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Kill Me Heal Me Ep 16 Review (AND WHAT GENIUS IS THIS?)

First off Happy Birthday Ji Sung! What a way to round off his special day!

What is this magnificence? This perfection, this utterly intricate web that causes even the most expert writer to reel, what is this? This is genius, this is brilliance. Liar Game, you’re this close to being kicked out of the ballpark by a fast one that I never saw coming. Scratch that you’re tied. How am I supposed to survive until next Wednesday?

Look when, I started this show, I expected a mess. I’d only ever seen Hwang Jung Eum in Full House 2, which was awful though she made it amusing, and I’d never seen any of Ji Sung’s works before, besides having skimmed Secret briefly in 2013, turned off by the angst (though I adore it now). Point is, I came in with VERY low expectation, convinced to watch this only because of the sheer magnetism Ji Sung exerted on my poor heart when watching that first trailer. I got hijinks and humour, leather jackets, lipstick and lousy bombs (I’m looking at you Perry), poignancy and palpitations, gentle understanding and glorious kisses, all wrapped in this lovely sense of sheer joy, and warmth. And I loved it. Little did I know that a carefully spinner was working her spindle, having set into place a web that would soon begin to collapse in on itself. I – and just as with Dohyun yesterday, I seem to have cause to use this word again – adore this show. When the past few episodes began to degenerate rapidly into a horror/psychological thriller. I was overjoyed at the Liar Game-ness of it all, how well plotted and acted it was and how deep the rivers of emotion ran in these wonderful people.

I didn’t expect this.

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This is pure genius and officially escalated this show to Liar Game status, perhaps it’s even better in that it networks all genres seamlessly and effortlessly while Liar Game grabbed your throat and held it for the entirety of the episode, letting you only breathe at the end. Though that was today’s episode. You know it’s a good sign when you’re breathless after a show, and not just because of Ji Sung’s perfection. This explains so damn much. I’m absolutely over the moon at this turn of events.

Seeing that Rijin is the real Cha Dohyun, that leaves the question of just what Dohyun’s real name is. Seeing that his mother’s name is Shin Hwa Ran, that really only leaves one possibility: Shin Segi. This is incredible. The name was clearly pushed on him by Evil Grandma and Mom, and Dohyun, who didn’t remember anything at the time, simply accepted it. Yet some part of him new the truth, and couldn’t stay still as the last part of the girl who’d had to go through so much (and who was his first love) was twisted by the Seungjin family, and so Shin Segi separated from the memory-less Dohyun. This is wonderful. Not only does it give new meaning to Segi’s anger and frustration at being shut up in Dohyun/Ji Sung’s body, but it also makes Dohyun’s words to Segi much more eerie. You will soon become me…I will soon become you. Not only was that a promise but an eerie prediction of what the truth was. Dohyun is Segi, literally, figuratively, and legally. this makes Dohyun’s reinforcement of his name in previous episodes all the more more moving and sad, as it’s not his own. He has just lost the first bit of stability that he clung to. On the bright side, he’s just gained a new piece of himself: Segi. That solves the name game, I’ll be referring to Dohyun and Se gi interchangeably from now on, though Rijin will remain Rijin, because she really is a treasure, and it doesn’t feel right to address her by a name that is part of the most horrible days of her life.

But this raises a whole host of interesting questions. At the end of episode 11, there’s an eerie moment where Segi reverts to Dohyun at the beside of his dad/abuser in the hospital, and crazy dad moves his fingers in the SAME WAY Segi does, that one finger at a time slow roll. The fact that Nana is a projection of Rijin as a child, and today’s revelation, has led me to believe that there may be a real person behind almost every one of Dohyun’s personalities. The keyword here is: who? Who are these people? And most importantly, who truly is the main personality? Continue reading “Kill Me Heal Me Ep 16 Review (AND WHAT GENIUS IS THIS?)”

Kill Me Heal Me

Kill Me Heal Me Ep 15 Review (and why it’s not noble idiocy)

I made the mistake (?) of watching the previews of eps 15 and 16 before watching episode 15 today. And honestly, after seeing those previews I was tempted to skipped this week’s episodes. The pain and angst in there nearly made my teeth ache and I thought back to what I wrote about a week ago on my fear that Dohyun would start to treat Rijin like a china doll and that Ri on would begin to posture and argue that he knew what was better for Rijin than she did. Yet a brief clip within the related videos of Dohyun weeping while speaking of Rijin made my change my mind. I skimmed over it briefly, awed by Ji Sung’s acting as usual but Ri On’s tears gave me pause. Plus I love this show too much to do it the disservice of skipping a part of the narrative

So despite the inherent stupidity and noble idiocy that I felt was coming, I went ahead with watching episode 15.

I honestly don’t know what to do anymore. I was completely and utterly wrong in so many ways. It feels like ym heart’s been used for target practice. How am I still breathing?

Yes, Rijin is going to be sent away for her own good. But firstly, this isn’t about Ri on and Dohyun knowing what’s best for Rijin and making decisions on her behalf without her input on the matter. Both men, Dohyun especially, have the horrible misfortune of being placed in an untenable position involving her. Dohyun can’t simply go up to her and blurt out that he’s recovered his memories. He can’t tell her what he’s learned due to how awful, disgusting and traumatic those events were for her. Due to how damn guilty he feels, even though it was something so far out of his control, and out of fear that he’ll shatter the life she’s made for herself. This was the same decision Ri on had to make all those years ago when he found the truth. Should he tell her and risk seeing her hurt and breaking the Oh family up? Or should he remain silent and bear the weight of it, watching her live her life as the bright empathetic person she is? He chose the latter and so does Cha Dohyun. Not because they don’t think her strong enough to handle the pain that will follow (both are quite aware and appreciative of what a strong person she is) but simply because they know it’s going to be long and arduous healing process. Learning that you were horribly abused as a child isn’t going to come easy. She’s going to wonder, why her? why didn’t anyone help her? Dohyun knows this because – and the reason is damn heartbreaking- he’s asked himself those same questions night after painful night. He, who wanted more than anything to love and be loved, knows what she’s going to feel, and never ever would he even think of putting her through that.

Continue reading “Kill Me Heal Me Ep 15 Review (and why it’s not noble idiocy)”

Kill Me Heal Me

Dear Kill Me Heal Me, what have you done to me? (and why Ji Sung is love)

I have two chapters of statistics and over three chapters of physics to get through, not to mention my french essay but screw all that. Because Kill Me Heal Me is killing me. I love this show. You guys are going to think this is yet another of my hyperbolic exclamations but seriously, dramaland is killing it this year (pun intended) because I’ve fallen so far down the rabbit-hole I don’t see myself getting back up. Ever.

(Edit: I honestly wrote this about a week ago, but kept having trouble with setting up the gallery so I postponed putting it up. Episodes 15 and 16 promise angst a plenty which this show has strayed away from quite a bit so I’m not too upset that it’s here. I just hope it’s resolved quickly for Rijin, Dohyun and Ri on’s sake. Rollercoaster of feels, here I come)

Ji Sung’s acting is beyond brilliant, and has ruined me for most other actors. I can’t even watch Faith without seeing Lee Min Ho’s stilted acting and making mental comparisons to how smexy and perfect Ji Sung would have been in the role. The last twenty minutes of episode 14 today honestly gave me goosebumps. And that ending? I was honestly trembling at the raw anger and horror and sheer pain in his eyes, his tears, hell his snot and the crazy wild-eyed terror in his eyes was…I honestly have no words to do it justice. Bravo, Ji Sung, bravo. Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon and the awesome Oh Family hit it out of the park, and break the fourth wall with such cheer and joy that you can’t help but want to be there, and be a part of it. The handling of Ri On and Dohyun’s relationship, rivalry and (b)romance (oh Yona!) is  nuanced and warm. The mysteries surrounding the Cha family (well those that pertain to Dohyun that is) finally come to light in a manner that’s horrifying, painful and so damn brilliant I want to cry. The promise of atonement Dohyun ground out while sobbing (and his vow of vengeance) to Evil Mom was an eerie echo of what Segi did to Evil Grandma. The two are definitely on the same side now. Continue reading “Dear Kill Me Heal Me, what have you done to me? (and why Ji Sung is love)”

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