-fetish


6 thoughts on “Oh My Venus Ep 6 Recap (and swoony glances galore!)

  1. I just died and made it to heaven. Omg, ji sub is killing me. This recap is too sweet, I’ll die of blood sugar. Amazing. I am falling in love all over again to kdrama that lately seems too meh to my taste. OMV is so refreshing and bubbling, I just dont want them to end.

  2. ^______^ Thank you for this awesome recap with awesome screencaps. I can’t stop smiling and giggling for this episode. Oh my heart!

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