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Shin Segi and Cha Dohyun sit down for an interview with Elle

This came out a few months ago while I was basking in my newly found freedom after a rather annoying year of university. What with another drama unexpectedly stealing my heart (this makes 4 in the last year!) I scoured the web for all things Seo Inguk, Jang Nara (just finished marathoning Fated to Love You), Park Bogum – and once I was done there – Jisung.
I revisited this video and couldn’t help but marvel once more at how much the interview felt like a calmer Shin Segi and Dohyun simply chatting amongst themselves, which was definitely what Elle was going for. Smart of them. Jisung’s given two words per question and asked to pick the one he identifies/likes the most for each. Both the left and right sides of him answer at different times and often interrupt/disagree with the other’s choice. Those comments/actions will be bolded in my translation below. Simple though the style of questioning may be, the words used as surprisingly complex ranging from “result vs process?” to the more socially relevant “safety vs liberty” and his answers don’t disappointed, delivered in his mild-mannered yet playful air that serves to remind me all over again as to why I’m a fan.
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Who Are You - School 2015

Shippers dreams come true as Sungjae and Kim Sohyun finally get romantic (on the set of a cf)

AT LAST! I found School 2015 quite disappointing. Kim Sohyun was wasted in both roles, and the scriptwriter kept pushing tepid Han Yi An in our faces when the much more magnetic Gong Taekwang commanded the screen with an effortless mixture of mischief, deep hurt, and teen rebellion that actually makes sense (that father though). He made the perfect foil for Lee Eunbi, always encouraging her to make her decision (see moment when Han Yian bursts into classroom and covers up for Eunbi while Gong Taekwang merely asks her to make what decision she believes is right). Eunbi always seemed to take two steps back wherever Han Yi An was considered (which drove me nuts) and always seemed way more at ease around Sungjae. The chemistry was just so much stronger on that end that I utterly gave up when strong, feisty (even if harsh and foolish) Eunbyul was randomly thrown aside by Han Yian. Though truth be told, I didn’t like Eunbyul all that much either (at least she had a spine though!) I could go on and on about how well that show could have been done (and the colossal waste of Lee Pilmo) but what does that matter when we’ve a pictorial like this?

What with the recent trend of costars reuniting in dramas, with some even doing two dramas in a row together (I’m love at you three, Ji Sung, Hwang Jungeum, and Park Soejoon *squeels*) I’m hoping that Kim Sohyun and Sungjae get a second chance at a much better romance than their first

Fanfiction · I Remember You

I Remember You Series Review Part 4: The Future (Fanfiction)

Her hair’s the same length, I notice, as they draw closer, wearing matching expressions of shy delight. Her eyes crinkle as she laughs at something Hyun says, squeezing the hand wrapped around hers. As expected, she wears happiness well. It’s strange, seeing a matching expression on my brother. Standing in front of the police station, I watch them approach. Looking at them, you wouldn’t believe that a year’s passed since they last saw each other. Were it me, I’d have written him off as someone who’d abandoned me. But she knows better. I know better…now

I remain still as people walk by, resolute in stance and decision. The bustling crowd feels both strange and familiar. It’s been a year since I’ve stood alone. He was there every step in the months between. Sometimes we’d talk, sometimes we’d just walk, without awkwardness, without fear of hurting each other by anything we said. He doesn’t hide from my past but faces it as though he was in my slightly larger shoes. It may have been something he picked up from her. Frankness…that’s a good trait. I nod as the distance between us narrows. 3 yards, 2…

My brother’s in good hands.

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I Remember You

I Remember You Series Review Part 3: Bromance, Romance and a future that could have been

Well that’s a ponderous title, innit?

But it’s the latter part that’s going to elevate this post beyond squeefest. Because that’s what 90% of this will be. I love, love, love, love, love, love Jian and Hyun as people and as a couple. I love every bit of their dynamic. Take note, drama couples. Hyun and Jian begin their relationship in (in my humble inexperienced opinion) the best way possible. They’re don’t tread lightly around each other. He blatantly calls her an annoying stalker and she blatantly calls him a too-intelligent jackass. But when he’s accused of murder, the first person he goes to is her. Well…sorta…he did break into her home and stuff. Not that I would complain if i came home to him in front of my tv.


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I Remember You

I Remember You Series Review Part 2: On Psychopaths (and three cheers for Min!)


Well, hello there.


Because Park Bogum is adorable.

I could talk forever on the myriad of other characters that populate this dramaverse and how much I love them and how I’d take Chief Kang Eunhyuk as well if it weren’t for the fact that my Min would disapprove hugely but the need to analyze this drama calls. So here goes!

I find summing up and analyzing key ideas in dramas quite difficult. This could perhaps be due to a problem on my part with brevity or the fact that the show I like tend to be of the sort where a few words simply don’t do them and the ideas presented within justice. But damn if I won’t try.

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I Remember You

I Remember You Series Review Part 1: The Scooby Gang (and someone please hug Eunhyuk)

I honestly mean to expand on my previous “letter” to I Remember You earlier but that went out like most things do with my mind. Perhaps it’s fitting that I’m reviewing this at the end because this is a show where the final doesn’t merely tell you how our story ends, but why it began.


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