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Shin Segi and Cha Dohyun sit down for an interview with Elle

This came out a few months ago while I was basking in my newly found freedom after a rather annoying year of university. What with another drama unexpectedly stealing my heart (this makes 4 in the last year!) I scoured the web for all things Seo Inguk, Jang Nara (just finished marathoning Fated to Love You), Park Bogum – and once I was done there – Jisung.
I revisited this video and couldn’t help but marvel once more at how much the interview felt like a calmer Shin Segi and Dohyun simply chatting amongst themselves, which was definitely what Elle was going for. Smart of them. Jisung’s given two words per question and asked to pick the one he identifies/likes the most for each. Both the left and right sides of him answer at different times and often interrupt/disagree with the other’s choice. Those comments/actions will be bolded in my translation below. Simple though the style of questioning may be, the words used as surprisingly complex ranging from “result vs process?” to the more socially relevant “safety vs liberty” and his answers don’t disappointed, delivered in his mild-mannered yet playful air that serves to remind me all over again as to why I’m a fan.

Here’s a rough translation. Cha Dohyun Jisung starts off saying “This is Jisung filming for Elle at the moment”
First question: 결과 (result) vs 과정 (process)
나가서 놀기  (going out and having fun) vs 집에 있기 (staying at home)
Going out and having fun  “I don’t think so” 
책일기 (reading a book) vs 영화보기 (watching a movie)
Watching a movie
John Lennon vs Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney “It’s actually neither of them”
안전 (safety) vs 자유 (liberty)
바다 (sea) vs 산 (mountain)
창의성 (creativity) vs 지식 (knowledge)
Creativity “Yep”
문신 (tattoo) vs 피어싱 (piercing)
Neither “I don’t think it’s either of them”
차 (tea) vs 커피 (coffee)
동성 (gay) vs 이성 (straight)
영화 (movie) vs 음악 (music)
“Both” “Nope, not both of them”

여름 (summer) vs 겨울 (winter)
Summer “Nuh-uh”
허구 (fabrication) vs 사실 (truth)
비밀을 말 한다 (having your secret be known**) vs 시키는대로 한다 (doing everything asked of you)
**Note: this can be read as having your secret known or as telling someone else’s secret
Having my secret be known “Wait, it isn’t my secret? Never mind”
도시 (urban) vs 시골 (rural)
urban “Nope”
Spielberg vs Hitchcock
과거를 바꾸는 것 (changing the past) vs 미래를 예측하는 것 (predicting the future)
Predicting the future
Paris vs Las Vegas
예술 (arts) vs 과학 (science)
던 (money) vs 명예 (honor)
던 (money) vs 위모 (appearance)
짝수 (even) vs 홀수 (odd)
Appetizer vs Dessert
휴식 (rest) vs 모험 (adventure)
Adventure “Nope”
문자 (texting) vs 전화 (calling)
Calling “Nope”
Artists vs celebrity
화장 (make-up) vs 매장 (shopping)
“Neither really suit me”
비관주의 (pessimism) vs 낙천주의 (optimism)
Optimism “Nope”
이상주의 (idealist) 현실주의 (realist)
Realist “Nope”
가슴 (heart) 머리 (head)
Heart “You’re right!”
명성 (fame) vs 부 (wealth)
“Let’s say both for now”
끝 (End) vs 시작 (Beginning)
Beginning “End”

And with that, our time with Cha Dohyun and Shin Segi the Jisung clones is over! Check out the pictures from the spread below, and prepare to reach for smelling salts as he channels nearly all our favourite alter-egos. And Segi + giant bear is just pure win.

This is honestly just Segi + Dohyun perfectly melded. Wish we’d had more time with their combination!

One thought on “Shin Segi and Cha Dohyun sit down for an interview with Elle

  1. Hi Sun! Even though you posted this in August, I just discovered it last week. I love it! Thank you hugely for the translation: I’ve learned so much good Korean vocabulary from this clip, including some of those words that are abstract and hard to make flashcards for. Putting my passion for Ji Sung to productive use… Thanks for feeding my addiction!

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