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Ready to help with downloading Kdramas, Korean movies and more!

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This way I figure, it wouldn’t get buried and I’d be able to locate it and update it faster for everyone! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Ready to help with downloading Kdramas, Korean movies and more!

  1. can you provide the whole transcript of lee boyoung’s interview in Healing Camp? And Jisung’s interview in Entertainment Relay? I really want to know what the whole conversation is~

    1. Hey Rochelle! Can you shoot me an e-mail? This might take a little while because I’m not all that fluent in Korea. I can definitely provide a word by word transcript for Ji Sung’s Entertainment Relay Interview because I got everything they were saying, but as for Lee Boyoung’s entire Healing Camp interview, the language was a little more complicated so I really only have a good understanding of the gist of things, is that alright with you?
      My e-mail is

  2. Hi there! It’s okay if it will take a while and you’re not going to provide the word by word in the sentence, I’m okay as long as I understand the thought. Actually I still can’t find the clip of Ji Sung’s Entertainment Relay Interview.. can you also give me the link? Sorry if I have a lot of demands.. My email is

    I hope you can give a reply here that you already send the transcript to my email. Thanks chinggu 🙂

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