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New j-dorama downloads

Additions to my drama collection, available for direct download anytime. Or I can seed a torrent if necessary. Please e-mail for files!

This post has been moved to for consolidation! Please take a look at that post to see what I can seed right now and what I’ve unfortunately deleted in the 6 years since this post was published 😦

12 thoughts on “New j-dorama downloads

  1. Hi!

    I would like to download Nodame Cantabile (1920*1080p with subs).
    Please let me know how I can do so from your blog?
    Just want to say a bug THANK YOU for offering to seed the drama torrents.
    I thoroughly enjoy your blog!

    1. Hey there queenie!
      I’m super glad you enjoy my blog! (and Nodame Cantabile xD) Each episode is actually super large, and I’m having trouble finding a place to upload the file. But I do have the torrent, so would you be alright if I sent you the torrent,and you downloaded it using your client? I’ll definitely be seeding the episode, though I live in Canada so I’m not sure how fast the speed will be but you’ll definitely be able to download it! Could you send me an e-mail to I’ll send you all the torrent files from eps 3-10 plus the subs. And do you want the specials as well? ^^

  2. Hello there! πŸ™‚ Is it alright if I get a link for Nodame Cantabile as well as Alice no Toge, both w/ subs? Thank you so much for providing all of this! I can’t thank you enough!!!

  3. Hi! Your a savior! I’m finding it SO hard to see any hd file of Nodame Cantabile everywhere. :(( Would you please send me a copy of its torrent files as well? I’ve sent a message to you email as well. 😦 Thank you so much!

  4. hi, i wonder if u still available. im currently watching Suna no Utsuwa 2011 but i can only find d LQ version. mind sharing ur copy to me?

  5. Hi there lovely! would you mind sending me the torrent link to all of Nodame ? I’ve want to rewatch them again and I found your blog! Thank you for doing this! You help keep the fandom going!

  6. Hi, I’m looking for Nodame Cantable season 1 episode 1 (drama, not anime). I’m using it to practice my Japanese listening (and shadowing). Do you still have a copy available? I’d really appreciat it. I actually have the DVDs but they are in storage and anyway I don’t have a DVD drive anymore haha ! I tried to find a place to buy the digital download, but seems it’s not available anywhere. There are some copies on youtube, but the quality is really bad.


  7. Hi, would like to ask if you still have the Nodame Cantabile live action special? I’ve been looking everywhere and couldnt find it. Hope its possible to share it with me too. Thank you! ❀

  8. PLEASE HELP! My wife is Japanese and loves Nodame Cantabile, I’ve been scouring the internet for these to download but i cant find them anywhere, PLEASE!! My wife and I will love you so much

    Thank you πŸ™‚

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