MBC Drama Awards 2015 (and JISUNG, Hwang Jungeum and Park Seojoon!)

Heaven know why but I”m more nervous than Jisung as to the outcome of tonight’s drama awards. Having been snubbed for the grand prize at the Baeksangs, I’m praying this’ll be the night he is properly honoured for his talents. I did download the complete ceremony but MBC’s being slow with updating the clips so some videos are missing¬†ūüôā In the meantime I’ll post translations of all the speeches.
The hosts for the night¬†Shin Dongyup and actress Lee Sungkyung (who did an opening song and dance for the ceremony) did start off by telling winners to try and make their speeches as brief as possible due to this being a live broadcast and not wanting to run over time, which I thought was a pretty poor move to make that chances are that you’ll forget someone if you speed through things but there you go! Continue reading


Oh My Venus Ep 14 Recap (and Chief Min’s inner diva)

February 2015. Youngho reminisces in bed, having lost count of how many times he’s woken from a dream of Jooeun to a hospital ceiling. Days pass as he knits (!! how hot is that?) a pink scarf, and thinks back to doing the same time as a child to pass time in the hospital. Chief Min stops by and little Youngho says that the scarf is for his mother, who Min informs him, in on her way to see him. Unfortunately, that very night she dies in a car accident and Youngho hears Chief Min informing his father of it (a scene we saw in an earlier episode). His younger and older self knit side by side, lost in grief.
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Oh My Venus Ep 13 Recap (and fountains of tears and awkward reconciliations)

We start out in the hospital where Chief Min calls Youngho, and we hear what he says this time. His sigh of relief upon hearing that Youngho is home is adorable, and Min Byungwook¬†proceeds to explicitly warn Youngho not to leave the house as Namchul’s about to go on a rampage. Youngho however, is more concerned about Joonsung’s welfare and heads out. Interestingly, Hyeran also follows her brother in her car¬†as though aware of what he’s about to do.¬†The rest of the scene proceeds as it did last week except just as Youngho drives in his between Namchul’s and Joonsung’s, Hyeran sidewipes her brother’s car. Joonsung howls in grief to discover a severely wounded Youngho while Namchul does the same at discovering a severely wounded Hyeran. Chief Min rushes on the scene and tries to calmly remove Youngho from the car and bandange his wounds but loses his composure as Youngho remains unresponsive.
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Oh My Venus Ep 11 Recap (and 101 reasons to love Kang Jooeun)

Choi Namchul (Choi Haera’s brother, whose name I finally decided to google) tells Wooshik that it’s better to strie while the iron is hot. Wooshik looks conflicted for a moment before picking up the phone and telling Go PD to broadcast the scoop he has on John Kim. Youngho is mobbed by reporters upon arriving home but doesn’t show even the smallest hint of surprise, having seen this coming. Grandma on the other hand is furious, while Youngho’s father looks worried. Chief Min gets angry for the first time and yells at the hapless minion on the othre end of the phone for not informing them of this. He drives through the crowd of reports to the bridge Youngho loves going to for brooding sessions. Byungwook (Chief Min’s name) notes Youngho’s compsure and asks if he expected this to happen. Youngho sighs, saying that he’d already decided to drink from the bitter cup anyway.
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Oh My Venus Ep 10 Recap (and what goes around comes around)

We rewind to Youngho confessing that he’s dating Jooeun. Everyone’s reactions follow as they did last episode, and Hyunwoo drags both lovebirds with her for a more thorough interrogation.She hilariously starts off with his name. Jooeun tries to interrupt but Hyunwoo’s having none of it. She asks whether his house is under his name.
Youngho: Pretty much
Hyunwoo inquires about his job and Youngho gets elbowed by Jooeun and says that he doesn’t have a definite one as of yet. Hyunwoo sighs that he’s unemployed.
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Oh My Venus Ep 9 Recap (and camping with the boys)

We start off a couple hours prior to Youngho’s collapse. He sits in his father’s office as the paperwork for the transferal of the company to Youngho’s name is drawn up. His father comments on Youngho’s full recovery and by comments I mean that he simply brings it up and says “Good work”.¬†[High praise coming from him I suppose. Would it kill him to be happier about it?] His father then warns Youngho of all the eyes that are on him now and to watch his every action as he takes the position that his mother also held before him. Youngho agrees to everything and the papers are signed. A bit of emotion peeks through his father’s stone visage as he says that he can finally face his wife in heaven .Youngho doesn’t say anything but looks stricken.
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