Kill Me Heal Me

Dear Kill Me Heal Me, what have you done to me? (and why Ji Sung is love)

I have two chapters of statistics and over three chapters of physics to get through, not to mention my french essay but screw all that. Because Kill Me Heal Me is killing me. I love this show. You guys are going to think this is yet another of my hyperbolic exclamations but seriously, dramaland is killing it this year (pun intended) because I’ve fallen so far down the rabbit-hole I don’t see myself getting back up. Ever.

(Edit: I honestly wrote this about a week ago, but kept having trouble with setting up the gallery so I postponed putting it up. Episodes 15 and 16 promise angst a plenty which this show has strayed away from quite a bit so I’m not too upset that it’s here. I just hope it’s resolved quickly for Rijin, Dohyun and Ri on’s sake. Rollercoaster of feels, here I come)

Ji Sung’s acting is beyond brilliant, and has ruined me for most other actors. I can’t even watch Faith without seeing Lee Min Ho’s stilted acting and making mental comparisons to how smexy and perfect Ji Sung would have been in the role. The last twenty minutes of episode 14 today honestly gave me goosebumps. And that ending? I was honestly trembling at the raw anger and horror and sheer pain in his eyes, his tears, hell his snot and the crazy wild-eyed terror in his eyes was…I honestly have no words to do it justice. Bravo, Ji Sung, bravo. Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon and the awesome Oh Family hit it out of the park, and break the fourth wall with such cheer and joy that you can’t help but want to be there, and be a part of it. The handling of Ri On and Dohyun’s relationship, rivalry and (b)romance (oh Yona!) is  nuanced and warm. The mysteries surrounding the Cha family (well those that pertain to Dohyun that is) finally come to light in a manner that’s horrifying, painful and so damn brilliant I want to cry. The promise of atonement Dohyun ground out while sobbing (and his vow of vengeance) to Evil Mom was an eerie echo of what Segi did to Evil Grandma. The two are definitely on the same side now. I do think that Dohyun should delegate more to Segi though. Segi would have won that fight in less than a minute, no sweat. Then again, if Dohyun hadn’t fought back then he wouldn’t have gotten whacked on the head and the two personalities wouldn’t have merged for a brief instant, giving him access to Segi’s memories. So, ten points, show. Actually, take fifty. Nevertheless, I hope that Dohyun won’t fight him for control anymore. Firstly, it’s not helping the Dohyun-Segi reconciliation, secondly, there are some things that Segi just knows how to handle. Fights, rage, pain, Segi feels none of it. And given that both Dohyun and Segi have the same moral compass now (revenge, atonement, bring down and reveal the wrong of the Cha family) both will be acting in the other’s interest. As Dohyun said, they’re becoming each other. So let Segi take over, Dohyun-ah (I think the hit to the head plus the horror of what he just learned might put Dohyun under actually, and Segi will rescue Rijin. I don’t might either saw so long as one of them does!)

(Edit: The wonderful folks over at dramabeans pointed out that Segi was likely absorbed by Dohyun upon the release of his memories, which has me in tears. You mean I’m never going to see him again?!  No, no NO! I love Dohyun but even his merging with Segi will never equal the innocent, wild, eyeliner-wearing, Rijin-loving, man-boy that is Segi. I DEMAND A FUNERAL! Actually screw it, I refuse to believe he’s dead just like that. Segi was the one who wanted to live the MOST out of all Dohyun’s personalities. There’s no way he’d cede his memories and vanish just like this despite his growing respect for Dohyun. COME BACK!! Please!)

vlcsnap-2015-02-25-13h20m08s231  vlcsnap-2015-02-25-13h17m37s0vlcsnap-2015-02-25-13h17m34s235
Yes. YES. Whatever you say, Master Segi. I say we play doctor.

Healer, Liar Game and Kill Me Heal Me sit proudly within my Hall of Adoration, and sometimes I just thumb through my screencap folder just to remind myself of the good times, and the how much I adored those endings (look, that kiss at the end of Healer had me making noises like a cat that got stepped on…and don’t even get me started on Liar Game, I think I spewed out every bit of rainbow-coloured joy I could over every drama discussion site/thread imaginable and of course in real life as well). But I digress. Point is, all three dramas have my heart and soul but only two have reached their end. And I’m freaking out as usual. Not about the inevitable ending of this wondrous tale (though *sobsob* that hurts me grievously) but that I’m always on tenderhooks when a show begins to move towards its end, because things could go horribly, horribly wrong. Look at Angel Eyes. Such a strong beginning with surprisingly good acting from Goo Hyesung and my baby Lee Sangyoon, and it crashed and burned in a manner so epic I nearly threw my laptop across the room (nearly). So now that Kill Me Heal Me has hit the dreaded episode 14, I find myself worrying over the future of a show I have come to adore

It’s all too damn good.

If you’ve read my older posts then you’ll find that I do this a lot. Take Liar game ep 9 for one, I started freaking out instantly at any possibility of Nam Da Jung betraying HWJ and I continue that timeless tradition once more. We have 6 episodes left and the truth’s been revealed about just who the two in the basement were and what happened to put them there. Dohyun has got to save Rijin in time and while I have no doubt that he will (unless Ri On swoops in, which would drive me a little nuts because I want these two to be friends and not have to bicker over her when she’s clearly made her choice) I’m honestly going to break something if he turns to noble idiocy. He said he’d weather all the ups and downs with her, so he damn well better do so. Be there for her, don’t hide the truth from her if you’ve remembered and try to break it to her slowly and tactfully, and for goodness sake don’t treat her like a china doll and pull a Choi In Ha by being ‘eternally apologetic’ to her (or I’m seriously going to go mad). This show’s genius resides in how well it seamlessly transitions into different genres: comedy, romance, melodrama, and (after the past few episodes) horror and psychological thriller. I really hope that we don’t get in stupidity in there as well. I’m much more forgiving of Dr. Seok’s lapse in episode 12 as it really only accelerated something we knew was coming from the start. But there are so many damn timebombs planted in everyone’s heads (why hello there Liar Game) waiting to go off that I’m more worried for what is to come. I’m just worried and panicky and weak in the knees after this episode. Period.

The pictures and fancams taken by those who saw Yona, Dohyun’s uncle’s motivations, Kijoon’s search for Dohyun’s high-school ex-friend, the issue of Rijin’s memory, her relationship with Dohyun. There are so many ways and places that things can go wrong. And they damn well better not. Because this show CAN’T go sour, it shouldn’t. I mean it’s been so great thus far that it better not. But as Angel Eyes and Hotel King and Trot Lovers and Marry Him If You Dare and all the sad little dramas (that broke the hearts of so many sad little dramafans) demonstrate, craziness can happen. It just better not in this case.

But even with things going hunky-dory with flair, brilliant, wit, humour and all the other wonderful things this show has given us so far, I can’t help but wonder what they’re going to use to fill the remaining 6 episodes (why are there only 6 episodes left *criestearsofagony*). Hopefully all the loose ends get tied, Evil Matriach Grandma gets hers and Evil Mom gets locked in the same room as said matriach for eternity (how’s that for punishment?) and Rijin and Dohyun can live happily ever after…with him randomly transforming into different people every day and with Yona running after Ri On every now and then. Please show? Please?


I have far more screencaps than is healthy (for my eyes and my poor laptop) and a gallery seems like a better idea that dumping them all single file on the same page so here goes

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