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Liar Game’s preview for Ep 9

For some reason, I cannot help dissecting each and every part of this show, which is strange as I’m normally one to leave things at that. Perhaps it’s because there’s just so much packed into each beautiful episode. I also like to think that it’s the best way to pay tribute to great storytelling: to think and talk about it. Regardless of the fact that these people are characters, I like to think of them as people. Heaven knows, I believe that’s what the writer(of the manga and the screenwriter of this drama) would have wanted and what she/he would have thought. I did think that there was a little less NDJ in the past two episodes than I’d have liked ( I do love her as well). But the coming two appear to make up for that.


The usual preview for the next episode was not shown at the end of episode 8. Instead a odd sort of summary plays, showing all the moments HWJ had warned NDJ not to trust him, as well as KDY speaking to her about HWJ’s mother. At first, I wasn’t sure whether this was a foreshadowing or summary. Seeing the new preview (linked at the end of this post), I’m more inclined to think it’s the former.


The preview shows Jamie, HWJ, DG, and NDJ on the same team for the Smuggling Game. Whew! For a second I thought HWJ and NDJ were going to have to go against each other, KDY does make the teams after all. What scared me was the final few seconds.


NDJ nervously says: “I think I know of a way to win” to WooJin and DalGoo. WooJin gives her a strangely intent look.

ep9preview16 ep9preview17 ep9preview18

She then hurries into a room and takes a briefcase of money just as nervously, then turns towards KDY who’s sitting in the corner. The scene then cuts to KDY and NDJ in an isolated room, as he says: “How much do you trust Ha Woo Jin? Your father…WooJin didn’t tell you, did he?” He then proceeds to give her the most diabolical deranged look I’ve seen yet. Shin Sungrok has outdone himself. DaJung looks stricken.

ep9preview1 ep9preview

Now, I’m super scared for both HWJ and NDJ. I’m assuming that this game is going to result in half the contestants (that is four) being eliminated (thus the next episode would have two contestants left, and the next would have one left, going by this halving process). Having Jamie on your team is bad enough, as you’re down one supporter, but if NDJ leaves HWJ, what happens then? I spoke of the only two people NDJ hasn’t been betrayed by being HWJ and DG. The same goes for HWJ, the only people he can fully trust appear to be NDJ, DG, and his college hoobae. More NDJ, and DG than anything as they’re crucial to him winning this game and finding the truth behind his mother’s death. But what if NDJ leaves him upon finding the truth. What happens then?ep9preview12

Now I believe in NDJ, she’s not the sort to abandon HWJ who has been nothing but her aide (and her dog, I will never forget that part). I trust her. But KDY is a different matter. Consider what NDJ’s seen so far. She’s seen HWJ’s “Suspect in order to trust” and “Reward trust and punish betrayal” philosophy in action. Sometimes, he even keeps her out of the loop of things (like in the President’s game). He may be her aide, but sometimes he appears a bit merciless, secretive and rigid.  Now look at KDY, who bought her dinner, who teared up as she presented the Director with her prize money (she doesn’t know that he’s faking does she?), who sponsored the Congressional Assistant’s campaign, who rewarded, even the eliminated Lawyer Go. He seems so much nicer in comparison. Add that to that fact that the man has incredibly skill in twisting the truth, and things suddenly turn ugly. NDJ could believe this man. And why? All because HWJ didn’t tell her the truth.

vlcsnap-2014-11-12-17h13m04s80 vlcsnap-2014-11-12-17h13m40s174

(Gah, the sorrow in his eyes)

No, not the truth regarding her father’s debt. The truth about KDY. He’s been sheltering her, protecting her at every turn, but he may have made his gravest error yet in failing to tell her of KDY’s true face (if we ever see what that is. Sounds scary). As such NDJ could believe him and what then? How bad is it going to be when NDJ finds out? That could result in another supporter, another team member being lost. They could very well lose this game.


That being said, I am holding out for NDJ to stay by HWJ.  Please don’t abandon HWJ, (you’re supposed to stay by his side, forever and ever *delusional face*). I’m hoping for her to see the red flags in his behaviour. His treatment of Fortuneteller Pippi, how those photos from Ep 5 got into Jamie’s possession, and perhaps most importantly the way HWJ distrusts him. But there’s an issue with the latter. She’s already seen HWJ’s infallible radar fail with KDY. Heaven knows, she might think that KDY is (gah) misunderstood. And that would just kill everything.


(Does he look misunderstood?)

But I have faith in her. Sure she may waver, but having come to love this character I feel quite strongly that she’ll rise out on top. The idea that HWJ is protecting her out of guilt may sting a little, but it isn’t truly betrayal (he has warned her repeatedly not to trust him). If anything, hopefully she’ll see that HWJ’s been the one telling the truth this entire time. And I can’t wait to cheer along with her at that point. Monday, come faster! (Actually no, I have a physics test next Thursday. Come to think of it, Lee Sang Yoon is a physics major. Want to tutor me, babe?)


(I’ll take that as a yes)

How are they going to wrap up this intricate narrative within just four episodes without shortcharging viewers though? A second season tvN? Please? :3 More of this would be amazing!


(…a time before you *just continuing the subs :P*)



Link to preview:

6 thoughts on “Liar Game’s preview for Ep 9

  1. thx so much for your comments! i love how you dissected the episode 9 preview alone. I too hope that DJ didn’t mean what she said about the man who caused her father to go into debt that she would hate him and avenge her father, because that would clearly mean going against WJ. Poor baby, he doesn’t need that now, especially after losing to his nemesis, DY, and also, WJ is seeking to win this game just to learn the truth about his mother’s death. You’re right, WJ shouldn’t conceal from DJ the truth about his intentions for joining the game and also about DY’s real self. I’m not sure if you have noticed, but in episode 8, DJ seemed like she was warning WJ from doing the coin-toss challenge with DY. I wonder why…was she worried that WJ would actually lose this time?

    1. Thank you so much for reading my ramblings! XD I also hold the view NDJ didn’t really mean what she said about wanting revenge. She’s just heard how WJ sought revenge for his mom and wanted to empathize with him. Sort of like saying “you’re not alone.” That moment was super sweet because both of them were clearly thinking about the other, (I mean she cared enough to agree with him enough he’d killed someone!) but I hope it doesn’t spell trouble for them in the future! And you are so right! I noticed that moment too! She literally said “it doesn’t feel right.”
      I wonder if DJ has a KDY radar. It would be incredibly cool if she was the only one who could sense when KDY was lying. Such an ability would certainly bring her more to the forefront, and allow her to be HWJ’s equal in a way that goes beyond just being such an awesome sweetheart.

  2. Thanks for the preview summary! I’m on your side, I hope Da Jung realises that Woo Jin lied to her to keep her safe…but even if she does feel betrayed (and I wouldn’t blame her) I think she’ll figure out pretty quickly that Woo Jin just wants to protect her (as her faithful and vicious dog *GAH* I want one of him).
    I think Da Jung’s naive, but I don’t think she’s stupid. She’s shown that she can adapt and she’s learning not to be too naive, even though it doesn’t seem to agree with her. The fact that she seemed to be worried about Woo Jin agreeing to the coin toss shows that she does have some misgivings about Do Young, as well as the fact that she wasn’t completely at ease when they had dinner together, while on the other hand, her trust in Woo Jin is so complete that she doesn’t at all doubt his decisions, even if he may not explain them to her until after the fact. So, things might get rough for a bit, but I’m confident that they’ll come out of it safe and sound. 🙂

    1. *Bows* Thank you for reading! I think pretty much everyone wants a vicious and faithful dog like HWJ at this point. LSY is owning this role. And SSR takes by breath away as KDY. You’re absolutely right. DJ has certainly shown herself to be adaptable these past couple episodes. I think we all cheered for her when she suggested using up the lie first! And I’m super curious as to what her misgivings about KDY mean. She was the only one who doubted that HWJ could make it out of that game. I wonder if this means that she’s the only one that can read KDY accurately (or at least has an inkling how to read him). I hope HWJ and NDJ make it out safe and sound as well! Can’t wait to speak to you over at dramabeans again! 😀

  3. Wow, you’re really dissecting shot per shot.
    But if they’re following the original drama, then Jamie will have a significant role in this game. That said, having Jamie in HWJ team is actually advantageous. And remember, she has been fooled by KDY, I think she’ll kind of seek for revenge in the next game.
    Seeing the preview, I can say that if staring mischievously is a crime, then KDY deserves a life sentence. Dat stare at the end though……. *faint*

    1. I haven’t seen the original so this is splendid news! I really do like Jamie and I can’t wait for her to join HWJ and NDJ! And KDY is absolutely mesmerizing. Whew! That stare melts me through the screen, SSR is having a ball with this role. It’s just too bad it’s enough so soon. I really hope there’ll be a second season.

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