Cantabile Tomorrow and my wavering resolution

I know, I know. I swore never to watch it, but lately that resolve has been wavering. I kept up with the recaps just to see how badly the drama was butchering and boy did I howl with fury upon Yoon-ho’s introduction and the apparently-necessary wrist-grabs that all K-dramas feel the need to include. But the latest two recaps have me wavering (eps 7 and 8). Don’t get me wrong, Cantabile Tomorrow is NOT Nodame Cantabile. There’s far too much they’ve gotten wrong for that to happen. But it’s a story nevertheless, and one that is reluctantly beginning to interest me. I may just take a look at this. This Chiaki isn’t the beautiful man in all his haughty glory that I had so enjoyed beholding, but he is a rather interesting character (even if he has far too much noble idiocy within him). And this Nodame isn’t the adorable quirky, perverted, fart song writing, genius I had grown to love but an idiotic, oft-silly, child-like creatures who keeps yelling “orabang” in away that makes me want to wail at the lack of ‘senpai’ in this drama. But she’s nevertheless a rather interesting character seeing as the K-drama chose to emphasize her childhood trauma whereas the J-drama didn’t. I am cautiously curious as to what happens next, though NOTHING can replace the original as far as I’m concerned.

This ain’t my sort of Cantabile, but I honestly wouldn’t mind being taken for a ride. Who knows? It might even surprise me. Orabang, or not.

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