She Was Pretty

She Was Pretty Ep 12 Recap in Screencaps (and hooray for friendship and sisterhood!)

[Tomorrow’s recap will be really short, you guys, because university unfortunately calls! 😦 Now if only I could make a career out of recapping!]

Hyejin sits morosely on a bench at the airport, still unable to believe that Hari left, and would you look at who spots her!

Hari wonders what Hyejin’s doing her only for Hyejin to start sobbing and ask her how she could jsut leave without telling her. Turns out Hari’s here to see her mom off. It slowly dawns on Hari that Hyejin thought she was leaving. And aww! she starts crying as well.


Having spend a few days with her mom, Hari made up with her. She never got why her mother left her as a child, but says she can somewhat understand her now, not as her daughter but as a woman.

Hyejin asks her why she resigned and cleared out all her things to which Hari says this.

Hari: I think I did something so absurd because I’m so immature and kept complaining while getting everything handed to me. I kept going out with a bunch of guys whether I cared for them or nor. While doing that…I got greedy…over something I should never have been greedy about. My heart hurt every time I looked at you. What I should say and how I should say it, I didn’t have the courage so I ran away. Like a child. I coudln’t say the one thing I should say.

This is actually such a wonderful reason and so in line with the Hari we know. She’s ashamed for what she’s done and she’s going to take responsibility for it and try to mature. She deleted all those sleazy guys from her contact list, and gave away all her brand-name clothes. Sounds like she did a good amount of soul-searching during her time apart from Hyejin and I love how she’s maturing and actively trying to become a better person instead of staying stuck in a rut. It’s great to see her making such positive changes.

Meanwhile, Sungjoon’s all worn out under crazy amount of pressure from the New York bosses who are giving him hell saying that Most Korean’s is still second in sales and that pulliing the plug on the magazone depends on him. Poor thing looks all worn out. A cheerful Hari tells Hyejin of her plans for the future.

A text from Sungjoon comes just as Hari decides to go take a shower. He’s outside her house and asks if they can meet. Hyejin says that that she’s going to the convenience store but declines when Hari asks if she should come as well. Yeah, some wounds are still a little too fresh.

Hyejin meets with Sungjoon who does this upon seeing her.

AWWW!!! She asks him how he is and whether he has to keep pushing himself to which he says this.
Sungjoon: When I was given this mission, it was not only about The Most folding or not. I was also given the responsibility for all our team members. Even if The Most disappeared, I’m sure there will be some people who’ll be fine but there will also certainly be people who are affected. People who are still lacking in experience and ability. It’s but just about success and failure but about responsibility too…


Sungjoon returns home looking tired and when this happens. OH MY GOSH, SHINHYUK!

Sungjoon’s even more traumatized when Shinhyuk turns to answer the doorbell (he’s ordered take-out) and the towel falls to the floor. This really sleazy “oh yeah” plays as Sungjoon freaks out. Shinhyuk’s just amused as hell.

Turns out he spent those days away from the office brainstorming fresh ideas to get Most to first in sales.

Okay, I love all of you. Sungjoon asks him if he’s returning and the answer’s yes! After picking after Shinhyuk’s ideas, Sungjoon asks him why he had a change of heart, to which Shinhyuk says this.

He makes this face at the onion on his way out.

Driving back to the hotel, he calls someone and apologizes in English for not coming saying that things just came up. He says he misses whoever it is and hangs up with a whistle. Hyejin and Hari are back to their usual dynamic, calling each other Wifey and helping each other out, no secrets hidden. Yay!

Shinhyuk catches sight of Hyejin on the bus and smiles.

He watches her listening to music at the crosswalk before sauntering up and pulling her leg in classic fashion. Hyejin’s really happy to see him back and jumps up and down grabbing his hand.

She asks him why he didn’t show up for work for a while to which he says this.

Choi Siwon, I demand that you stop doing this to my heart.

Hyejin asks why he’s back then to which Shinhyuk says that he heard this great quote “it’s not over until it’s over” she agrees, not knowing that he’s referring to both her and the magazine.

The Most team gives Shinhyuk an uproarious welcome back and even Sungjoon’s pleased in his own way to see him return.

When Director Cha hesitantly wonders if they might be overreaching for some of the ideas for their next edition, the entire Most staff is shocked when Shinhyuk vouches for Sungjoon and they start completing each other’s sentences.

Sungjoon gets a nosebleed at this point and Poongho and Joonwoo argue over what direction he should bend his head.

Sungjoon manages to free himself and runs back to his office where Hyejin watches him, wondering if he’s alright.

She hands him some burdock tea with the meeting minutes and he’s touched at her thoughtfulness. Director Cha’s meeting prevents her from going over Hyejin’s fairytale article so Shinhyuk happily colunteers to proofread it. He actually gives her some great advice and feedback and the two have a good time without being awkward. Then he has to go and do this.

Hyejin wonders how to correct him of the notion. She enters the office and gives everyone the evil eye upon discovering that Sungjoon’s trying to sleep but they’re being super noisy. She offers to buy them food and shoves them all out. She drapes a blanket over him. Shinhyuk catches the scene and looks morose. He waits for her to leave before grabbing her out for some “tea-time”. When the barista asks whether ‘his girlfriend’ would like her americano iced, both Shinhyuk and Hyejin deny that she’s his girlfriend but Shinhyuk proceeds to do this and melt my body.

He proceeds to make her laugh each time she tells him that she doesn’t feel anything for him that way. In the end he asks this:
Shinhyuk: Do you hate me?
Hyejin: Of course not! How could I hate you!
Shinhyuk: That’s it then! There’s enough probability. I told you, it ain’t over until it’s over.
He waves a finger over her and tries to hypnotize her saying “in the end you will come to me”. Gosh, I’m surprised Hyejin’s still standing, he’s so damn gorgeous. She arrives home to find Hyerin eating pizza with Hari. Hyerin blathers on and on about how Seongjoon’s chasing after Hyejin while she does her best to shut her sister up. Hari watches looking sad for a moment. She calls Hyejin over and gives her a box, inside are the too-small silver shoes, she once thought would fit her. Hyejin tells her that they should go to the store teogether and exchange it for the right size. Hari speaks in metaphors saying how good shoes take you good places and that Hyejin should take these and go where she wants to go. Hyejin still doesn’t get it until Hari says this.

Sungjoon waits outside Hyejin’s home without sending a text, hoping to catch a glimpse of her. Hyejin stares at Hari’s shoes. He leaves just as she opens her window, so they both miss each other. Sungjoon sits by the dog he remembers Hyejin speaking to and tells it and “waiting is hard.” He gives the dog his scarf. The next day, Hyejin wears the shoes and gets ready to meet Sungjoon. She sees his scarf on the dog and trades it for hers.

Hari gives her a ride there and cheers her on. Hari leaves looking like she’s going to cry but yells out that she’s relieved. Hyejin spends the morning trying to track a very busy Sungjoon down but always misses him. Each time she tells herself that she can always see him at the office later. She misses him once more as he leaves for his flight to Jeju Island.Why do I have a bad feeling about this? Shinhyuk catches Hyejin napping and sits by her with the most wistful look his face. YOU’RE MAKING MY HEART BLEED HERE!

Hyejin enters his office to find a file and sees a sketchbook full of drawings of her. Aww! Sungjoon!

Teary-eyed, she decides to meet him at the airport. In the waiting area, she draws a sign in the sketchbook and puts on his scarf, but Sungjoon returns early and they miss each other once more. Sungjoon exists the airport and collapses. Uh oh.

Hyejin waits and waits before returning to the office. Director Cha gets a call from the hospital and Hyejin panicks upon hearing it.

She runs off, leaving a just-entering Shinhyuk very confused.

She tries and fails to hail down a cab. Just then Shinhyuk roars up in his snazzy sports car. Why do all the men I love (Shin Segi and now Shinhyuk) have a penchant for snazzy red cars? And what country did Hwang Jungeum save in her past life for her to have been put into these cars by both men?

Oh gosh this is going to hurt. They arrive at the hospital and Hyejin hesitates.

He waits until she leaves to look at the coin, he merely pretended to do so earlier. Siwon’s beautiful OST plays on in the background, the perfect score to Shinhyuk’s melancholy. 
[To go off on a tangent here, this is actually so sad. He never thought he had a chance. Shinhyuk didn’t even look at what the result was. Regardless of what the coin would say, he knew that Hyejin cared for Sungjoon and Sungjoon alone and just let her go. He didn’t want her to hug him out of pity. My heart is breaking…*sobs] 
Hyejin enters Sungjoon’s room and caresses his hair. He reaches out and draws her onto the bed, only to wake up and groggily realize that it’s Hyejin. And this happens.

Lucky Hwang Jungeum, so have all these gorgeous men vying for her attention.
The previews for tomorrow’s episode shows them being real cute which I’m really excited for, but I can’t help wondering what’s going to provide tension for next week’s episodes. Not that there has to be tension of course, I’d happily watch Shinhyuk eat pudding all day. Speaking of which, SHINHYUUUUUUKKKK!! I am so not okay. First Segi, now you. This isn’t fair. *sobs*

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