She Was Pretty

Ji Sung sends over a food truck to his ‘She Was Pretty’ dongsaengs!

Aww! How sweet is this! Ji Sung and Lee Boyoung have a history of sending each other food trucks, and supporting costars in their other works and now it’s Ji Sung’s turn to send his “brother and sister” one! He chose the menu carefully and arranged things such that it wouldn’t interfere with the filming. 

The banner above which has my precious Segi and Dohyun, says “It’s time to eat samgyetang! I’m buying!”
Samgyetang is ginseng chicken soup so he’s looking out for their health. 

The poster where Sungjoon’s covering Hyejin’s face may look like the original one but acting reads “The dongsaengs I love, you are pretty” instead of “She was Pretty”. I honestly think it’s such a thoughtful gesture especially seeing how hectic the live-shoot system in Korea is. Park Seojoon captured a picture of him next to the banner captioning it with “Thank you, hyung-nim!”

Netizens commented saying “Hwang Jungeum, Park Seojoon and Ji Sung must be really close” “It’s nice to see the Kill Me Heal Me ties between them all” “I definitely have to catch ‘She Was Pretty’ today!”

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