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She Was Pretty Ep 13 Recap (and cuddles and swoony kisses galore!)

I’m glad that this ep’s up for the somewhat mini-recap because we honestly didn’t have much happening in the way of plot (even less than usual xD) but She Was Pretty made up for that in more way than one!
So Sungjoon and Hyejin basically spend the first half hour of the episode flirting and kissing. I kid you not.

Sungjoon is clumsier than ever now that he’s in love

This episode is shipper heaven for those who shipped Orion and Rijin in KMHM, and watching it really feels like having the best of both words (But where is the universe where Segi gets her? Huh? Huh? Huh?). I hereby propose the following:
In every drama where viewers swoon over the second male lead, the actor and actress involved are required to team up immediately after said drama in a new drama, and proceed to fulfill shipper fantasies.
I’m looking at you, Shinhyuk and Hyejin.

[Long sentence ahead! :D] Anyway. Sungjoon and Hyejin giggle and flirt their way through the office (where Hyejin tells Sungjoon off for being so obvious, and then proceeds to be a hundred times more obvious, and Sungjoon even swoons over how cute she is)

and are caught flirting outside her parents house (by Hyerin)

and invited to dinner (alcohol-free this time) where Hyejin’s family proceed to be even more cute and pile Sungjoon with food. They then take some adorable, derpy family pictures that are so reminiscent of the Oh family in KMHM

and Hyejin and Sungjoon flirt some more before he goes home.

Hari accidentally meets Sungjoon outside Hyejin’s parents’ home. They’re awkward around each other but both speak at the same time, saying that they need to talk. Hari apologizes for everything without making excuses, and (aww!) Sungjoon apologizes for not hearing her out fully. He even says that had they met with her as ‘Hyejin’s friend’ that they might even have become good friends. Hari bravely waves goodbye and goes home. She tells Hyejin that she got everything off her chest and both girls smile at each other.

Sungjoon and Hyejin talk on the phone all through brushing their teeth and doing the laundry and Sungjoon runs over with fish-shaped sweet buns upon hearing Hyejin sigh at an advert. (Who do I have to kill to get me one of him?) He looks hawt as hell with his hair down and the two munch buns in his car and talk for hours on end until they fall asleep, and are nearly late for work the next day.

Shinhyuk jokes around Hyejin as usual while she’s more reserved. He finally makes fart noises in the elevator and pretends she did it to the other people in there. Hyejin reverts to her usual dynamic around him and he beams and says that this is what he wants. No awkwardness.

In the meantime, Shinhyuk and Sungjoon gradually earn each other’s respect working and Sungjoon thanks Shinhyuk several times for his help. Shinhyuk goes straight for the fistbump which is just adorable.

Unfortunately some fellow from New York chooses to visit the Most headquarters and soon rumours are buzzing everywhere about how this could be Most’s last edition. Director Cha goes and confronts Sungjoon about it, who admits everything. She is understandably furious. Sungjoon may have worked at Most for 3 months, but she’s worked there for 13 years, how could he not tell her. The other staff get angry at what they perceive as Sungjoon’s high-and-mightiness and leave, leaving a teary Hyejin and frowning Shinhyuk behind. Sungjoon looks defeated, but all three throw their back into work with gusto. Hyejin tells Sungjoon to lean on her if he’s having a hard time and not be afraid of showing her how stressed he is. Teary-eyed he just hugs her (in the same parking lot where he drove off as Orion looking at Rijin in his rearview mirror)

Just when things seem like they’re going downhill, Sungjoon visits all the team members personally. Touched, they come back, surprising and delighting Hyejin and Shinhyuk.

They land the coveted interview with Leonard Kim as well and celebrate with an after-work party where Shinhyuk and Hyejin proceed to be absolutely adorable.

Sungjoon comes in for work on a Sunday to find Hyejin’s already been there and left him a packed lunch in his office. He chases after her and asks for them to have lunch together. They play hooky (though not really since it’s a Sunday) and have lunch in a really picturesque location.

Hyejin plays a prank on him afterwards by disappearing and whoa, the music from when Hyejin was trying to find a taxi in the last episode plays, and Sungjoon turns white. He races about trying to find her when she pops out and smiles. He looks really shaken though. Hmm…

We cut to the office where Sungjoon’s left his phone behind and we see it vibrating with a call from Leonard Kim. Uh oh?
They walk by the river and Hyejin gets the sneezies while being adorable.

Sungjoon steps behind her and does this. Frankly, my heart can’t take anymore of the cute.

He promises to propose to her (whoa, we’re moving fast here drama) once they achieve first in sales. Hyejin smiles and says that getting first would be wonderful. Sungjoon swoops in for a kiiiiisss. A real, swoonworthy one. Not like the 10 other affectionate ones we had this episode. But who’s counting?

5 thoughts on “She Was Pretty Ep 13 Recap (and cuddles and swoony kisses galore!)

  1. Thank you so much for taking time to write this recap for us! I can never get enough of this show and I really like visiting different places to hear what people are saying. I liked the ending kiss too. Can I say swoonworthy? PSJ lives up to his reputation. XD

  2. Hello, where is the place/park that they had the picnic? and I know I have seen it before in another drama but I can’t remember, does any one remember in which drama they shoot at the same park? Thank you 🙂

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