Oh My Venus

Oh My Venus Ep 4 Recap (and why can’t So Jisub be my yoga instructor?)

We’ve flashback upon flashback in the first ten minutes of this show as a few gaps are filled in. We return to Jooeun before she exists Youngho’s car where he breaks the unwelcome news that she has hypothyroidism. Jooeun doesn’t bother with physicals and has no idea what he’s talking about until he explains that she can’t get stressed or overwork herself. It’s why she fainted on the plane and again today.

[He’s a bit more at fault than you might think. You’d think he’d have noticed it sooner as a trainer and doctor.] She glumly takes it as another obstacle to jump over and climbs out of the car. The scene proceeds as we saw it yesterday only Younho also informs her that her hypothyroidism is also why she couldn’t lose weight. She asks what on earth all those exercises she did were for then. His answer does not satisfy.

She’s furious but he’s more focused on the fact that her shirt’s parted a bit. He grabs the edges together, which doesn’t do much for her mood.

She can’t believe she worked so hard for nothing and was fooled by them. Youngho’s voices his surprise that she feel for bit and she gets more pissed that he’s blaming her. She believed in him because she wanted to lose weight desperately, and she trusted that he would help her. It wasn’t because she was stupid or naive [you go girl], She walks away from the situation saying that she’ll decide whether to handle this through the law or not once she blows off some steam. Youngho drives home, flashing back to when he looked at her charts with the doctor at the hospital and realized that she had hypothyroidism and his role in making things worse for her. He looks pensive as he sites by her side which is where Wooshik finds him [so he did go visit]. He asks if Youngho’s her guardian.

Wookshik hesitantly start to ask why Youngho’s by her side before backtracking. He asks if she doesn’t have any issues, saying that he has the right be concerned about her [no you don’t]. Youngho’s ready to leave if Wooshik plans of staying by her side but Wooshik stops him and asks for a favour. We see Youngho giving him an assessing glance before the scene cuts to Soojin drinking away her sorrow. Turns out she went to the hospital too and caught Wooshik and Youngho together (and probably heart what Wooshik’s request was). She bitterly notes that Jooeun’s still attractive despite “that state” and sees that ‘the lawyer who fainted’ is trending online with an edited clip of Jooeun’s soul leaving her body as she collapses gaining popularity. Wooshik joins her a bit later.
He admits ot having gone to see Jooeun and says that ‘her guardian’ was there. Soojin asks him if he was upset about that, which he unconvincingly denies. He says that if he married someone and divorced her, he probably wouldn’t be able to remarry due to feeling guilty. He apologizes for not telling Soojin that he was going to see Jooeun, which she shrugs off with a sad smile.

Jooeun throww herself a pity party at home with Hyunwoo in attendance. She can’t tell her friend what’s going but Hyunwoo does her best to cheer her up anyway, not too certain about the whole hypothyroidism thing but agreeing anyway, telling her to get back on her feet. Jooeun settles in for a nap [girl, never cry and nap. The eyebags!] but wonders whether Hyunwoo was the one who brought in the poinsettia she found on her table.

Hyunwoo denies it [Uh oh] but Jooeun’s too far gone for deep thinking and goes to sleep. Hyunwoo gently covers her up, tsking about this and that. Youngho and Joonsung go at it again today while Jiwoong dances his way through the preparation of a chicken salad.

Joonsung notices something off with Youngho, who’s wallowing in guilt.

Youngho avoids the subject, getting pissed that Joonsung keeps throwing out his shoulder (the site of an old injury) and hasn’t gotten it checked. Breakfast is a gloomy affair.

He admits that they shouldn’t have overworked her, and that’s why she’s getting bloated. Jooeun, on the other hand, is debating skipping work due to the monster eyebags she now has. She goes anyway and is treated to an earful in the elevator as everyone at work snickers over the video of her online. She calls them out which leaves them abashed for all of 2 seconds as they exit the elevator in giggles.

Jooeun pores over her doctor’s report where’s she at risk for several serious illness, and wonders why the hell no one told her sooner. To make things worse, Soojin (in yesterday’s clothes) comes in and snippily informs Jooeun that she has to address her formally now (by her titled  as Deputy Director and using formal language) plus the company’s not happy with the amount of negative attention their website’s getting so she has to work from home for a week. Jooeun’s infuriated (especially since she just told Hyun Jung that she now has to save up for her brother’s wedding) but there’s nothing she can do. She notices that Soojin’s wearing the same clothes with Soojin happily emphasizes. Jeez, every time I feel sorry for her she does something nasty like this. Jiwoong and Joonsung lug a huge plant over to Jooeun’s office hoping that she’ll forgive them.

Jiwoong’s certain that she’s super nice and tells Joosung not to worry. They come in justing as Soojin’s leaving and Jiwoong greets her with an enormous hug in front of Soojin, and is super cute upon seeing that she made Jooeun upset.

Joonsung’s a bit more abashed but their apology is genuine and it doesn’t take Jooeun long to forgive them.
[drinks and getting beaten up sound the same, so it’s a word pun]
Soojin returns to her office and flashes back to Wooshik dropping her home and even paying the cab driver to wait until she wakes up from the slumber she fell into during the drive, but he declines to come in with her (presumably for sexy times). Kay, I really don’t like him, but he’s ridiculously tender with her.

She takes off the dress and kicks it pettishly. Jooeun takes Joonsung and Jiwoong out for coffee but they mysteriously wish her good luck and leave. She turns to find Youngho sitting there.

They squabble for a bit before talk turns to the question of why he keeps his identity secret. Youngho surprisingly doesn’t avoid the question and tells her that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth to a rich family who would just see him as tainting the family name.

She doesn’t believe one word and laughs saying that it’s fine if he doesn’t want to tell her. Youngho just sighs.

She’s drawn up a contract if he means to help her lost weight. He agrees and goes through it only to find that she’s accidentally included her physical results with it. A tussle ensues.

He tears up the contract and vows to keep his end of it even if she doesn’t. He gets deliciously close and tells her that he body is now his. Good God, why would anyone go after Christian Grey when you could have this man?

Wooshik tries to get info on Youngho with no results. He knows that he’s the new Branch Manager and has the man’s specs but that’s it. He debates on sending Jooeun a false message of concern from her brother and questioning her relationship to Youngho but decides against it. Soojin’s getting a massage once again and ignores a call from Wooshik. Joonsung’s getting a check-up [why hello there]

and gets interrupted by some famous overly hyper female celebrity, Jang Heejin, who’s pissed that he turned down a CF with her. She hilarious wonders if he’s had an appendectomy upon seeing the scar on the left side of his stomach at which her manager frantically whispers that it should be the right. There’s a scar across Joonsung’s sternum though and she wonders if there’s something wrong with him. Youngho takes Jooeun to a plastic surgery clinic to have her undergo a full body scan and get her measurements taken. She thinks he’s out to see her naked and gets legal on him. He reminds her that she can’t say no anymore and that her body is his. He says it in his usual deadpan way, but she suddenly hears him saying it ten different and equally sexy ways. She stares at him mutely while he says he has the right to not look like a pervert and drags her away.

Meanwhile Great-Grandma bows in front of Youngho’s mother’s shrine while his step-mother hesitantly approaches with some tea. Great-Grandma sighs and says that she should have dinner with Youngjoon seeing as he’s coming today. Youngjoon is presumably Youngho’s stepbrother. Youngho gets invited for dinner when driving a sleeping Jooeun home but tells Chief Min to say that he’s too far away to come. Dinner is a strained affair with Youngho’s stepmother’s brother (wish I knew her name) continuously comparing Youngjoon to Youngho’s father in an attempt to establish that Youngjoon’s part of the family. Youngho’s stepmom tries to quiet her bother to little avail. Great-Grandma finally steps in and says that Youngho being introduced to the company is simply her final wish, she has no plans to exclude Youngjoon. Youngjoon looks like his temper’s on a leash though…
Youngho pulls up in front of Jooeun’s place and is the exact opposite of how Wooshik was with Soojin in that he wakes her up. Jooeun’s still a bit suspicious about his identity but leaves her embarrassment behind and decides to trust him. They both promise the other that they won’t give up first.

Youngho and crew sweep in early the next day much to Jooeun’s irritation. They put on masks and set to purging Jooeun’s house of unnecessary food.

What they find is a Nodame-level of messiness and rotten food, which they throw away as Youngho explains the science of what her hypothyroidism is doing and what she can and can’t eat. She hilariously ass him if he’s Yongpal.

He notices that she’s stuck the bandaids he put on her on the door and stares at them pensively.

He’s back to exercising hardcore, thinking of what she said the previous night about not giving up and sleeps in his space-capsule-pod-thing with a furrowed brow.

The next day, he takes her over to his fancy pad and begins training her in earnest. Hello sexy moments. He sets the speed on her treadmill and keeps her from tripping with an arm around her waist, which startles her. Because let’s face it, So Jisub touching your waist = spontaneous combustion.

Then come the squats, which he proceeds to instruct her in. Jooeun’s definitely not unaffected.
Heaven save my perverted mind
He gives her additional lifestyle tips, like to sleep regularly and on her bed as opposed to the sofa.It gets to the point where she starts hallucinating him about the house, fixing this and that in her posture and nodding approvingly at her salad.

There’s a hilarious Master’s Sun pun in here too. Plus he hilariously slow-mo falls over when she tells him to get lost.

Soon the additions to her lifestyle become routine and she no longer sees imaginary Youngho [which is a damn shame because he shows up in a suit and tie for heaven’s sake!] Joonsung drives her to and from the gym sometimes and is super sweet about the whole thing and still apologetic for having deceived her. Jiwoong is a bundle of manic energy as per usual.

Ominous music plays as that stranger continues to secretly enter Jooeun’s home.

Youngho quietly watches her work out on what is supposedly the fifth day of her regime.
He drops her off and she tells him she lost five kilos. He gently tells her that it could simply be her body’s adjustment to the new diet, exercise and medicine and to wait and see if it hopefully continues long-term.
But how am I supposed to breathe when you keep looking at her like that? I know he’s not in love with her, but there’s something incredibly compelling at times about So Jisub’s gaze. It’s not Jisung level, but it gets damn close at times.

He drives off but pauses halfway as ominous music plays.

Sure enough the doorbell rings, and Jooeun misses Youngho’s call. She answers it to find Mr. Poinsettia at the door all creepy smiles and ‘why are you pretending not to know me?’. Jooeun’s terrified, especially when he looms menacingly over her after easily overcoming her umbrella attack. But Youngho comes bursting in right on cue.

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