She Was Pretty

She Was Pretty Ep 16 Review (and thank you for a fun 16 episodes!)

The recap was getting too long so I moved this over here. This won’t contain anything in the vein of my usual analysis because there really isn’t much to analyze with this show. Those expecting smarts and stunts are watching the wrong show. But at the same time there’s nothing really wrong with simplicity. It’s a breath of fresh air at times really, when you just want to relax and watch people having fun instead of getting your heart town out because of sexy men in leather and eyeliner. Though I ended up getting my heart torn out anyway because of Shinhyuk. 

I’m happy with the way everyone’s story ended, except for Shinhyuk. It’s dissatisfying to see his tale ended so abruptly, with barely five minutes of screen-time. Does he wander for the presumable future? He barely got a footnote in today’s episode. Quite the tragic figure our Shinhyuk. To me, he was the heart and soul of this drama and I wish nothing but the best to Siwon from here onward. He made me feel and weep in a way that I haven’t since Segi. Though not as much as Segi, Prince Segi still rules my heart.

I’ve seen a great deal of commentary with regards to Hwang Jungeum’s acting and all I have to say this is: I disagree. She is phenomenal regardless of what role, or kind of drama you put her in and gives her best effort no matter what. Unlike other beautiful actresses (I’m not going to mention names, but I think most people will be able to hazard a guess) she has the ability to make you feel for her character and to show you everything going through that character’s mind through her eyes (Ji Sung does 100x better but she’s still amazing). Exaggeration is given in a rom-com of this caliber (I mean look at Rara) but what’s important is maintaining heart, and keeping the emotion true to life, and she always nails that. She plays off more experienced actors, and more inexperienced actors play off her (the difference between KMHM and SWP proves this). And it isn’t as though we haven’t seen overacting before, look at Chun Songyi! I’ve long since gotten used to the surgery Hwang Jungeum’s had (though I wish she hadn’t because she’d such lovely features) but she can thankfully move her face so so expressively. Just look at all these screencaps, meanwhile there are natural (no plastic surgery) actresses that consistently fail to do so. Scratch that I will name names: Lee Yeonhee (whose only good drama was Miss Korea), Kim Taehee. Gorgeous no doubt wonderful people, but in terms of acting…meh. Hwang Jungeum’s among the best actresses in K-ent at the moment, and that’s my frankly unbiased verdict.

Park Seojoon still has some way to go but did a pretty good job here. I’m still torn on the slave-driver aspect of Sungjoon’s character. I frankly don’t know what to make of it at times, but there were go, there are usually flaws in dramas anyway and I prefer this sort of flaw as opposed to Hari turning into some evil bitch.

She really got hated on but I really liked Hari. The important thing is that she didn’t let it get too far, owned up, didn’t make excuses and reflected on her mistakes. She really gave education her all and grew into someone she could be proud of. She didn’t need to end up with anyone and I’m glad that Shinhyuk wasn’t paired with her, just because she’s incredible in her own right and will definitely find the right guy to appreciate her for the long run.

There’s a great deal I liked about Kim Hyejin but what I liked most was how her quest for self-validation wasn’t tied to Sungjoon’s love for her. She wanted to learn how to love herself, and we saw that happen bit by bit. From Kim Hyejin who did everything others asked without question, to Hyejin who got a makeover and the courage to tackle her first article to Hyejin who postponed her marriage a bit for her dreams, to Hyejin who doesn’t mind who she looks anymore so long as she’s happy. The funny thing is that Shinhyuk saw this in her all along, and would love her even more if he saw the person she was now. I demand that Siwon and Hwang Jungeum team up once more!

This wasn’t a groundbreaking show. It was exaggerated at times and suffered from a lack of conflict and tension at times but there was no much heart in it that I’ll miss it in some ways. There won’t be any withdrawal here as there was with KMHM (SEVERE SEVERE SEVERE WITHDRAWAL) and Liar Game (HA WOOJIN COME BACK TO ME) and I Remember You (MIN AHHHHHHHH) and (Healer (oh boy) but I will miss it at times.

And you can bet that I will never be able to look at a radish without smiling and tearing up inside, at how much a certain hilarious goofball (who enjoyed nothing better than joking about) loved and saw nothing but the best in a certain frizzy-haired woman in the midst of rebuilding her self-confidence.


This one’s for you Shinhyuk.

[And his sweater reminds me of the one Cja Dohyun wore at the end of Ep 16. Great men think alike.]

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