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Doctor Frost Episode 4 Recap (and everything you need to know about Erotomania)

Song Sun, hurriedly exits her apartment, cheerfully telling Dr. Cheong Sang Won that she’ll see him in a bit. Muttering to herself that she’s running late, she strides down the corridor. The camera then cuts to one of the apartment doors that closes slowly and ominously.

We then see SS being interviewed for a magazine. She quotes a psychologist named Paul Ekman, who stated that a smile was the easiest way to charm a person. SS comments on the flip side saying that then even a smile can be useful in committing a crime. We cut to someone typing “Remember me, teacher?” on a computer in some darkened room. As Song Sun goes on offering advice to the show’s host on how to discern a person’s intentions when approaching, and when they might be malicious, we alternate back to this man who threatens to kill Song Sun, stating that she ruined his life. Well that’s nice and frightening. Continue reading “Doctor Frost Episode 4 Recap (and everything you need to know about Erotomania)”

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Doctor Frost Ep 3 Recap (and a present from Frost)

This recap will be formatted a bit differently than usual seeing how clear-cut this case was. Rather than the case, the focus was really on the relationships between the characters and what that meant for the future.

We start off with two drunk men searching for a quiet place who find two corpses in some sort of underground parking lot. Frost, YSA, Assistant Cha and NTB are called on the case. Continue reading “Doctor Frost Ep 3 Recap (and a present from Frost)”


Pinocchio Ep 14 Review (and when history starts to repeat itself)

Thankfully everyone’s back to normal for this episode, well except Yoo Rae who’s now head over heels for Ha Myung. Bonds reform, and others break while other fabulous (weary) four go up against their biggest enemy yet, who has a posse of her own. I like where this show is going, I really truly do, but the method it’s using to go that way leaves me a little baffled. This isn’t a show like Healer where this just move at an incredibly fast pace while remaining highly realistic and rather logical. From the hints being dropped around in the previous episode, it was pretty obvious that Bum Joo’s mother was going to be our big baddie, but I wasn’t expecting our reporters to figure out so soon, and so…coincidentally? I honestly don’t know how to put it. How on earth does finding her mother’s earring on in the Chairwoman’s office have any shady implication as to the nature of her and IH’s mother’s relationship? To be honest, I don’t really understand how that jump was made. Her mother was as reticent as always with the information, and being friends with Bum Joo’s mother surely doesn’t mean that the latter should automatically not be trusted. But let’s think this through and try to see why InHa’s spider sense started tingling. Why would someone who called Cha Ok over to her place (for some reason or the other) not call back to mention that she’d left her cellphone behind? For some reason, she didn’t want Cha Ok to return to her house, or to be seen near her. Well that’s fine, Bum Joo’s mother, Park Ro Sa, could have a lackey/manager return the phone to Cha Ok instead. So why didn’t she? Continue reading “Pinocchio Ep 14 Review (and when history starts to repeat itself)”


Healer Ep 6 (and when Healer gets confessed to!)

Whew, we certainly get a great deal of development in this episode, particularly involving KMH and KMS. I’ll go by character this time to keep this review uncluttered.
Kim Moon Ho has to be the most enigmatic of our three leads. It’s as if there’s a curtain in front of him, preventing us from seeing his character fully. We only catch bits and pieces now and then, and even those aren’t much to go on. Though he brings on the cuteness and cajoles Director Kang Min Jae every now and then, the smile rarely reaches his eyes, which have a layer of steel in them that’s strongly reminiscent of his brother. It helps that an established actor like Yoo Ji Tae is playing this role seeing how good he is at playing peekaboo with his character’s emotions. This episode, peels back another layer surrounding him, yet we still don’t have the full picture. Moon Ho is surprisingly manipulative. I honestly pinned the way he could slide into and out of  situation, while remaining so fully in command, on his intelligence, yet there’s more to it than that. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree and Moon Ho’s just as good at playing the game as his brother is. That strange smile and steel in KMH’s eyes when asking YS how far she wished to go with the story, and why she wasn’t washing her hands of it, was the equivalent of a poking a sleeping animal, waiting for a reaction. We all knew what he was trying to do, verify how earnest she was about the case. And he was definitely pleased and proud of the answer he got, but it’s hard not to raise your eyebrows a little at the method.
vlcsnap-2014-12-25-14h16m24s55 vlcsnap-2014-12-25-14h16m36s179 vlcsnap-2014-12-25-14h16m42s231 vlcsnap-2014-12-25-14h16m44s255 Continue reading “Healer Ep 6 (and when Healer gets confessed to!)”

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Doctor Frost Ep 2 Recap (and the most entertaining piggyback ride I’ve seen in a while)

YSA appears a grand total of three times in the opening poster, wearing rather bright clothing compared to the faceless others behind Frost. I’m honestly not trying to jump to conclusions here, but I wonder what meaning there may be in her prominence among the sea of nameless and faceless people that Frost cares so little about. She certainly does stand out in the show in terms of character. And especially after this episode, I can’t help but wonder if we’re going to get a loveline. Wikipedia lists the show as a thriller, so I’m not sure whether to let ships sail just yet, as we could be seriously disappointed. But then again, Liar Game’s also listed as one, and we definitely had some smoldering chemistry (*fans self*) there, so fingers crossed?
vlcsnap-2014-12-24-02h59m25s137 Continue reading “Doctor Frost Ep 2 Recap (and the most entertaining piggyback ride I’ve seen in a while)”


Pinocchio Episode 13 (and what on earth is with everyone?)

Thankfully Pinocchio sets a less somber tone for this episode, than the weep fest (me that is) for the past two episodes. While I simultaneously love and hate about these characters is that they’re own their own, figuring things out. Sure sometimes MSC and YGN’s Cap will step in with some choice words of advice, but most of the time, they’re stuck in their own heads trying to make choices that no one should have to.

And Dal Po certainly has quite a quite a few to make. Either he gets his revenge in painting Cha Ok as the devil and makes hyung proud while breaking In Ha’s heart (and most likely his own) or he takes the high road and releases nothing but the truth which results in his only chance to pin down Cha Ok vanishing. Truth as usual, is central to the conflict. To tell or not to tell. Honestly my heart sank when DP yelled at In Ha to keep her mouth shut. Honestly, the girl’s been through enough with their man she loves suddenly turning into the very creature he’s trying to bring down. And the fact that she just stood there and too it, not even knowing what to say, understanding what he’s going through but not knowing how to comfort him, is heartbreaking. This is Choi In Ha we’re talking about, who’s normally feisty as hell. I wanted her to go up there and kick some sense into DP, yet she chose to follow him (making me tear my hair out).
vlcsnap-2014-12-24-21h31m36s57 vlcsnap-2014-12-24-21h32m27s53vlcsnap-2014-12-24-23h40m03s69 vlcsnap-2014-12-24-23h40m10s139 vlcsnap-2014-12-24-23h40m37s153
Why In Ha? Why? I suppose that sense of guilt she feels continues to overpower her common sense. Yet, for the life of me I find it so difficult to understand why she must feel guilty, her mother’s sins ARE NOT her own. I understand why DP would find it difficult to fight Cha Ok while being concerned about In Ha’s welfare, but seriously, separation’s not going to solve the problem. I mean just look at the issues it created in this episode alone. DP and IH should be showing a united front, instead they’re all over the place unsure of what to do and when to do it, and now Yoo Rae’s fallen for Dal Po, which is going to drive me even more insane, seeing that all these characters appear to have gone mad. Continue reading “Pinocchio Episode 13 (and what on earth is with everyone?)”


Healer Ep 5 Review (and whaddaya mean “replace the Healer?”)

Oh Healer, I love you. It may seem a bit rushed that he’s so affected by CYS, but looking at things from his point of view, it’s actually rather believable. He’s someone who’s seen nothing but the nasty side of the world and to find someone as genuine as her, regardless of whether or no she may be bait, is no doubt a brand new experience. The Clark Kent/Superman comparison is quite apt with these two, seeing how he swoops in like her own personal superhero, even when he should rightfully be running for his life. From holding her gently to asking her how many pills she needs, ugh can thing man get any more perfect? Not that he wasn’t mindful of his own safety, seeing how he prevented her from seeing his face. Though, I really think he should’ve been more careful during the fight. Things are getting dangerous for Healer as Hacker Ahjumma notes. Not only is SS Guard now aware that Healer appears to have a special interest in CYS’s welfare, but they’ve an easy access route to him.
vlcsnap-2014-12-24-12h03m15s35 vlcsnap-2014-12-24-12h03m21s94    vlcsnap-2014-12-24-12h03m03s171 vlcsnap-2014-12-24-12h03m29s175 vlcsnap-2014-12-24-12h03m50s129 vlcsnap-2014-12-24-12h03m55s176 vlcsnap-2014-12-24-12h03m57s204 vlcsnap-2014-12-24-12h04m17s143 vlcsnap-2014-12-24-12h04m23s200

And here he is worrying about Yeong Shin’s safety instead. Honey, you sound a bit naïve, of course they’ll kill her. Not every night-courier has as many clear-cut rules as you do, as seeing what little rules you have, that’s saying something. Though it’s not like he’s solely motivated by his budding feelings. Boy hasn’t thrown out his brain, even if he’s gaining a heart. He needs to find out who set him up and just what connection Jae-Il Newspaper and CYS have to his parents. I do like that our characters don’t suddenly lose parts of themselves, or do a full 180 due to a love interest. Their intentions won’t be completely altruistic, there will always be some self-interest there. But that’s a good thing, it makes them much more relatable, and much, much more human and the sacrificial lambs we currently have running around Pinocchio. She draws him for some reason, and he’s curious and  even a little fascinated by her. He’s never known what it’s like to jump into a fight you can’t win, and to see her go there so bravely is something he can’t help but respect, something that touches him deeply. Just like that leopard. Continue reading “Healer Ep 5 Review (and whaddaya mean “replace the Healer?”)”


Healer Ep 4 Review (and can I please hug his arm too?)

This episode was largely set-up for episode 5 and those that’ll follow KMH’s political involvement, the JYS case, Healer’s role in CYS life and introduction to her family and the increasingly low levels that Evil Brother is stooping to. But that doesn’t mean that we weren’t hit with some surprises.

First off, dear Ahjumma, how about you let poor Healer eat his breakfast, the poor fellow’s developed some seriously paranoia thanks to you.
I love the dirty look he shot the screen the instant she hacked in though. I wonder why he’s wearing a heart monitor though. Is there something you should be telling us, show?
vlcsnap-2014-12-23-12h03m09s235Hacker Ahjumma continues to be the voice of reason as Healer chases after his new found interests, that is just what connection CYS, Jae-Il newspaper and KMH have to him. Going undercover is hella risky as Ahjumma points out and even more so if your unrecognizability and escape-artist skills are all that have kept you from capture for so long.

vlcsnap-2014-12-23-12h03m19s73(Hello there)
vlcsnap-2014-12-23-12h04m20s177Why do I feel like this is the last thing he’s going to do? Not because he has a penchant for disobeying authority (*coughcoughKMH) or because he enjoys the thrill of the chase but simply because he’s Healer and therefore doesn’t give a hoot as to what anyone thinks. Continue reading “Healer Ep 4 Review (and can I please hug his arm too?)”


Healer Ep 3 Review (and say hello to Park Bong Soo)

Well that’s one way to start an episode. The dream sequence that kicks of episode 3 is handled brilliantly in comparison to all others in Kdramaland. Most shows have a tendency to make dreams or nightmare nothing more than flashbacks to poignant or horrifying events in a lead’s past, this show does the opposite. Yet this dream, or nightmare rather, hits all the right notes and is firmly grounded in a realistic approach to what people actually sense when they dream. And the effect was rather frightening, truth be told. From the sudden blanket toss and eerie scene shift to the abrupt transition from child to schoolboy., to the road dissolving into quicksand. How many times have we experienced the same thing? Running in dreams is a rather strange set of motions. You seem to be expending your best effort, but you’re never going anywhere (or going fast enough to get to/escape from whatever lies in the world you enter at night) and this show captures that perfectly. It makes it all the more easier to sympathize with KMH’s wish for a dreamless sleep while provoking curiosity as to what the hell lies behind those fragments we saw, and what sin he committed from these recurring nightmares to plague him so.
(A shower scene with clothes on? Come on! You can’t just hide Yoo Ji Tae’s rocking body!)
vlcsnap-2014-12-23-00h24m51s63 vlcsnap-2014-12-23-00h25m01s168 vlcsnap-2014-12-23-00h25m08s236 Continue reading “Healer Ep 3 Review (and say hello to Park Bong Soo)”


Healer Ep 2 Review (and why I’m firmly on the bandwagon)

Did I say this was going to be a good ride? Scratch that. This is going to be bombastically awesome(*firmly restrains urge to add tens of thousands of screencaps).

Healer is definitely an interesting fella. Talk about self-imposed isolation. To only have THREE contacts on your phone (one of whom technically doesn’t count as a contact) is utterly bizarre. He’s not one of those I-have-no-emotions-until-a-pretty-girl-awakens-them sort of male lead, but he’s definitely all for the job. No ethics, no interest in justice, he just wants to get his pay and get out of the world as soon as possible. Something had to have happened to foster this incredible lack of caring in him, (I mean this is dramaland, he can’t have been born that way à la Doctor Frost, it wouldn’t fit this writer’s mold) and I look forward to seeing just what that traumatic event was. He is quite ruthlessly efficient though, and I mean RUTHLESS. Like seriously, poor Chae Yeong Shim, it’s bad enough knowing that you’re being followed, but getting your stuff stolen and subsequently attacked in the bathroom by a weirdo who wants your nail clippings? That’s the stuff of Kdrama villainy, not heroism. But Healer doesn’t appear to be your average hero either. Why on earth is he called Healer to behind with? I was expecting a vigilante who fought for justice and sought to heal the world (forgive the bad pun) but umm…yeah…not too sure of this fella’s motivations (or lack thereof), though Ji Chang Wook is a babe.

Kim Moon Ho remains an enigma (and a major cutie).
When Director Kang started saying that he was addicted to fame, I honestly started out of my seat. I mean, what? You can’t just have this pretty babe turn out to be fame-hungry!
vlcsnap-2014-12-21-20h35m35s234 Continue reading “Healer Ep 2 Review (and why I’m firmly on the bandwagon)”