Oh My Venus

Oh My Venus Ep 5 Recap (and innuendo-filled jujitsu lessons)

Mr. Poinsettia leans in creepily, mentioning that he even brought the plant she liked so much. He indicates the plant on her table and Jooeun remembers asking Hyunwoo whether she’d put it. She pleads for her life, but Youngho dashes in just as Poinsettia’s about to get physical. He roughs up the weakling in 5 seconds flat and looks at a trembling Jooeun, asking if she’s alright and telling her to call the police. [This man, people. THIS MAN]

He leads her to his car and they drive to the police station. Wooshik watches them leave from a distance, having seen the whole thing.

At the station, Jooeun is subjected to the most infuriating round of questioning imaginable. She finally registers that the creeper lived on the floor below her, and remembers hearing his voice on the other side of the door once as he dropped off a delivery ‘mistakenly’ delivered to his apartment. How long the man’s been stalking her gives her the chills.

But all the cop needs to hear is the Mr. Poinsettia lives in Suite 102 and Jooeun lives in 201 to decide that this is a ‘misunderstanding’.

[You go, girl!] But alas, we’re treated to bout after bout of sheer idiocy and sexism as another cop gets involved saying that the legal system isn’t simple, to which Jooeun retorts that the victim shouldn’t be treated as simple-minded. Youngho chooses that moment to stroll in and ask her if she’s happy. Jooeun’s confused until he points out an ironic poster plastered on the wall by them.

The cops stammer, seeming to get the irony of the moment but Youngho’s mind is elsewhere.

Turns out that he made out some facial features of the creep that frightened Jooeun in the rain last time, guess who? 

But the cops just turn on Youngho now saying that Mr. Poinsettia got hurt and that he could be charged for assault. Jooeun’s just had enough at this point. She calls the legal system a joke, and gives a piece of her mind to the cops before leaving.

Youngho rushes out with her, mildly irritated that she didn’t lord her lawyer status over then but it drops away upon seeing her concern for his health.

She’s grateful for his help, but he’s still upset at the injustice of the whole situation.

[Good grief, could this man get any more perfect?] She reminds him that even if there was concrete evidence that Mr. Poinsettia would still be let off with a slap on the wrist, and no more than a fine, which wouldn’t even be given to the victim. Even Youngho mutters that the system’s a joke.

Jooeun: Even though it feels like life and death to one person, it’s a mere trifle to another person. I guess the laws of the world are like that.
With those wise words, she tells Youngho that she’ll be staying at Hyunwoo’s place and thanks him again for his help, saying that he must have really owed her in a past life. Youngho concurs in his usual deadpan fashion.

Wooshik, who’s followed them to the police station, continues to watch them. Meanwhile, Soojin sits alone at home with a candlelight dinner all prepared, presumably waiting for him to visit. She snuffs the candles and gets ready to drink instead.

Jooeun calls Hyunwoo as he drives her only to hear that her mother-in-law has returned black and blue and is likely being domestically abused. Unwilling to burden Hyunwoo with her problems at this time, Jooeun pretends that Hyunwoo’s place is right around the corner and gets Youngho to drop her off. She waits until he drives off to enter a rather seedy motel. The irritated ahjumma at the desk inquires if she’s alone when someone grabs her shoulders.

[THEN COME WITH ME] The ahjumma rolls her eyes as Youngho escorts her out, no doubt having seen this scene enacted a thousand times by playboys. Only Youngho’s, you know, not one [inset heart-eyes]. Jooeun mutters that she knows he wouldn’t be able to sleep knowing that she was out here on her own,a nd that he does have a soft spot for people in danger, and is a lot nicer than he seems, but she’s embarrassed and doesn’t really have a place to go.

Jooeun hilariously flashes back to the last time he said that at the hotel, and where he’d taken her then. She’s all confused about where she’s sleeping, and the following hilarious conversation ensues.


He mimicks her “Excuse me” with just the right amount of indignation.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Youngho’s not used to having guests, so when it comes to bedsheets, he’s completely out.

Jooeun shots him a dirty look and throws herself on the bed, mimicking his voice perfectly.

Only, Youngho’s heart is just made of marshmallow.

A sharp tug of pain makes him wince and he glances at his knee. [Ouch, that looks painful] Next thing you know, he’s back in his space pod, trying to either rest it or medicate it, or determine what’s wrong it. I honesty can’t tell with all those wires. But what’s strange is that all his tussling with Joonsung did nothing whereas the simpler act of pinning Mr. Poinsettia caused a relapse.

Jooeun wakes the boys up the next day by yelling for someone to straighten out her leg cramp. Youngho hilariously wonders whether it’s her way of getting out of an embarrassing situation (her sleeping in his place) which she vows isn’t true. He then sets the boys on Jooeun’s leg.

Jiwoong describes what should be done to Mr. Poinsettia, over breakfast.

Youngho’s full of ego this morning and Jooeun just tells him to shut up.

She stares at her very unappetizing breakfast, while Henry tries to give her more meat. Youngho reminds her of her medication and hilariously tosses one of those fizzy orange vitamin pellet thingies into her water when she grumbles about wanting soup.

Meanwhile Jiwoong gets a hold of Jooeun’s phone and sees her old picture as the Daegu Venus. Jooeun’s all smiles upon hearing Jiwoong exclaim over how pretty she is before realizing that they think it’s someone else. Youngho thinks it’s a Chinese actress who used to be popular about twenty years ago which infuriates Jooeun.

Work is an awkward affair as Jooeun’s borrowed some of Hyunjung’s clothes, and they don’t exactly look amazing on her. [But aren’t really that bad]. Youngho drives, chuckling to himself at Jooeun’s vow that they’d all fall for her.

He calls Chief Min saying that he has to do to Daegu and needs a guardian to accompany him. Okay, so this sounds more serious that checking into whether Jooeun really was the Daegu Venus. And yep, looks like it’s leg trouble.

[So the question is, did Youngho perhaps know Jooeun when she was the Daegu Venus?] We return to Jooeun who’s informed her brother and Hyunwoo of her situation. Hyunwoo hilariously notes that setting Jooeun’s mom on the stalker would solve everything to which Jaehyuk adds that their mom would probably end up stalking the stalker. Jooeun gifts Hyunwoo with ezcema cream and all the things her son, Minjoon, is going to need and makes plans to sell her place. She gives a good deal of her savings to her brother for his wedding and business, once Hyunwoo leaves, quietly telling him that she doesn’t make that much and he should be thrifty. Jaehyuk isn’t without conscience and vows to pay her back twofold. We cut to Wooshik driving somewhere and finally see what he was up to the previous night. Turns out he went into the station and was treated like a god by those lunatic cops, and saw the CCTV footage Youngho got them to pull up of Mr. Creeper on the rainy day. Upon questioning, he tells the cops that he’s known Jooeun for a while. He drives to her place, watches as Mr. Poinsettia, ever predictable, takes the steps to Jooeun’s floor, flowerpot in hand, and then proceeds to kick the shit of out him.

Creeper asks him what right he has to say so now that they’ve broken up. It halts Wooshik for a second but he just goes on to say that Creeper of all people should know why he has a right.

Meanwhile Soojin is blown off once more.

She sends for Jooeun. We flashback to a really painful memory of hers. She’d just passed the bar exam and a younger Jooeun tells her that she has a surprise for her. Wooshik saunters up with a present for Jooeun and a much smaller box of chocolates for Soojin, when she doesn’t even like chocolate, as Jooeun points out. Soojin takes it anyway, but Soojin leans forward and cheerfully tells her that she’s set Soojin up with an engineering student who’s the top of his class.

She leaves with Wooshik though Soojin protests, and I really understand why. To spring this on someone with low self-confidence is honestly quite brutal. And in a way I can see why she could resent Jooeun for this alone, for not considering her feelings at all but seeing it as doing something “good” for her. Not that Jooeun means anything nasty by it, but her very obliviousness is also part of the problem. Needless to say it does not turn out well.

The guy’s a nasty piece of work who only after Jooeun and sees this date as nothing more than a twisted attempt at rejection. He dumps his insecurity and anger on Soojin saying that he shouldn’t have to be stuck with someone as pitiful as her. He goes on and on about Jooeun clearly only pities her, and tells her to get lost.

Jooeun wouldn’t have seen a date with Soojin as anything negative. In her eyes, Soojin is no different from herself, but to everyone else, there’s a clear difference between the two. Jooeun may not have realized it, but she was part of the problem. Soojin shakes herself out of the memory and orders Jooeun to take a sexual assault case. Jooeun refuses, saying that it was part of her deal with the former President to not have to do for the following reason.

[I LOVE HER!!!] Soojin just smirks saying that’s a company president’s daughter. Jooeun’s heard that it was an abuse of power and refuses to have anything to do with it, but Soojin pulls rank on her and there’s no way out. Soojin fishes for chocolate from her secret stash and pops one in once Jooeun leaves, relaxing against her chair instantly. [Look, I don’t think you need to go that far for beauty.]

But Jooeun’s got even more to deal with because So Jisub Youngho’s phantom voice has returned, warning her away from sugar and the like. She thinks she’s hearing voice, but freaks out once he starts to appear in front of her as well. And gets reaaaaaalllly close.

[I know what I’d like to eat]
Her cravings get bad enough for her nose to go full Sherlock and start sniffing out what her clients ate earlier. She laments over the overly green meal she ate but resolves to go forth, remembering how Youngho hadn’t believed she was the Daegu Venus.  Joonsung fights in the ring as Youngho and another man watch.

He’s good enough to win the Grand Slam but insists on competing in the lightweight class so as to not rob an empty house. The other man notes that Joonsung insists on making things hard for himself. Jang Yi Jin, the spoiled starlet, pops by (horribly disguised) after the fight to berate Joonsung for not telling her that he was donating all earnings from his commercial, thereby making her look selfish. She tells him to tell the press that it’s a combined effort before leaning in and providing us with some exposition through her questions. Apparently Joonsung was brought up in an orphanage and donates to organizations for single mothers. We cut to Choi Haera, who as her irate brother spews out in an expositional tirade over dinner, is Youngho’s father’s brother’s wife. She was brought into the family after Youngho’s mother (Great-Grandma’s granddaughter) died. Her brother mutters crap on how Youngjoon (Haera’s son) still isn’t considered one of he family. Chief min walks by, pauses by their room in the restaurant and walks on to greet Youngho in the adjoining room. Youngho, deadpan as usual, asks where the woman he’s been having blind dates with was, to which Chief Min says that she’s running late. Youngho aware that he’s been fooled though and asks if she’s just not coming before peevishly leaving Chief Min to eat alone. Min smiles wryly as Youngho leaves, with the bouquet he gave him in hand.
Jooeun tries to sneak in some sugar in the form of a latte, only for this to happen.

HAHA. They bicker about her staying at his place from now on (Jiwoong gave her permission) and Youngho seems to be fully into the role of chauffeur. But he keeps make this face, and I seriously can’t [*swoons* Girl, pull it together, it’s not even that attractive a face. *Looks at it again* Yeah no, not working]

They bicker over the bedding and cushions in his car (which are clearly meant for Jooeun) but Youngho snarkily snarks that they could be for girls he brings over, which leaves Jooeun flustered for reasons she can’t understand [but we all know why]. She snarkily brings up Anna Sue and mentions that the scandal’s dropped from the top searches now, which prompts this face.

He tells her that he’s talking her to meet his ideal woman, which prompts a second round flushing, and “why me?”. Turns out he’s taking her to a jujitsu school for self-defense. The husband and wife there (Youngho’s ideal woman, and his ideal woman’s husband) demonstrate what she’ll be learning, which looks really painful…and…really………

Yeah…anyway, but he keeps looking at her like this. [And he doesn’t even see her romantically! How am I supposed to breathe when he does?]

Jooeun gets changed and charged to kick some ass only to come face to face with this. *.* [Yeah, I’m just going to add a few more screencaps than necessary here]

Yeah so the jujitsu couple left for the day, which means that Jooeun’s left alone with a very delectable So Jisub Youngho. A very delectable Youngho who speaks in unintentional innuendos.

[What do I even say to this?]
[IF YOU INSIST] She’s flustered but goes for it…and..

She freaks out mentally, heart pounding as he keeps telling her to go at it again. She goes for another round only to accidentally…mash lips with him.

The best part? He’s not even fazed.

Only she tightens in reflex and this happens.

HOW IS SHE SUPPOSED TO BREATHE? The ride back is slightly more charged than usual, on Jooeun’s end at any rate, when she inquires as to whether his ideal type is a strong women, to which he agrees.

She mentions her weight loss which Youngho jokingly notes that he didn’t really feel. He brings up her old title only for her to mutter that it’s been a while anyway. He gives her one of those looks but she’s too busy being irritated at herself.

That night both of them think back to the kiss. She with bated breath, and he with…

a completely different perspective. The next day, Jooeun hears from Jiwoong and Joonsung that youngho’s left on some trip somewhere. She mutters that he said nothing about. Youngho’s in Daegu, being cute with Chief Min, who asks him to reconsider an arranged marriage to the blind date girl. Youngho’s reply is super cute and they clearly have a thing with flowers going. Bring on the bromance!

Hearing news from Hyunwoo that her ex is off chasing John Kim in America, Jooeun assumes that Youngho’s there. She affects an air of unconcern when he calls, going as far as to ask who it is, when he’s saved as Mr. Coach on her phone. She talks about enjoying a glass of wine and he promptly hangs up and video calls her which is fodder for excellent screencaps.

She mistakes the cloth draped over his headboard as a view of the beach in America, and he fuels that assumption by pretending he’s with Anna Sue, when he’s really in Daegu, in a hospital, getting his leg checked out.

He’s unusually somber when talking to Chief Min.

Jooeun sends him videos as promised, which provide him the only levity he has in the hospital. He watches them with fond amusement and nearly slips off his hospital bed, trying to view it from the right angle.

Days pass and Jooeun’s down the last of her pills, while Youngho performs test after test. We cut to back view of Jooeun meaning that her ‘transformation’ is imminent. finally, Youngho is given the pleasant news that his osterosarcoma is 99.9% cured [you better not bring it back, show]. The doctor wonders why Youngho spoke of pain, to which he remarks that if could be psychological, at having to endure such painful operations at very young age. We’ve a quick flashback of little Youngho begging his father to save him and let him have the operation when he’s older, crying for his mother. Youngho looks worn but as though a huge weight’s been taken off his shoulders. He asks Chief Min whether he can rest, and sleeps for a day and a half, during which Chief Min brings him flowers and food. Why do I feel like I’m watching a married couple?

He gets back on the road and heads home, where Jooeun (whose back we see) is exercising. He startles her, on the bosu ball and she loses her balance. He slow-motion catches her and freezes in shock at the face he sees.

The Daegu Venus is back! [Not that she ever was really gone] Mesmerized, Youngho stares her before poking a dimple, mirroring Jooeun’s earlier action. Except he says…

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  1. Thank you so much for your recap! Been reading them for all the eps alongside watching the drama, and it’s been fun! 😀

  2. I love your recap and more so your side comments. It’s as if you are reading my mind! Same reactions here! 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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