Kill Me Heal Me

Ji Sung (FINALLY) wins an award for Kill Me Heal Me

Here’s a link to the wonderful ockoala’s website where she covers how meritorious this award is:

Ji Sung and Hu Ge Win Special Awards at the 10th Annual Asian TV Drama Conference

AND I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY, PEOPLE! He deserves EVERY BIT of the applause, praise and love he has received and I could not be happier that he’s being given physical proof of that. Not that Ji Sung needs the awards, but it’s always nice to have your worked recognized that way, and let’s face it, there’s no one this year who did as much emotional heavylifting and owned the scene with such sheer magnetism and gravitas as he did. KMHM wouldΒ not have been what it was without him.

Those who follow my posts know that I still have a hard time letting go of that show (AND SHIN SEGI, I AM NOT OKAY) which was undoubtedly the best drama of the year for me. So hooray for Ji Sung! Let this be the first of many more plaudits to come!

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8 thoughts on “Ji Sung (FINALLY) wins an award for Kill Me Heal Me

  1. So happy that Ji Sung is FINALLY getting recognition for his awesome performance. How come it took so long for him to get one? I hope more awards are coming soon because he deserves to be recognized for the hardwork he has poured in for Kill Me Heal Me.

    I’m so glad there’s someone other than me who still hasn’t let go of KMHM. πŸ™‚ It’s one of the best dramas I’ve ever seen and I’m still fangirling over this drama even though it’s been months since it finished airing. You really should get the KMHM Director’s cut DVD/Bluray if you can because it has deleted scenes and more Se Gi scenes for you to enjoy. πŸ˜‰

    Really enjoyed your blog and thanks for writing about KMHM and Ji Sung. Always love any posts about them. ^.^

    1. OMG Do you have the Director’s cut? Gosh I wish, I wish, I wish I could get it, but I’ve to keep saving up for tuition. I heard there was going to more footage, including a separate proposal scene that we only got to see still cuts of, so gosh what I wouldn’t give to have it! It’s great to see that I’m not the only one who’s still hung up over KMHM. That drama seriously changed my whole worldview. I’m so glad you enjoy my blog, and I’ll definitely keep writing about KMHM and the incredibly talented (and gorgeous) Ji Sung!

      1. Yes, I HAD to buy it because of all the special features the DVD set had and I can tell you it’s worth the money! All the years being a Kdrama fan and not even once have I bought any DVD/Bluray sets of my favourite dramas but Kill Me Heal Me is the only exception. Simply because it was such an awesome drama that I love the most out of all Kdramas. ❀ But oh my, the price was crazy though! I had to spend my savings just to buy the DVD.

        It's sad that they couldn't include the deleted scenes into the episodes when they were broadcasted due to time contraints. The missing scenes actually make some of the scenes shown in the drama clearer or bring more depth into them. Even Chae Yeon's character immediately became a much nicer person thanks to the deleted scenes. Wish they could have included them.

        I might upload some clips on my Youtube channel later or make MVs using those deleted scenes to share with KMHM fans while hoping that MBC won't delete my account. haha

      2. *.* I dream of getting my hands on that someday! I am so curious about the deleted scenes now, and it would be bombastic if you uploaded some of the scenes, but I totally get it if you don’t. MBC really cracks down hard on uploaders, smh. I have to know something though. Is there an alternate proposal scene after all? πŸ˜€

  2. How did I miss this news?!? I just discovered it now on your site. I’m so glad for the eternally amazing Ji Sung. (And I think I need to put the DVD on my wishlist. Deleted scenes! Omo!) Thanks for posting this and have a good day!

  3. Hi, I thought I should at least give you the link to the proposal scene since you really wanted to see it. I included it in my fan-made video but you can just watch the beginning and the last few seconds of the MV to see the proposal scene. The rest of the video have nothing to do with deleted scenes. πŸ™‚ Here’s the video:

    1. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! I’ve a final tomorrow and this honestly just made my whole week. This was such beautiful work! It must have taken you hours and hours! THANK YOU! πŸ˜€

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