Oh My Venus

Oh My Venus Ep 4 Recap (and why can’t So Jisub be my yoga instructor?)

We’ve flashback upon flashback in the first ten minutes of this show as a few gaps are filled in. We return to Jooeun before she exists Youngho’s car where he breaks the unwelcome news that she has hypothyroidism. Jooeun doesn’t bother with physicals and has no idea what he’s talking about until he explains that she can’t get stressed or overwork herself. It’s why she fainted on the plane and again today. Continue reading “Oh My Venus Ep 4 Recap (and why can’t So Jisub be my yoga instructor?)”

Oh My Venus

Oh My Venus Ep 3 Recap (and I’m getting real tired of Wooshik)

Jooeun bursts through the doors of the hotel Youngho, Joonsung and Jiwoong are staying at, remembering her epic fall the last time she was there and remembering what her friend said on losing weight because you’re lonely or sad or both. The scene plays out as it did at the end of last week’s episode with Youngho saying that she has indeed found John Kim.
She’s super excited but Youngho hurriedly puts a hand over her mouth to prevent her from yelling his name to the entire hotel. He leads her inside like this Continue reading “Oh My Venus Ep 3 Recap (and I’m getting real tired of Wooshik)”


Upcoming Reviews (and Oh My Venus recaps!)

EDIT: (Sorry guys) starting this Monday, I’ll be recapping Oh My Venus for all who need their So Jisub and Shin Minah fix quickly! The recaps should be up by about 10pm-11pm EST. The subs for this show don’t come out until very late in the night (unlike She Was Pretty) so I’ll have to recap it then. What Korean I know will get me through interviews and variety shows, but it’s a bit harder with dramas xD

She Was Pretty was the longest I’ve ever recapped a show (and I started mid-way through too!) and I learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t.

What works: the writing. I always have the writing done pretty quickly.

What doesn’t: the screencaps. Those take forever and some days (with She Was Pretty) I could barely bring myself to finish the recap. The fact that I had finished the writing portion was my sole motivation.

So I’ll be dramatically reducing screencaps this time, save for really amusing scenes. It’s times like this when I wish I had Photoshop so I could gif all the funny scenes and not have to take screenshot after screenshot 😛 I will do my best to ensure that the recaps are as thorough as possible without being overly long, and that they’re enjoyable!

I will also begin reviewing Six Flying Dragons every week. I’ve been dying to get my hands on a good show to analyze to bits and this definitely appears to be one of them. I’m not sure if I’ll be starting this Monday (I’ve 14 episodes to catch up on!) but you can bet that a review is coming soon and that they’ll be as analytic as per my Liar Game, Kill Me Heal Me, and I Remember You reviews! 😀

Finally, thank you once again for reading and commenting! It really makes my day! 😀

She Was Pretty

She Was Pretty Ep 16 Review (and thank you for a fun 16 episodes!)

The recap was getting too long so I moved this over here. This won’t contain anything in the vein of my usual analysis because there really isn’t much to analyze with this show. Those expecting smarts and stunts are watching the wrong show. But at the same time there’s nothing really wrong with simplicity. It’s a breath of fresh air at times really, when you just want to relax and watch people having fun instead of getting your heart town out because of sexy men in leather and eyeliner. Though I ended up getting my heart torn out anyway because of Shinhyuk.  Continue reading “She Was Pretty Ep 16 Review (and thank you for a fun 16 episodes!)”

She Was Pretty

She Was Pretty Ep 16 Finale Recap (and weddings, smooches and truckloads of cuteness!)

SO MUCH CUTE! My cheeks ached from grinning from all the cutesieness, and I nearly got cavity from all the syrupy lines, but I’m overall satisfied with the end of She Was Pretty. Further thoughts below, but first, the recap!
[Warning: this recap will be screencap-heavy, and I’ll be updating it a bit at a time, as adding screencaps takes foreverrrrrr 😛]

We flashback to little Hyejin professing her dream of becoming a writer. We then see Hyejin resigning from working and preparing for her year long sojourn as a member of the writer’s group. In voice-over, she says this:
Hyejin: When you’re young, many people ask ‘What is your dream?’ However, as I mature, the number of people asking what my dream is gradually disappearing. Holding onto my dream until I become an adult isn’t easy in this world. When faced with reality, somewhere along the line, the fact that the dream seems way out of reach, and seems to have disappeared, causes me not to even remember what my dream was to begin with at any given moment. However, before completely forgetting my dream, thankfully, someone asked the adult version of me again. Continue reading “She Was Pretty Ep 16 Finale Recap (and weddings, smooches and truckloads of cuteness!)”

She Was Pretty

She Was Pretty Ep 15 Mini Recap (and farewell my dearest Shinhyuk)

[University’s finally caught up, so this’ll be a recap with fewer screencaps, besides Shinhyuk’s farewell. It actually takes me 1-1.5 hours to get all the screencaps in usually, and I don’t have that time today! 😦 I should be all caught up to recap next week’s finale though!]

Shinhyuk calmly introduces himself as TEN while Sungjoon reels in shock. He hands Sungjoon a recording he’s made, telling him to use it to write the main feature article. Sungjoon understands what implications this’ll have for Shinhyuk and hesitates, yet Shinhyuk reverts to his characteristic jokey behaviour and tells him to go on and do it. He says he planned to tell Hyejin first, but knowing her, she’d feel too bad to actually write anything so he’s entrusting this to Sungjoon. He did create the recording thinking he’d be speaking to Hyejin though, so he asks Sungjoon to excuse the informal language. Despite all his outward humour, that’s a vein of sadness that runs deep in his eyes. Shinhyuk leaves before Sungjoon can protest any further. Sungjoon returns him and listens to the recording his face growing more and more worried before calling the print shop editor and telling him to proceed anyway, without the main feature article. Aww, he’s protecting Shinhyuk hereContinue reading “She Was Pretty Ep 15 Mini Recap (and farewell my dearest Shinhyuk)”

She Was Pretty

She Was Pretty Ep 14 Recap (and TEN is….!)

We return to Sungjoon and Hyejin prior to them kissing where he vows that he’s more certain of this decision (to marry her) than anything his whole life. They smooch and I swoon. Meanwhile, Shinhyuk hears that the interview with Leonard Kim’s been cancelled owing to something shady the fellow has done. Ji Sungjoon sees the text messages and missed calls upon returning to the office and just about has a heart attack. But there’s nothing that can be done. Continue reading “She Was Pretty Ep 14 Recap (and TEN is….!)”