I Remember You

Letters to Kdramas: I Remember You (and I’m in love)

I love you, I Remember You. That is all. I’ll expand further on this when I’m coherent. In the meantime…

Hello. *faints*

Whoa there *.* I’d pay good money to see Lee Hyeon’s face at the sight of this.

Nope. Not okay. Never mind that 66.67% (or 33.33% becase Min breaks my heart) are killers. Nope.

4 thoughts on “Letters to Kdramas: I Remember You (and I’m in love)

  1. Lee Hyeon’s brain might suffer from temporary brain damage if he saw Jang Nara, I mean Cha Ji An’s asset. But I think he had actually seen an ample when Cha Ji An fell asleep after nursing his wound. He definitely saw the cleavage.

    1. Oh my gosh I know right! He definitely stared a bit too long/closely at that. You could practically hear his brain going “wait…what? is that anatomically possible considering how tiny she is?” xD

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