Who Are You - School 2015

Shippers dreams come true as Sungjae and Kim Sohyun finally get romantic (on the set of a cf)

AT LAST! I found School 2015 quite disappointing. Kim Sohyun was wasted in both roles, and the scriptwriter kept pushing tepid Han Yi An in our faces when the much more magnetic Gong Taekwang commanded the screen with an effortless mixture of mischief, deep hurt, and teen rebellion that actually makes sense (that father though). He made the perfect foil for Lee Eunbi, always encouraging her to make her decision (see moment when Han Yian bursts into classroom and covers up for Eunbi while Gong Taekwang merely asks her to make what decision she believes is right). Eunbi always seemed to take two steps back wherever Han Yi An was considered (which drove me nuts) and always seemed way more at ease around Sungjae. The chemistry was just so much stronger on that end that I utterly gave up when strong, feisty (even if harsh and foolish) Eunbyul was randomly thrown aside by Han Yian. Though truth be told, I didn’t like Eunbyul all that much either (at least she had a spine though!) I could go on and on about how well that show could have been done (and the colossal waste of Lee Pilmo) but what does that matter when we’ve a pictorial like this?

What with the recent trend of costars reuniting in dramas, with some even doing two dramas in a row together (I’m love at you three, Ji Sung, Hwang Jungeum, and Park Soejoon *squeels*) I’m hoping that Kim Sohyun and Sungjae get a second chance at a much better romance than their first

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